The size of penises in the world: ranking by country

It is the moment olé olé! Here is a question that stifles many men (and women, yes yes): what is the average penis size in the world and by country?

We fell (quite by chance), in an English study which reveals that in 2003, the size of the average penis in Britain was 15.24 cm, whereas it reaches only 12.95 cm in 2013. If the cause has not yet been proven, some people point to pesticides or other harmful substances that flood us in our daily lives. Others blame the waves of our new technologies. All would be responsible for a decline in fertility that would cause with it a decrease in the size of a sex.

In short, after this incredible discovery, we thought it was an opportunity to do a little overview of the different phallus from one country to another. So for the curious (and curious), here is the world ranking by country of the average size of the male erect:

The size of penises in the world: ranking by country

1. Congo with 17.93 cm

2. Ecuador with 17.77 cm

3. Ghana with 17.31 cm

4. Colombia and Venezuela with 17.03 cm

5. Lebanon with 16.82 cm

6. Cameroon with 16.67 cm

7. Bolivia and Hungary with 16.51 cm

8. Sudan with 16.47 cm

9. Jamaica with 16.3 cm

10. Panama with 16.27 cm

11. Benin with 16.2 cm

12. Brazil with 16.1 cm

13. Peru with 16.03 cm

14. France and Haiti with 16.01 cm

And the bottom of the ranking, starting from the smallest:

1. North Korea and South Korea with 9.66 cm

2. Cambodia with 10.04 cm

3. Thailand with 10.16 cm

4. India with 10.24 cm

For those who are below everything, do not panic. If you are obsessed by the size of your “gear”, for women, it is well known, the important thing is that you know how to use it! And then another study had shown that the minimum size of attraction for a woman was 7.6 cm … Is it better?

Congratulations to all Congolese in passing. Respect!

The size of penises in the world: ranking by country

You can also consult the complete map!

Source:  The otherInfo

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