The keys to wearing the ‘wolf cut’ or cut wolf in 2023


It was only a couple of years ago that the wolf cut went viral on TikTok and currently remains among the favorites of generation Z. This layered haircut refers to both the seventies and eighties aesthetic scene, with nods to the mullet and to shaggyand has crushes on a whole list of celebrities, including billie eilishMiley Cyrus and Úrsula Corberó.

If you also want to show it off, here we leave you the keys.

Woman with wolf cut in long hair
Being a textured cut, the ‘wolf cut’ maintains greater volume in the upper area. Credit:

He wolf cut Named in homage to how fierce and wild it looks, it is worn with choppy layers that cover the ears and frame the face—boosting volume on top of the head and thinning it toward the nape—and with thick bangs, either curtain, bushy front or side.

Woman with shoulder-length blonde wolf cut
Inspired by David Bowie, the also known as wolf cut has a rock and rebellious air. Credit:

To the wolf cut It is known as the wolf cut in Spanish, a style that is also inspired by the looks of David Bowie or Patti Smith from the 70s, but also in the shag what Jane Fonda wore in the film Klutewith side layers that frame her cheekbones, thus proposing a casual and, above all, rocker aesthetic.

Danielle Marcan with wolf cut for diamond face
For a ‘wolf cut’ to favor you, take into account the shape of your face. For example, Danielle Marcan wears it with open fringe to give width to the forehead and highlight the diamond-shaped cheekbones of her face. Credit:

It is not necessary to have a specific type of face to be able to wear the wolf cut. On the contrary, it is better to start from your bone structure to adapt it and make it look spectacular. The key may be fringe type and the volume that you ask your stylist at the crown.

For example, if your face is round, it is better to avoid long and round bangs, it is better to opt for asymmetrical, short or open, to leave the forehead visible and give the illusion of an elongated face. The same goes for triangle and heart faces.

If your face is elongated, then you can wear thick fringes and more layers on top, in order to hide the wide and wide forehead. Although, if it is square, a side fringe will be very flattering.

In the case of those with oval and diamond-shaped faces, the door is open to experiment with any type of wolf cut.

Wolf cut hair modern

Jenna Ortega with wolf cut and curtain fringe
Jenna Ortega joins the ‘wolf cut’ trend in its most current version. Credit: Matt Baron/EIB/Shutterstock.

Jenna Ortega is one of the many celebrities who have embraced the most modern version of the wolf cut, with a layered style and curtain fringe closer to the first decade of the 2000s than to the eighties scene. Wear it just like her!

wolf cut style mullet

Short mullet wolf cut
Rebellious and light, this is the mullet-type wolf cut. Credit:

With nods to mullet Due to its superior volume and lowered sides, try this style and show off a much more rebellious mane. It is an androgynous character cut, which will give your hair a disheveled and casual effect.

Court wolf cut style shaggy

Cathy Wolf in a medium wolf cut with bleached blonde hair
A ‘wolf cut’ is the ideal cut to frame your face and show off unruly hair. In the image, the model Cathy Wolf. Credit:

We already said before that wolf cut take inspiration from shag seventies If you love fusion styles, ask your stylist to mix both cuts: with the feathered finish of a shaggy and the characteristic volume of a wolf cut.

wolf cut straight for women

Sora Choi with straight wolf cut
Sora Choi breaks with the flatness of straight hair with a ‘wolf cut’. Credit: Shutterstock.

This cut can be very functional if your hair is straight and fine and you want to give it volume. Its magic lies in the versatility to adapt to any type of hair and, in this case, we recommend you ask for layered layers, concentrating less volume and long layers in the lower area.

Wolf cut for women over 50

Lisa Rinna with a wolf cut for women over 50
Lisa Rinna brings her look to life with a wolf cut and beige highlights. Credit: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock.

Adopting one of the most popular trends among the young generation may be the best decision to take a couple of years off your mind and gain a fresh and renewed essence. Take for example Lisa Rinna, who wears the wolf cut with beige highlights for texture and dimension, as well as a warm and very youthful vibe.

wolf cut in chinese hair

Bretman Rock with Curly Lob Cut
Bretman Rock wears one of his most iconic ‘looks’ with a wolf cut. Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock.

Like any layered cut, the wolf cut helps control the volume of curly hair and highlights its natural shape by removing weight from the bottom and balancing it around the head. If you had doubts about trying it, this is the sign you need to dare. We assure you that it is a winning style, whether your hair is long or short.

Extra long wolf cut

Brown woman with extra long wolf cut, Korean fringe
Highlight your features with a layered cut. Credit:

Do you want a change of looks But you are not willing to sacrifice the length of your hair? Then a layered wolf cut is perfect for you, as you can achieve a casual and relaxed look without compromising on length.

korean layered cut

Korean wolf cut with fringe
The ‘wolf cut’ also inspires Asian culture with an ‘aesthetic’ vibe. Credit:

Within the list of korean cutsthe wolf type has stolen one of the spots highest among favorites. Perhaps it is due to the rage spread on TikTok along with the desire to return to features from other times and cultures, but it is one that you should definitely try.

This Korean version is worn with a light, almost transparent fringe, with long layers. Take into account that the first one must fall on the jaw to achieve the same effect as in the image.

wolf cut in short layers

María Bernad with a wolf cut on dark brown hair
Short or long, the ‘wolf cut’ will be your new addiction. In the image, Maria Bernad. Credit: Cornel Cristian Petrus/Shutterstock.

The versatility of wolf cut comes out with his version in short layersideal for those people who love texture and want to experiment with different hairstyles.

The keys to wearing the 'wolf cut' or cut wolf in 2023
Take note of these tips to stylize your ‘wolf cut’ and get the most out of it. Credit:

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