The way you sleep reveals about your relationship

When we sleep, we all have our little rituals, habits and quirks. Some sleep naked, others make a cozy nest with the cushions and others still wrap in their quilt like spring rolls. And couples also have their little habits when it comes to sleeping. Whether the relationship is fresh or already well underway!

So save the money for the couple therapy and see how you sleep with your other half. Because the language of the body reveals not only the state of your relationship but also where you are talking about sex. It’s convenient “especially when you do not dare to talk about it,” says Patti Wood, author and body language specialist for 30 years. And many psychologists who agree with him and have proved the following results in behavioral studies. Do you want to know where your relationship is? Follow the guide!

1. The classic spoon

One in five couples opts for this position. One of the partners snuggles against the other in a protective way. In this position the “protected” person is sexually vulnerable and therefore tells the protector: “I trust you.” This is a very common position among new couples seeking physical contact from the partner.

2. The ordinary spoon

This variant of the first position is chosen by people who have been in a relationship for some time and are looking for a comfortable sleeping position. The sexual aspect of the classic spoon disappears, but confidence is strengthened.

3. The leak

This is a position similar to the spoon. Except that here, one of the partners is more or less banned and takes refuge at the edge of the bed. This may mean that the “hunter” is a little insistent or that the “prey” is uncomfortable and afraid to annoy his partner. However, this may also indicate that one of the partners needs more space, forcing the other to withdraw from his side of the bed.

The way you sleep reveals about your relationship

4. Interlaced

Partners often adopt this very intimate position after sex or if the relationship is fresh. This position also indicates excessive dependence, often preventing one of the partners from sleeping. 

The way you sleep reveals about your relationship

5. The sliding knot

About 8% of couples fall asleep intertwined and end a few minutes later like that. It’s a good sign because it’s a perfect compromise between intimacy and independence. 

6. Back-to-back

Contrary to what one might think, sleeping back to back is a good sign. Partners feel connected to each other and trust them. If like 27% of couples, you sleep like that, it indicates that you have found a compromise between independence and proximity. As you do not know what your loved one is doing behind your back, this position expresses a blind trust on the part of both partners.

7. Back-to-back with contact

This slight variation of back-to-back classic is quite rare and is found in couples who are still in 7th heaven. Trust is there and physical proximity is always desired from both partners. In short, the jackpot!

The way you sleep reveals about your relationship

8. Hollywood’s romantic position

You may have noticed, in absolutely ALL movies, couples fall asleep and wake up like that! This position, where one of the partners is intoxicated by the scent of the other, the latter lovingly listening to the heartbeat of the first, indicates great confidence between the two lovebirds. At the beginning of a relationship, the couple often opts for this position but it becomes rare over time.

The way you sleep reveals about your relationship

9. Intertwined feet

If your partner is kicking you while you sleep and wrapping his leg around yours, it means he is craving sex or just more emotional intimacy. But it can also indicate that your half is really addicted to you and can not do without you!

The way you sleep reveals about your relationship

10. The plane

Warning! By forcing you to retreat to the edge of the bed, your partner shows that he is selfish and takes over you. This position indicates that it is seriously time to have a discussion to redefine the place of everyone in your relationship. Yet 3% of couples sleep in this unfair position.

The way you sleep reveals about your relationship

There are other signs to know where your relationship is. For example, the one whose head is closest to the top of the bed is more dominant. In the same way, if you feel that you do not make love enough often, try to sleep naked! You will see that your night will be a little more olé ole!

These techniques allow you, in a matter of seconds, to have an almost exact overview of your relationship. Body language is full of surprises!

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