30 Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas With Deep Meaning (With Photos)

‘Tattoos’ with good taste that hide a romantic or philosophical meaning. We present 30 symbolic meaningful tattoos with deep meaning so you can decide which one suits you best With photos and explanation of its symbolism.

Tattoos are in fashion, you just have to take a look around us to see that there are many people who, through these drawings engraved on the skin, intended to express something of their personality, their motivations or their concerns in life.

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

The reasons for tattooing can be varied. While for some individuals tattooing becomes an obsession because they intend to fill each of the body parts with ink, for others tattooing can have a symbolic meaning or they simply do it to seduce. Because for some people, tattoos can be a cause for excitement: it is what is known as stigmatophilia.

Tattoos as fetish: stigmatophilia

There are many causes for which we feel attraction for a person. As experts say in love or attraction, cultural factors, education or our past experiences are extremely important when it comes to feeling attracted to other individuals. While some are attracted to intelligence (what is known as sapiosexual) or beards (pogonophilia), others are attracted to tattoos: stigmatophilia. Stigmatophilic, in addition to being attracted to works of art drawn on the skin, also tend to be attracted to perforations.

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

As you can see, the tastes that influence our mental map and that are going to trigger the chemical cascade of attraction can vary from one individual to another. That is why the well-known phrase “for tastes colors.” And of course, there are people who go crazy for individuals of the opposite sex (or the same sex in the case of gay people) who wear tattoos and piercings and have that look “cool” and sexy.

The ‘tattoos’ come from far away

Although tattoos are a fad today, they have accompanied human beings for thousands of years. In fact, both piercings and tattoos have been around since the beginning of time and there are different cultures and tribes that have used them throughout the world. 

For example, the Maya already used the perforations in different parts of the face (lips, ears or nose to show) because for them it was a status signal; and Polynesians not only tattooed as a sign of wealth but, through tattoos, demonstrated their strength and power.

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

40 tattoos full of symbolism

Now, today, tattoos are in fashionIf you are thinking of tattooing, then you can find a list of 40 meaningful tattoos. Do not miss them!

1. semicolon

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

On paper, the semicolon is used to separate two independent sentences that maintain a close semantic relationship. But when the semicolon is reflected in the skin, it has a totally different meaning: “the importance of believing that this is not the end but a new beginning.”

The semicolon tattoo became known for the Project SemiColon, a portal of a girl named Amy whose father committed suicide when she was young, and now devotes his time to giving birth to the feelings and thoughts related to this experience. In short, the semicolon is a kind of message that comes to say that there is still a lot of life ahead, it is a turning point but, at the same time, it is a new and great beginning.

2. Vegvisir: magic symbol of Icelandic origin

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

In the Icelandic language, “Vegvisir” means roadmap. Apparently,  the Vegvísir was a symbol used by the Vikings. For them it was like a kind of solar compass during their sailing trips, something like a wind rose.

It was very important as a magic symbol and was used as an amulet or spell. Vegvisir symbolizes the force that guides us when we are lost, helps us not to err, to find our true path.

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

3. Butterflies

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

The butterfly is an insect is a precious insect that has certain difficulties to get out of its cocoon. It represents beauty, metamorphosis, rebirth, change. For the Japanese, the butterfly represents the soul of oneself; For the Chinese, two butterflies together make reference to love.

4. Om

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Om is the symbol of the essential in Hinduism, it is one of the most sacred mantras in the Hindu Dharma that means unity with the supreme, the combination of the spiritual with the physical. As a tattoo, this deep and powerful symbol refers to life and the entire universe. It is a beautiful symbol that looks great as a tattoo.

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

5. Malin

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

The Malin symbol has its origin in Sweden. It is similar to the infinity symbol but with an arrow. Wearing a tattoo means that you need to experience setbacks in order to move on

6. Zen circle

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

The Zen circle, despite being an ancient symbol, enjoys great popularity today. Tattooed on the skin gives a feeling of elegance. The incomplete circle represents the universe and also the inner strength and enlightenment.

7. Harry Potter triangle

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

This triangle represents the three deathly hallows that appear in the work of Harry Potter. It is a triangle divided into two by a straight line and inside it has a circle. The triangle represents the Invisibility Cloak, the circle represents the Resurrection Stone and the straight line represents the Elder Wand. It is a tattoo that looks great, and some couples can use it as an “A” of always.

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

8. Phases of the moon

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

The phases of the moon represent life. They also represent how it is changing, just like life. Tattooing the phases of the moon is a reminder of how we have to constantly adapt to changes.

9. Clave de Sol and Clave de Fa

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

This is a very common tattoo among music lovers, but especially for those who have talent in this field and music is their passion.

10. Dragonfly – Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

These little creatures are a nice tattoo object due to their fascinating nature. Having a tattooed dragonfly is considered extremely feminine, due to how delicate and beautiful these insects are. Dragonflies symbolize good luck, purity, prosperity, harmony, and strength.

