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Ways to Make a Woman Want to H Ways to Make a Woman Want to H


How to Make a Woman Want You Sexually



Women feel sexually attracted to men who display personality traits and behaviors that mark them out as being the sort of guy who could potentially survive, thrive and prospers well in life.

For example, A man’s confidence will trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman because it suggests (to her attraction instincts) that he might be a good survivor and may be able to protect her and take care of her.

Make her feel sexually attracted to you

However, a man’s insecurity turns a woman off because it suggests that she might need her to take care of him and protect him.

Additionally, it suggests that he might not be able to get his way in the world and maybe overlooked for promotions or favor, which will then make survival harder for both of them.

Attraction is an instinctive reaction that men and women have to each other. A man’s initial attraction to a woman is mostly based on her being a healthy, good looking woman of breeding age.

You're sexy, I like you

It’s a bonus if she is also a nice woman, easy-going and so on, but the initial attraction doesn’t look for that.

A man’s initial attraction is all about finding a good place to plant his seed, even if he consciously doesn’t want to have children. His instincts are driving him to ejaculate inside a woman. However, a woman looks for different things in a man and isn’t just looking for a random guy to blow inside of her.

Attract her, make her feel sexy and turn her on with your touch

Her instincts look for a guy who would be a good survivor and may potentially be able to create a good future together with her.

So, if you want a woman to want you sexually, you need to display the kinds of personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women (i.e. traits that mark you out as a guy who could potentially survive and thrive).

Sexual tension in the office

A lot of guys assume that the only way for men to make women want them sexually is to make a lot of money, spend years in the gym or buy the woman loads of gifts and try to impress her in that way.

Sexual tension being released with a kiss

Yet, in reality, most women are very easy to attract and all it usually takes is 1-2 minutes of conversation where you display attractive traits and she will interest in you in a sexual way.

When she is attracted, all you need to do then is guide her through what I call The Flow and she will be yours:

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How to make homemade sex toys safely



how to make homemade sex toys

Not all toys to enjoy as a couple or alone have to be bought in an erotic shop, in fact, our house can become a sexual experience if we know what to use and how. The limit of the game: your imagination. If you are thinking about making the process of sex toy at home must read the full article.

Many times we complicate our life by buying things that cost us a paste and that in the end, we use it once or twice, because “they have already lost their grace”, we don’t find them more useful or we get bored and look for new things and/or games. What we do not realize is that our own house is a potential erotic toy store, yes, it is important that we take into account some tips and recommendations to make them safe.

Let’s take a tour outside the room to give you ideas and order the recommendations. Let’s start with the kitchen. The food itself can become very interesting improvised dildos: fruits, vegetables, sausages … and everything we see with phallic form. Of course, put a condom on everything you are going to put in and/or rub with sensitive areas such as the genitals or the anus. In fact, one of the oldest dildos is the banana or the banana, and one of the tricks that we can give you is that if you heat the green banana for 10 seconds (the longer it lasts so that it does not fall apart) in the microwave and then you put a condom on it, you have a warm toy for less than a euro at home.

how to make homemade sex toys

Advantages of using fruits such as carrots, eggplants, zucchini: the measure can be made to your liking if one day you fancy the peels smaller, and if you prefer it bigger you go with an eye to the fruit shop. As a fact to keep in mind, if we are going to make toys with fruits, none of these phallic forms is recommended for solo anal play, because we can be involved in complex situations to explain in a hospital. And speaking of food, everything that is sweet, chocolate … that is, foodporn is great, but beware of sugar in the genitals, specifically in the vulva.

Everything that is section kitchen and wood is very good to whip, but “do not go over if you are the first time. Do not take the fattest cutting board you have at home. Start with something finite that you can handle better and weigh less so that the impact hurts less, or start better with a wooden spoon, ”recommends the sexologist expert in BDSM Norma Ageitos. But it is not worth any type of wood. In these cases, what should be taken into account? “Better if the wood is varnished if it is used for genital areas or some other area with another type of body fluid. But, even if it is varnished, you can never ensure total cleanliness, because it is a porous material, ”says Norma. So then you may not be able to use it to chop the cheese again.

