Trends 2019: Glossy Eyes are makeup that you will want to test

What are glossy eyes and how to get the extravagant effect of a wet eyelid? We advise you step by step!

Spring is a good time to test new trends, including those of beauty. In the subject of eyebrows, it is worth checking bushy brows, that is, lush and thick eyebrows that emphasize natural beauty and add character. When it comes to hair, this season the trendiest look is the effect of reflections that look as if they are treated with sunny rays that optically increase the volume of hair.

In the spring of 2019, we also experiment with manicure, and one of our favorite trends is the gradient, that is with the use of pastel nail varnishes, which consists in painting the nails into several shades close to each other, which creates a subtle whole. Another trend 2019breaks out of the conventional makeup approach and proves that nostalgia for 2000 is still alive, and you can see it not only in our wardrobes. Glossy eyes, or the effect of a wet eyelid, seemingly not so hard to obtain, is becoming more and more popular. He was present at fashion shows, including u Valentino, How to make glossy eyes, what products to use and how to wear this specific but interesting spring trend? Here’s all you need to know about this topic!

Trends 2019: glossy eyes – what is it?

There were already wet hair and a craze for lip glosses. This season the makeup is dominated by glossy eyes, i.e. eyelids that look as if they were wet. The subtlest ones are in the transparent version, but on Instagram, there is no shortage of colorful inspirations, for example in strong shades of pink and blue. It’s worth having fun with makeup and experimenting with different variants! Make-up artists suggest wearing minimal eyes in the company of natural make-up. It’s enough to apply a light foundation to your face, highlight your eyebrows with a gel, and cheeks with a pink mousse. However, if you love the glow effect, to enhance the effect of glossy eyes, add it to the highlighter in places where the light is reflected.

Glossy eyes – how to get a wet eyelid effect step by step?

Glossy eyes are really a simple thing, you just need to know how to paint and not overdo it. You have 2 steps to get a wet and seemingly sticky eyelid. The first thing you have to do is put on your favorite eye shadow (if you care about colorful make-up). Then treat your eyelids with a light lip balm (the Balcom Dotcom from Glossier will work well in this role). To avoid unaesthetic rolling of the product, avoid bending the eyelids, applying balm. Are you testing the new trend 2019, which is the eyeshadow? Take a look at our gallery in search of inspiration!

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