Travel Time: Nature’s Lover must visit ‘Pokhara’

Travelers are very fond of seeing mountains, waterfalls and beautiful lakes. Today we are going to tell you about a city that is called ‘City of Lakes’. We are talking about Nepal’s ‘Pokhra’ Valley, which is full of natural scenes, where you can enjoy your family full. Along with lakes and waterfalls, you can also see the beautiful village here.

Begnas Lake

Nepal’s third and Pokhara’s second largest Bagnas Lake attracts the tourists towards the clean water and quiet atmosphere. Not only that, there are cookie resorts around this lake, where you can span romantic time with your partner.


Davi’s Fall

This waterfall of Pokhara is considered to be a lot of fun. In fact, the water of this waterfalls is not in any river or lagoon, but it falls into a dark hole before passing through the caves, which is why it is considered as a resounding. This is the reason why tourists also come to drag on the waterfalls.


Phewa Lake

You can also enjoy boating at Pokhra’s most famous Phava Lake. With boating you can see the beautiful mountains. The special thing is that the water of this lake is completely clean like glass. 



You can enjoy the wonderful nature spread all over the hill village with this peak of the river banks. Apart from this, the wildlife here is also quite famous. Here you can see different colors of nature.


Pokhara Shanti Stupa

‘Pokhra Shanti Stupa’ is a shining white world peace pavilion on top of a narrow peak above Pihwa. There are three different ways to reach this stupa, name, jungle walk and hiking. However, people like to go here by name because the wonderful views of the Pokhara valley are seen on the way to the river. 


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