Stranger Things season 4: Release date, spoilers, cast, trailer and everything we know

Everything we know about season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’.[Attention ‘spoilers’. From now on we will gut the third season of ‘Stranger Things’ which Demogorgon does with his victims if you have not yet had the decency to turn on Netflix and become a marathon of it. It is the best of all deliveries (to date)].

The end of the third installment left us totally ‘shocked’. But a fourth season is already underway (including its possible release date), and now all our momentum is based on ending the Demogorgons and discovering everything we can about it. As the name of the first chapter.

We have devoured the eight chapters of which ‘ Stranger Thing 3 ‘ is composed in less time than it takes to say, Hawkins. And that is what the most amazing season! The 80s have been more present than ever thanks to the ‘looks’ of the protagonists. These have grown, have become authentic teenagers (of those who begin to give kisses with tongue) and the people of Indiana have again suffered an attack of the ‘ Upside Down ‘ in which, on top, the Russians are stuck in the Garlic.

We are so freaked out with the original Netflix factory series that we cannot wait any longer to have the fourth season in our hands! We already know that it is confirmed, that they will not start shooting it at all and that the Duffer brothers, creators of the ‘ST’ universe, are releasing Easter eggs on their social networks on some films in which they will be inspired to create the new installment. And now ‘habemus’ the name of the first episode!

Chapter 4×01 will be called ‘ The hellfire club ‘ and, starting to wander around, we don’t think it’s about Hawinks’ youth. They’ve grown and kissed on the mouth, but that name sounds dangerous bikers! Will we have a new band?

This is all we know about ‘ Stranger Things 4 ‘.

Stranger Things 4


Will there be the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’?

Do You accept me? Yes? Well, tune the Cosmo channel because … season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’ is confirmed! The streaming platform itself announced this wonderful news through a video that left us with more intrigues than we already had (if it was possible).

And obviously, we have already analyzed it, drawing our own conclusions.

Start of recordings and release date ‘Stranger Things 4’

Obviously, the exact release date is still unknown, but fans already have multiple theories as if Once will be the new villain.

The first and third season premiered during the month of July. The second was in autumn (October). And based on the video posted on Instagram by Finn Wolfhard characterized by Mike Wheeler, mentioning that he will have a Christmas in July, we cannot help thinking that season 4 could arrive in the month of December.

However, it will not be in the coming month. As reported by ‘Production Weekly’ they would already be filming, so the premiere could be in winter 2020 – November or December (in a year, go) – or in spring 2021.

Where will season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’ takes place

Espanola In the promotional video for season 4 he puts it clearly: “We will not be in Hawkins anymore.” I repeat. Never. More. And our brain is eroding! We go to parts.

We know that Joyce, Eleven, Will and Jonathan leave Hawkins to start from scratch … but we also don’t know their next place of residence. And it is clear that what appears in the images is the ‘Upside Down’. What’s going on here?

In addition, Netflix has confirmed that it has signed an agreement with the Duffer brothers to create series and films. I repeat (sorry for repeating so much). Series (that is, a season 5 ). And movies. ¡Bieeeeen!

Will we have new characters in the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’?

According to the LineTv media, the answer is yes. Specifically, there will be four new characters that could appear in the next installment. These will play male roles: three teenagers and one adult. In the small group of young people, we will have a heavy metal fan, a somewhat overweight athlete and another who will look a lot like the late Billy (sniff, sniff). On the other hand, the remaining paper is based on someone who does not belong to Hawkins. It smells from here that Russia will be your home country …

The Duffer brothers give clues about the plots of season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’

The Duffer brothers have had a wonderful idea … to give us angina with so much ‘hype’ and anxiety. Given that they are in full production of the scripts of season 4, they have decided to publish every week on their official Twitter profile ( @strangerwriters ) the films that will be related in some way to the new installment. That is, more clues for us!

“Every Friday we will list the five films that writers have talked about during the week. They all relate in one way or another to the fourth season. Are you ready or what the hell? The movies are: ‘The Peanut Butter Solution ‘,’ The fishing king ‘,’ Bill and Ted’s amazing journey ‘,’ You have an email ‘and’ Ordinary people ‘.

If you have not seen any, quiet, it is completely understandable. Here we briefly tell you what each one is about.

‘The Peanut Butter Solution’ develops the adventures of two children who create a peanut butter formula, but one of them gets bald. ‘The king fisherman’ is a radio host who deals with suicide. ‘Bill and Ted’s amazing trip’ talks about time travel (confirming this theory that we already told you), ‘You have an email’ about an email relationship between two people who don’t get along and ‘Ordinary people’ about family problems. Hala, the pools and the cabal begin.

All the frames that have remained unsolved

The third season of ‘Stranger Things’ has closed many plots. But also, he has left us many others with the door open.

Is Hopper alive?

The death (or not) of Sheriff Hopper is positioned as the biggest unknown in the face of a new season. Joyce manages to close the portal, but Jim disappears. However, after the final credits, an extra scene appears. It is situated in a secret base in Russia, where one of the soldiers mentions the ‘ American ‘. Is it about Hopper? This is what one of the Russian commanders called him. Let’s cross our fingers to make it happen.

Stranger Things 4

Have the Demogorgons returned?

When closing the portal, it is assumed that the Azotamentes and all his entourage dies but, why does a Demogorgon appear in the named extra scene? It is clear that the ‘Upside Down’ is still present on our planet.

Will Eleven recover his powers?

After the great effort, he made fighting the Spaniards and Billy, Eleven has the energy on the ground and is not even able to move a can. But we hope that with patience and dedication we will be surprised again with his flabby mental powers.

How will Mike / Once and Jonathan / Nancy take the distance?

After Hopper’s (supposed) death, Joyce decides to sell her Hawkins house and head to a new place, taking Will, Jonathan and Once with her. Will Mike and Once get to keep their relationship? And Jonathan and Nancy? In addition, they mention that they will be seen on the next vacation. That is Christmas. Are we or are they dropping that the next reunion/drama in town will happen on those dates?

How will the relationship between Steve and Robin go?

After Robin confessed as a lesbian, we can only applaud the decision of the series team for giving visibility to the collective. Also, you may have missed another little detail. Mike, during an argument with Will, drops that his friend doesn’t like girls. We are looking forward to seeing how this plot develops.

Stranger Things 4


Stranger Things 4


What will happen to the Russian secret base of the Starcourt shopping center?

The Russians deployed an entire arsenal under the new Hawkins mall. Now it is in ruins but will they return to try to open the portal once again? It is clear that they will not forget about it, although now there are more people who know about its existence …

Will Suzie and Dustin meet again?

Thanks to SuzieDustin’s camp girlfriend Hopper and Joyce managed to crack the key to the safe, which gives access to the keys that closed the portal. We need a reunion of them in the new season.

The cast of ‘Stranger Things’ 4

Taking away the obvious deaths – please, a minute of silence for Alexei and Billy’s abs and natural grace (how we cry with his death!) – all the other protagonists of the series will be Millie Bobby Brown, Winona Ryder, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sink …


In addition, we must recognize that the character of the little Erica Sinclair (Priah Ferguson) has been a discovery and we demand more moments of his in season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’.

We are dying to cross over again!

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