In this country, 25 percent of the population does not have sex at all

The unwillingness to enlarge the family is still understandable. But not to have sex in your choice? Studies carried out in this country indicate that ¼ of citizens completely refrain from engaging in sexual activity because … they do not feel like it.

In Japan, 25 percent of the population does not have sex at all

The fact that fewer and fewer world-wide children come to the world is being talked about with concern for a long time. But it turns out that in some countries it is even worse: the most recent statistics indicate that in Japan more and more young people give up not only from starting a family but also about having sex in general. And the scale of this phenomenon is frightening: one in four adult Japanese never practiced it!

The BMC Public Health report, which includes more than 20,000 citizens, shows that 25% of the nationalities between 18 and 39 in the last few years have completely abstained from any sexual activity. What is behind this decision? There is no shortage of partner or permanent relationship. It’s a matter of choice dictated by … priorities.

Why do not the Japanese want to love each other?

Over 80% declare that they would like to get married one day, but for the moment they do not feel discomfort due to the lack of intimate life. Sociologists point out that there are also a few social reasons behind this state of affairs: unemployment or a bad job situation, which is complaining about a huge group of men aged 25-39. Anyway, analysis of the professional life of Japanese people also brings quite surprising conclusions: those who earn the least probability that they have sex decrease on average by 15 times compared to those who earn the highest income. Smallest willingness to frolic in the bedroom have the unemployed, those who are employed part-time and the lowest income.

A nation that has the least sex

Interestingly, it is not the only nation to which this surprising regularity effects. It turns out that the situation in the United States is similar, and last year there was a record in the history of this country: ¼ adult citizens between 18 and 29 years of age did not have a single relationship. It is estimated that over two decades sexual activity of Americans has dropped twice and this phenomenon is deepening.

Sex will cease to be pleasure and will become an unpleasant duty whose only function is procreation?

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