Twin sisters who weighed 270 kilos, manage to lose 100 kilos in 12 months. This is how they look now

It is no secret to anyone that obesity is one of the first health problems that lead to death, as well as being a consequence of bad eating habits or simply of genetics. Scientists believe that sooner or later the behavior and way of life of a family impact significantly on children. That’s why we must set the example!

Although it has not been established as a major factor, it is possible that the lifestyle of a family is the cause of obesity in their descendants. Also, inactivity and eating can lead to obesity in parents. Therefore, a family should encourage all its members to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

Threat to life

The twin s Canadian, Brandi and Kandi Dreier 30, weighed about 270 kilos each before they decided to seek help. The addiction to food of these twins came from childhood as both parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol. Then the twins to find consolation took refuge in the food.

They were very anxious and decided to go to Houston, Texas to see a doctor who appeared in a television series in order to undergo surgery to help them with their weight problem. Upon arrival, the doctor said that they should lose at least 25 kilos to ensure the success of the operation. In that sense, the twins did their part to achieve the task, so, Kandi lost 34 kg and Brandi 35 kg.

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Brandi underwent surgery for the first time because of her stable health, while Kandi had to lose weight 8 months before her heart could afford it. However, Kandi’s heart stopped after hours of gastric bypass surgery. In this regard, Brandi said:

I do not want my sister to die, I need my sister to get out of this. She promised that she would not leave me and I can not do this without her.

Kandi woke up and everything went very well, they managed to lose 100 kilos in a year and now they are in good condition.

Do you want to see how they look now?

In the program, they attended there were episodes that showed participants before and after a strict diet. Kandi and Brandi Dreier are now healthy and safe and continue to lose weight and reject everything that is junk food, controlling anger, anxiety and pressure.

Brandi is now married and has a little girl to whom she tries to instill good food values ​​so that she never goes through the same situation she had to live herself as a young woman.

You are always on time to improve your eating habits. Take the example of these twins who with hard work, discipline, motivation and the help of the surgeries could achieve their difficult task.

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If you want to lose weight, do not make the 5 common mistakes that people make and start by preparing your mind for what is coming. It is not impossible!

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