‘Barbiecore’, the star trend of summer 2023 and its beauty keys


Barbie The Movie, by Greta Gerwig, has been one of the most anticipated films of recent times, not only because of its original plot —the doll questions her existence and is banished from her perfect world—, but also because of its 90s aesthetic. Finally, the summer of the premiere has arrived and, with it, the trend barbiecore reaches its peak popularity.

From TikTok to Instagram, every corner of the internet has caught the hot pink fever. And, obviously, celebrities and fashion houses have not been left out. In addition, the marketing strategy behind the film has been unprecedented, creating a contemporary icon from one over 60 years old.

Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler invented Barbie in 1959 with the intention of giving girls a role model. It was especially important because, then, the only acceptable role for women was that of wives and mothers, and therefore all the dolls were babies to be cared for. Barbie was the first doll in adult form who also developed multiple professions, from teacher to astronaut, without neglecting her passion for fashion!

Do you want to join the trend? barbiecore? Here we give you the keys!

What is the ‘Barbiecore’ style?

Leonie Hanne in Barbiecore trend during the Valentino Haute Couture FW 2022 show
The ‘influencer’ Leonie Hanne joins the ‘Barbiecore’ movement with a monochromatic ‘look’ in pink. Credit: Action Press/Shutterstock.

barbiecore is an aesthetic movement inspired by the feminine and fun style of the famous Barbie doll in the 90s and early 2000s. Of course, pink tones (pastel, magenta and bubblegum) are a fundamental part of the looks.

In fashion, triumph outfits monochrome in pink, of course. To make them more versatile, try adding textures, such as skin (smooth or snake), fur, feathers, vinyl, metals, or glitter. Patterns like the classic houndstooth, ginghamof flowers or with graphic figures.

As for the silhouettes, miniskirts and short dresses, small bags and high heels or platforms are worn. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

Zendaya in Pink Barbiecore Makeup at the 29th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
We’ve been seeing a lot of Zendaya in pink lately and we love it! Credit: Matt Baron/EIB/Shutterstock.

The makeup goes in pink tones, seeking to define the eyelashes and perfect the skin.

Speaking of hair, the doll’s iconic blonde is on the rise. We could describe it as a vanilla blonde: warm, creamy and bright. However the pink hair it’s rocking too!

Similarly, there are many hairstyles barbiecore that fascinate us, from the high pigtails to blow-dries with volume, going through mermaid waves. Browse the images below for inspiration!

10 ‘Barbiecore’ hairstyles that will captivate you

Loose hairstyle with waves

Anya Taylor-Joy with blonde Barbie hair at the Last Night in Soho premiere
Anya Taylor-Joy bets on an extra long hair with waves. Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock.

If there is a style with which we identify the most famous doll in the world, it is this: the loose hair with waves soft vanilla blonde shades—extra long, of course. A good trick to achieve this uniform effect is to brush the hair after making the waves with a curling iron.

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Hairstyle with tips out

Zendaya with a Barbiecore spiked hairstyle during the Valentino FW 2022 show
Zendaya jumps on the ‘Barbiecore’ trend from head to toe. Credit: Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP/Shutterstock.

The ’60s trend made a comeback in the ’90s and once again now. To achieve this hairstyle, you need to blow-dry your hair with a round brush. Take a section and brush it from top to bottom, with the brush on top of the hair. When you get to the ends, rotate the brush so that the hair does a 180 degree turn. Repeat throughout your hair and seal with the TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold Spray; your hairstyle will last all day!

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high ponytail with volume

Ariana Grande at the 2020 Grammy Awards with Barbiecore-style voluminous high ponytail hairstyle
Ariana Grande’s ponytail makes her look like a doll. Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock.

the iconic Ariana Grande hairstyle it is now carried under the aesthetic lens of the Barbie doll. Its preparation follows the same principles of the previous hairstyle, although you can also resort to a hairpiece to get even more length and volume.

Half High Ponytail Hairstyle

Katy Perry with pink hair and a half ponytail in the Barbiecore style
Katy Perry gave herself to pink with this ‘look’. Credit: Shutterstock.

The 90s hairstyle par excellence is this half tail high with waves and a loose lock on the side. If you are committed to looks, dye your hair pink! Leave your root in its natural color so you don’t have to touch up as frequently.

braids in front

Woman with Barbiecore two-braids-front hairstyle and loose blonde hair
Little face-framing braids will give you an early 2000s vibe. Credit: Photoeventshd/Shutterstock.

This style has been positioning itself as the summer hairstyle for several seasons, although we already had it in the early 2000s. It consists of braiding the two locks that frame the face, leaving the rest of the hair loose. Easier, impossible!

Hairstyle with two pigtails

Korlan Madi in Barbiecore trend with two pigtails arriving at the Miu Miu SS 2023 show
Fashion consultant Korlan Madi looks like a real doll. Credit: Bertrand-Hillion Marie-Paola/ABACA/Shutterstock.

In the style of Baby Spice —Emma Bunton of the pop group Spice Girls—, the hairstyles with two pigtails they are back in fashion. Wearing them straight and with two locks in front will guarantee you a looks Y2K very nice.

Hairstyle with high ponytail and braid

Martha Graeff with high ponytail and braid in Barbiecore trend
Content creator and philanthropist Martha Graeff has thrown herself into ‘Barbiecore.’ Credit: Bertrand-Hillion Marie-Paola/ABACA/Shutterstock.

The high ponytail with braid it’s made a comeback, along with other ’90s and ’00s trends, but this is a very special way to wear it. Just make a ponytail, divide it into several sections and make a cord braid in each one. Don’t forget to cover the garter with a strand to give it a more polished finish.

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hairstyle with headband

Masoom Minawala Mehta with headband hairstyle and loose hair in Barbiecore trend, arriving at the Roger Vivier FW 2022 show
The ‘influencer’ Masoom Minawala Mehta bets on a pink satin headband. Her ‘look’ of hers is quite a fantasy! Credit: Bertrand-Hillion Marie-Paola/ABACA/Shutterstock.

The straight but voluminous blowout is also very Barbie. The differentiating point is this thick pastel pink satin headband, an accessory that is as feminine as it is trendy. Do you want more ideas? check these hairstyles with headband.

hairstyle with hat

Marie Gaguech with a stuffed hat in the Barbiecore trend, arriving at the Patou SS 2023 fashion show
The ‘tiktoker’ Marie Gaguech interprets the trend with her own style. The hat is everything! Credit: Bertrand Gilles/ABACA/Shutterstock.

If you don’t feel like doing a different hairstyle, try incorporating a hat. We love this pink haired one. It will give you a very fun 90s Barbie vibe.

African braids

Jamilla Strand with African Barbiecore braids, arriving at the Schiaparelli SS 2023 show
We love Jamilla Strand’s style. It reminds us of Dionne in ‘Clueless’ (1995). Credit: Bertrand-Hillion Marie-Paola/ABACA/Shutterstock.

African braids were very popular in the 90s, when R&B artists brought them to the attention of a wider audience. We are fascinated by the idea of ​​incorporating them into barbiecore looks like the one in the picture! If they are extra long, better.

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