VIDEO: A woman with eight months of pregnancy is able to lift 50 kilos and impacts on social networks

Estefania Juan Tello has been involved with weightlifting since she was eleven years old and now that she has her first pregnancy her passion is still present in her day today.

Users of social networks have been shocked by the images of this pregnant woman of eight months lifting weights.

Everyone asks the same question: Is it dangerous for your health and the baby?

Weight in pregnancy is not always good

“I can do it, I have no problems, it is recommended by the doctor (…) I can train, but only 30 percent of what I was doing before,” explained Estefanía.

Although many may be surprised by the response of this athlete, what happens is that for a woman who is accustomed to intense exercise routines, perform this type of activity will not be negative, however, must slow down the dynamics that lead.

In the case of Estefanía, lifting weights has been part of her life since she was a child, and she has won numerous medals in national, European and world championships.

On the contrary, other women should not do this type of exercise, as it can be dangerous and put the pregnancy at risk. The majority of pregnant women could lift moderate weights, although it is convenient to use light weights, before, remember that you should always consult your doctor because not all cases are the same.

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