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If you want to make a Valentine’s gift to your partner, and he has not decided yet. We want to help you with the best ideas. In this way, you can be sure that you are going to find what you like and you will be really surprised. In another previous article we talked about gifts for women, today we talk about gifts for men.

Although today we associate it with the gifts and advertising of shopping centers, Valentine’s Day arises from the story of a priest who lived in the third century at the time of the Roman Empire.

Emperor Claudius II ruled the empire, which imposed a ban on marriages among young people. The emperor thought that only singles without ties or families could better devote themselves to the army.

The priest Valentine did not see this mandate right so he secretly challenged the emperor’s ban. He married married couples of young lovers, however when Emperor Claudius found out he was ordered to be arrested.

The priest was martyred and executed on February 14, 270. This is where the tradition of relating on February 14 with Valentine’s Day comes as a tribute to what was later elevated saint, Saint Valentine.

We already know that this “Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day or February 14 has a lot of commercial, but any occasion is good to show your partner how special it is for you. A romantic dinner with an aphrodisiac recipe or a Valentine’s dessert is already a good gift. If you still want more, here are some ideas you can buy online.

Valentine’s gifts for men

The ultimate in gifts is to personalize. A way to surprise since that gift will be unique. You can use a photo of yourself, of the family, of a pet or an image that is special for him.

Spy pen”

If your boy likes technology, this spy pen will surprise you. Wherever you see it looks like a normal pen, well, nothing to see, it’s all a gadget worthy of the “agent 007”

Valentine's gifts for men

The pen has three functions: it is a pen, a camera and a microphone. The camera even being small have good image quality. You can take video with day and date stamped on image. You just have to unscrew the cover and you will see the USB connector. You can take photos or video with audio, using only this pen. Useful for meetings, if you need to remember any time. It is recharged via USB. The full charge takes about 90 minutes.

  • 2GB of internal storage.
  • It is compatible with AVI, JPG, with Windows XP / Vista, Windows Media Player, Mac, Real Player, QuickTime Player. The guide price of the spy pen is around € 30.

Keychain breathalyzer

A Valentine’s gift for men or women– It’s not only original, it’s practical and it can even save your life. Not exceeding the maximum blood alcohol rates is fundamental to our safety and that of those around us. Recall the maximum rates:Update from

In drivers in general the maximum rate is 0.5 mg / liter of blood 0.25 mg / liter in aspirated air

In professional drivers such as carriers, the allowed rate is lower 0.3 mg / liter of blood and 0.15 mg / liter aspirated

During the first year that you take your driving license you are a “new driver”, in this case the requirement is the same as for professional drivers. 0.3 mg / liter in blood and 0.15 mg / liter aspirated

If massive alcohol tests were carried out, it would be seen that many people exceed this limit. It is assumed that a man who drinks four beers has already overcome it, if he is a woman two.

This keychain can be carried in the car if you have drunk or get in the car with someone who has drunk use the keychain, it can save your life. It accurately detects the concentration of alcohol in the body through a respiratory tes. It is easy to use and in a few seconds you will have the result there are two options 0.02 and 0.05%.

If after a few seconds the yellow light comes on. Caution you should wait to cger the car (it has between 0.02-0.05). If the light is red, danger. Go by taxi or public transport exceeds the limit of 0.05%. If the light is, I’ll see, great, you have less than 0.2% alcohol in your blood and you can drive. The guide price from € 10.

Photo cushion

You can choose the photo you like best, a personalized memory that you will also use because it is super comfortable. The size is 40 × 40, and the approximate price is € 19.

Valentine's gifts for men

Personal recorder

Do not understand your letter at home if you leave a message ?, do you think of things but not then do not write them down? The personal recorder Hi is small and very useful. You can leave messages of up to 10 seconds. You just have to press a button while recording the message. You give “play” and listen to it and also when there are messages a red light vibrates to let you know there are messages.

A good gift where you can leave messages to your partner, can you think of a message for Valentine’s day?

Made of soft silicone. The measurements are 8.5 cm x 6.2 cm x 1 cm. Indicative price € 14.95

Valentine's gifts for men

Skin care

More and more men take care of their skin, skin beauty products are no longer feminine heritage. There are thought by and for them.

Vita Stem man, an anti-aging cream revitalizing with plant cells. Also a gentle emulsion to moisturize the skin after shaving, made of wood and cashmere. It has ebony and mahogany extract. You find them in Botegga Verde.

Underwater lights of various colors

How about surprising your partner with a romantic bath. Surely when you see the lighted bathtub you are surprised.

You have a set of SPA lights suitable for use underwater, you can glue them to the bottom and sides of the bathtub or let them float freely. They carry a switch on the side to turn them off. You turn off the bathroom lights, some music and enjoy the magical atmosphere.

Valentine's gifts for men

The lights change to colors like red, green, pink, yellow, blue. They last 120 uninterrupted hours. They work with four AAA batteries. € 13.50. about each image if you want to know more about each product.

Chocolate Telegram

With personalized message from € 29

valentines gifts

Breakfast with champagne toast

To choose in a lot of hotels of all Spain of categories 4 and 5 star for two people for € 25. Or a cardgift pack-emotion for one or two people, diving, canyoning, night navigation.

Sexy underwear for men

With many different models to choose from. If you want something more spicy but with a sweet taste, you have the underwear to edible man.

Original toasts

Surely you have never read a declaration of love on your toast. You have a stamping mold to put “I love you on toast for € 4.95.

Wireless car-shaped mouse

For the desktop PC or the laptop an original , Available in three colors, red, black or silver. With 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology. The 2.4GHz receiver is the smallest in the world you can leave it connected to the USB port of the laptop.

Valentine's gifts for men

A perfume for men

If you want to give him a signature perfume you have Davidoff Echo For Men, Lacoste Essential, Paco Rabanne 1 Million.

Valentine's gifts for men

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