11 comfortable and functional haircuts for boys with long hair


Haircuts for boys with long hair overcome gender stereotypes and traditional styles that somehow end up negatively interfering with the natural development of identity and personality. Wearing hair at this length has been controversial and can be a touchy subject in some schools. However, we must remember that experimenting is part of childhood and that letting them be free is always better than curbing their instincts.

Parted down the middle or to the side, layered or straight, with or without fringe, these are the most comfortable and laid-back styles for boys.

Shaggy haircut with fringe for boys with long hair
After 20 centimeters, the hair is considered long. Credit: Imagebroker/Shutterstock.

Take into account that the hair is considered long from 20 centimeters in length, although, if it is below this measurement, it is a medium length.

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Haircuts for boys with long layered hair

11 comfortable and functional haircuts for boys with long hair
Jude Riordan knows that layers are perfect for giving fine, limp hair body and movement. Credit: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock.

Boys need cuts that make them look free and carefree, and to achieve this, a layered faded cut is the best option, especially if your hair is very fine and straight.

This style breaks with the weight and flatness of straight hair, providing texture and movement. Adding bangs will give it an innocent and playful touch.

long curly hair kids

Children with long curly layered hair parted in the middle
To prevent curly hair from looking tousled and out of control, order the tapered ends. Credit: Shutterstock.

Being a kid with curly hair could be quite awkward and cumbersome if you don’t have the right haircut. In this case, we recommend wearing the part in the middle, so you can comb the strands behind your ears, and taper the ends to prevent hair from becoming too frizzy and unruly on game day.

Editor’s tip: The eGo Deep Moisture modeling cream helps create soft hairstyles, with movement and a light hold for wavy and curly hair. Plus, it controls frizz.

Cut for boys with long wavy hair

11 comfortable and functional haircuts for boys with long hair
A layered cut with side bangs, like the Woody Norman, is perfect for keeping wavy hair in check. Credit: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock.

The round cut with layered tousled is the perfect partner for a boy, helping to control volume and leaving hair manageable, easy to style, with a relaxed look. In addition, a side fringe prevents the looks sit too serious and emphasize youthful features.

mushroom cut for boys with long hair

Finn Wolfhard with mushroom cut for children
Finn Wolfhard’s mushroom cut is a favorite among the younger generation. Credit: Hahn Lionel/ABACA/Shutterstock.

the iconic mushroom cut that all the millennials we carried in childhood is back among the younger generations. The protagonists of stranger things they have positioned it as an option aestheticcasual and flattering on all hair types.

Undercut for children with long hair

Undercut with long hair for boys
When it comes to thick hair, the ‘undercut’ is an excellent option to reduce volume and density. Credit: Instagram.com/alan_beak.

He undercut It is being one of the most popular elements to complement any haircut. For children, it is perfect if you are trying to reduce the volume, especially on the hottest days. This can be worn faded or with a uniform effect, cut high or low.

11 comfortable and functional haircuts for boys with long hair
The fade undercut is a very cool and comfortable style for boys with long hair. Credit: Shutterstock.

Raise it in a bun or direct it backwards with the help of a comb and products such as Folicure Original fixing gelFormulated with Liposome V, which helps to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss due to breakage.

Book Cut for Big Kids

Little Book Haircut for Big Boys with Long Hair
The ‘eBoy’ is one of Generation Z’s favorite haircuts. Credit: annashvets/Pexels.

The transition from child to adolescent almost always comes hand in hand with a change in image and personal style. It is just generation Z who is setting the standard in haircuts, and the eBoy o de libro is positioned among the favorites.

Starting from the center and letting strands fall over the cheekbones, the looks it becomes youthful and vibrant aesthetic.

Court mullet for children

Long Mullet Haircut for Boys
The ‘mullet’ can also be childish and fun. Credit: Shutterstock.

A rebellious eighties vibe can also play a part in a boy’s style. Despite the fact that his air is rebellious and irreverent, in a mullet You can achieve that innocent and playful touch by leaving light bangs in the front and longer locks in the back.

Court shaggy

Gaten Matarazzo with boy curly shaggy cut
The ‘shaggy’ is one of Gaten Matarazzo’s favorite cuts. Credit: Rob Latour/Shutterstock.

With feathered layers, thick bangs and more volume at the crown, the shaggy seventies is a participant in the current fashion scene. For children with long hair, it can be a dynamic and fun possibility.

Editor’s tip: Mousse may be the best styling product to keep under control a shaggy curly. try the TRESemmé Flawless Curls Mousse!

Zackary Arthur with Long Fringe Haircut for Boys
Zackary Arthur wears his hair long with bangs for a free and relaxed look. Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock.

Every time we go to cut our hair, we usually think of the one that can be more flattering, depending on the type of face and hair texture. However, in the case of a child, it is better to let them experiment and be free to wear the cut that most appeals to them. Otherwise, the development of the personality is interrupted and could affect their security and self-esteem later.

What we do recommend you do is take into account your needs and personality type to avoid making the cut uncomfortable. For example, as we mentioned above, layers can help add volume to straight hair and control curly hair. In addition, the fringe can provide a very youthful air and the faded be the best allies if you practice sports. It’s all about finding a balance.

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