These 5 superstars can compete with John Cena on WrestleMania 35

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There were rumors that Raslmenia 35 on John Cena will Bout Lars Sullivan, but Sullivan does not seem possible to get out of this match due to illness. Recently, the rumors say WWE is contemplating to compete between current United States champions Samoa Zoe and John Cena.

However, this news has not been confirmed and it is similar to other rumors. Both superstars have faced each other in 2017, but have never been in FIDE. There is a possibility of this match, but there are also some bouts which can be done. Take a look at those 5 superstars who can fight against John Cena at WrestleMania 35 and beat them too.

# 1 Mustafa Ali

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We all know that at this time Kofi Kingston was being given only opportunities because Mustafa Ali was injured. Actually Ali was going to be competing in this year’s Elimination Chamber, but he got injured a few days before the match and got out of the Elimination Chamber.

If rumors of current times are believed, Kofi is going to face Daniel Brian for the WWE championship at Kingston WrestleMania. Even though Ali has lost a lot due to the injury, but he still has a chance to get enough.

For the past few years, Cena has been working to push the WWE’s new racers and the next number in this list can be from Ali. Even if both superstars are face, but this does not mean they can not fiddle.

# 2 The Undertaker

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Last year, The Undertaker returned to face John Cena in the squash match. Dudman had won the match very quickly, and since then, the wrestling fans are determined to see the two WrestleMania fighters of these superstars. Even though Undertaker has not been booked for WrestleMania till date, but sources say he is coming to the biggest show of the year.

However, it has not been confirmed that he will take part in the full match or he will be seen in the cameo role. If he is going to fight the fight, then Sena will be a good opponent for him. Both superstars know each other well and they will not have any problem in this match. 

Last year, Cena had challenged The Undertaker and would be interesting to watch this year whether Undertaker challenges Cena to WrestleMania.

#3 EC3

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WWE has returned to EC3 2018 and joined the company’s developmental brand, but this year he has been sent to the main roster. He has been teasing John Cena for the past few months and has posted a lot on social media against 16 times world champion Cena. However, it can be all indication that the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion is going to face Cena in the future.

It may be that the time has come for both superstars because there is no fud for both WrestleMania. Cena is a free agent and can change the brand whenever they want, while EC3 is also working both in Raw and SmackDown Live. EC3 has the potential to be a top superstar, but he could not achieve anything in WWE.

# 4 Lars Sullivan

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At present there is no update on the health of Lars Sullivan. It is expected that she is not able to return to the moment, but is she expected to return to WrestleMania before? If the Roman queen can beat Leukemia in just four months and return to the ring, then why can not Sullivan return?

We know that getting this fight is possible very little, but it can happen. Most fences know that Sullivan is having a brain problem and if he faces Sina then the world will be shocked. Even Sullivan has the chance to defeat Cena, but it is possible only when it gets healthy and then make a comeback before the biggest show of the year.

# 5 Alister Black

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John Cena is the legendary, then Alister Black is the King of the NXT who has now made his presence on the main roster. If WWE Alistar wants to make the top superstar, then they will have to push Elister to the act soon. He can make the top rascler in RAW or SmackDown, with great ease and the company only needs to pay a little attention to them.

As we all know that if Cena works to advance new talents, then he can also work to remove Elister. If there are so many face walchers on the main roster, then this should be made a heel in the fiddle. Alistor has played phenomenal matches in WWE and he is capable of doing this even with John Cena in Wrestlemania. Both superstars can fight amazingly well.

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