11. Star

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Stars are a fairly common choice as a tattoo. On the skin, they refer to truth, spirit, courage and hope. The stars bring light in the darkness of the night. In addition to being beautiful, they guide us when confusion takes hold of us.

12. Dragons

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Dragons are known to be fierce and great. They are beautiful creatures that very easily captivate our imagination. This makes them popular tattoo motifs. Dragon tattoos can be great to show your inescapable presence, or they are small and delicate, almost like a miniature representation of this gigantic being. Dragon tattoos represent purity, hope, strength, wonder, creativity.

13. Hearts (Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas)

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Hearts represent love and passion and usually symbolize a person’s feelings. It is a rather feminine tattoo, which can be dedicated to someone very close.

14. The tree of life

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Trees are considered sacred in many countries and cultures. However, even if it has different meanings in different cultures, it usually symbolizes knowledge, protection, strength, forgiveness and eternal life. They are the symbol of resistance and strength.

15. Feathers

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Another of the favorite designs for a tattoo is feathers. Among the meanings of this tattoo style, there are dreams, desires or the soul. Any place is good for tattooing feathers.

16. Glyphs

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

A glyph is an engraved, written or painted sign. For example, the glyphs of Mayan writing or the Greek glyphs. In Ancient Egypt, glyphs are called hieroglyphs. They are ideal tattoos for any part of the body, always with a small size.

17. Zodiac signs (Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas)

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Few tattoos have as much meaning for oneself as the signs of the zodiac. As a general rule, individuals usually tattoo their own zodiac sign, although, on occasion, it is also possible for someone to tattoo that of an important person in their life, for example, their partner.

19. The sun

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

This is a universal tattoo. It symbolizes life, rebirth and fertility. It also symbolizes power, perseverance and a new beginning, that is, leaving the past behind.

20. The roses

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Roses are beautiful flowers that are also well known because they represent love towards a person. Generally, in the West, giving roses to your lover means that you love her. Therefore, roses symbolize love, beauty, passion and strength.

21. Birds

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Bird tattoo is also quite common . There are different varieties, for example, several small birds or a larger bird. The birds symbolize freedom and hope.

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

22. Wings

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Another tattoo similar to the previous one is that of the wings, which represent freedom and that you own your life. The size of the wings may vary from largest to smallest, but, generally, the meaning is the same.

23. Sankofa

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

This is an African symbol that refers to “come back and take it,” so it is a symbol of the importance of learning from the past. It represents a bird that hangs its wings before flying.

24. Arrows

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Arrows are another type of usual tattoo. It can mean several things according to the person. In general, you can refer to dreams or goals and the way forward. You can also refer to overcoming the stumbling blocks.

25. Incomplete Delta

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

The incomplete delta tattoo is symbolic in the sense that, having an open corner, it gives an opening message to the change. It is a tattoo that looks good when tattooed in small dimensions.

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

26. The Rune Inguz

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

The Rune Inguz (or Ing) is related to the Norse god Ing, the fertile and creative god. Therefore, this tattoo expresses the moments in which the solutions arrive and things change for the better.

27. Anchor

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

The anchor tattoo is also a classic and refers to power, strength and stability.

28. Aut inveniam viam aut faciam

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Some people prefer to tattoo Latin phrases. The phrase “Aut inveniam viam aut faciam” translates as: “I will find a way, or make one.” In short, it represents change, courage and self-confidence.

29. Carpe diem (Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas)

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Carpe Diem’s ​​tattoo is also very symbolic. From Latin, it means “seize the day”, that is, live the present. Live life your way.

30. Meraki

Symbolic Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Meraki is a Greek word that means acting with passion and creativity.

31. The Eye of Horus

tattoo 131585

Horus was one of the most important Egyptian gods: the god of Heaven. It is generally represented in the form of a hawk or a man with a hawk’s head.

32. The Koi fish

tattoo 131234

The koi fish, characteristic of the typically Japanese designs, represent perseverance because these carps are capable of gradually ascending very fast currents.

33. The lotus flower

tattoo 131273

It is a Buddhist symbol that represents purity.

34. The thunder bird

tattoo 131312

It is a creature existing in the mythology of certain Amerindian tribes of North America. It represents the force of nature.

35. Celtic knots

tattoo 131351

Celtic knots represent infinity and eternity because they have neither beginning nor end.

36. Sailboats

tattoo 131390

The sailboat represents calm and solitude. This tattoo can be very iconic.

37. The triforces

tattoo 131429

This element of the Zelda saga is one of the most famous symbols in the history of video games. Each triangle represents, respectively, power, knowledge and courage.

38. The lauburu

tattoo 131468

It is a cross typical of certain regions of Basque and Navarrese-Pyrenean culture. It is a pre-Christian symbol believed to represent the sun.

39. The thief

tattoo 131507

It is the symbol with which, in JR Tolkien’s work: “The Hobbit”, Gandalf marks the door of the protagonist’s house. It represents the beginning of an adventure.

40. The Jamsa

tattoo 131546

This symbol represents the main monotheistic religions. It is used as a representation of the desire for peace between religious denominations.

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