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Choosing a wedding invitation, with all the beautiful invitations, can be a nuisance for the couple. At the end of the day, a wedding invitation is the prelude to the wedding, it gives clues to what type of wedding is going to be celebrated and how the bride and groom look like themselves. Therefore, in this article we are going to show you a guide that helps you choose your wedding invitations more easily but without losing in beauty.

How to choose your wedding invitations? -

Guide to choose wedding invitations

In this section we will show you some basic and initial ideas that will serve as a guide to create your wedding invitations and choose the one you were looking for, even without knowing it:

The style of wedding invitations is the same as the wedding theme

Therefore, the first step before choosing a wedding invitation is to choose the theme of your wedding. The options are very wide and great: vintage, boho chic, country, classic … In turn, to choose the colors of the invitation you can rely on the colors that define your wedding, be it tableware, tablecloths or flowers.

Calculate a budget that allows you to filter the possible wedding invitations

Once you have the chosen theme calculate of your budget how much can you allocate. This step is as important as all the others, as it will make it easier for you to sweep those invitations that are within your reach or those that are impossible. Of course, if you have fallen in love with a particular design, you only have to see if there is the possibility of reducing the cost of something: cheaper materials, reduce size, some similar but less expensive design, make it yourself, etc. .

There are endless wedding designs, you’ll find yours Don’t despair!

Research the wide variety of designs What can you find When choosing your wedding invitation do not be overwhelmed or distressed thinking about whether others will like it or not, I know it is very easy to say but consider that each wedding couple will have their own tastes, that for one it can be wonderful for another is hellish, and vice versa.

One of the proposals that I would make to you is that you do not lose sight of the original Cotton Bird wedding invitations, a specialized online store where you will find a wonderful variety of styles, fonts, colors, themes … It can be extremely useful to find your own wedding invitation directly or to inspire you and faithfully imagine how you want your invitation.

Typography, graphic designs and calligraphy: Three custom graphic aspects

Refering to typography and graphic design of the invitations, throw the blanket to your head and start trying all kinds of fonts until you find the perfect letter. All the details of an invitation will make a difference, the font says a lot and has to be in line with the theme you have chosen for the invitation. If you want to make your invitations by hand, you know that there are typography notebooks of different types with which you can learn a lot.

Create your own personal seal of love

Did you know you can create your own logo for the wedding invitation? That’s right, if you still want something more personalized you just have to create your own logo and seal your invitations. Many couples have symbols that represent them: an infinite, an eclipse, the initials of the names forming a figure, a symbol created entirely by you … Love is completely creative and do not hesitate to include it in your invitation. If you can’t think of any symbol but you like the idea, on the website of Cotton bird I told you before you can see some interesting designs.

Can not find what you want?

Although it does not happen very often, it can always be the case that one does not find exactly what one wants, that one has that feeling with the “yes but no” wedding invitations, which can be very frustrating for the couple. If this is happening to you, what we are going to propose is that, regardless of how you draw, you take a sheet (or a few) and throw yourself at design your ideal wedding invitation.

If you go blank and have reached the point of «I have no idea what I want», you can brainstorm on what you would like and what you would not, see all the invitation designs you can and select all the details you like. Then, little by little, when you see that you are already having all those little things that you like, you will see that it is much easier to create your own invitation, as if it were a puzzle in which everything that you are passionate about fits.


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