And it is that the kitchen gives a lot of play, for example you can even use a mortar, which was used before to chop, to create a massager or use it as an anal plug. And there are wood and stone. A kitchen clock can become a challenge: “If you run in less than X time you lose.” Among other examples.

Let us now turn to the tool room, although it can also be the drawer of utensils or derivatives. Let’s say you want to play gag your partner and you don’t have a gag at home. Legend has it that people used to use golf balls; A softer object could be an anti-stress ball, but you have to be careful that it does not fall apart. What is important when building a gag? “That it be tied around the head so that the object can never be completely introduced into our mouth, nor swallowed. For example, the panties in the mouth always sound very erotic, but they have their risks, especially when the panties are not held from the outside to ensure there is no choking, ”recommends Ageitos.

If you are doing something harder, you have the clothespins that you can wear them all over your body, but “The tweezers have to be tested little by little and keep in mind that when you take them off it is when they really hurt”, Norma reminds us.

And then there is the typical choroiditis that you surely have at home, such as little candles that you can tie to some resistant bracelets or some flanges. Both can serve as wives, yes, “If you use the bridles you have to have scissors round toe or even better if they are orthopedic to not end up cutting you when you remove them,” adds Ageitos.

Remember that “lifelong” games can also become erotic games. The typical dice can help us to bet things, pretend that we are in a casino, among other examples. And finally, all the games we have at home have the strip version, because not only poker can be a strip, all games can be.

In fact, after Christmas you can even recycle not-so-desired gifts, such as that ugly scarf that your mother-in-law or your cousin has given you, which can be wonderful to tie because “It contains restriction and humiliation all in a pack,” adds Norma.

Our whole house is a game. We can play to put different roles inside the house, from the typical topical characters of the plumber, the secretary, the boss … that can be staged with few resources, to the most curious characters that go through your head. As always, we insist that the limit is set by your imagination. We wish now you can make homemade sex toys safely.

Build your own homemade sex toys

Sex toys have changed the way one takes pleasure in taking off greed. And what about the plus they give to the couple as a couple (or in a trio, foursome, quite …). But, honestly, having all the various hidden in a drawer means disbursing good wool and for how the times are, it is easy to buy any of them.

However, thanks to the leisure and creativity of some healers without remedy, we can bring you this time some recipes to create sex toys in the comfort of home. Or, give alternate use to utensils that you use on a daily basis.

So, dear readers, here they go:

The recipe book

We found a wonderful recipe to make an artificial vagina made with cornstarch (either Maizena or any other brand). Go the ingredients:

-100 grams of cornstarch
-200 milliliters of water
-1 glass
-1 stick, cucumber or carrot (which is about the same size as your penis. If you chose cucumber, praise your name. Wash them well before using them) .
-1 lubricant

Preparation Mode:

Place the cornstarch in the glass. Add 100 milliliters of water and beat it with desire. Then add the other 100 milliliters and beat again. Put the mixture for a minute in the microwave. Just try water to the corn, it should solidify, so you decide if it takes more time.

Build your own homemade sex toys

Now, make a small hole in the surface and put it back to the mic for 30 more seconds. After this, you put the stick, cucumber or carrot you have chosen to cover three-quarters of the glass (that is, do not let it reach the end).

Put it in the freezer for at least 40 minutes. Once this time is over, take out the glass and remove the stick, cucumber or carrot. Then extract the solidified mixture (which should have a gelatinous texture, but if it has not been so, put it back into the freezer). 

You can use a lubricant for free transit.

And here they do how to make a wax dildo.


-1 candle (you decide the thickness, either a candle used for inns or the thickness of an Easter candle. Get stuck now that there is mud).
-1 condom
-1 cutter or a very sharp knife
-1 lubricant

Preparation Mode:

Carve the candle to acquire the shape of a penis. It is time to get your skills acquired with Cositas and give flight to the imagination. You can simulate veins, head and curvature. Put a condom on it and enjoy your new work of art with the help of your lubricant.

Blessed everyday life

Now, if it makes you feel like doing any of these gadgets, we suggest you use items that you find in your home. Go the list:

Electric toothbrush

You can use the handle either to rub your clitoris or to insert it into your vagina. Do not forget to put a condom on it, since this way you will avoid the bacteria that may be there. If you stole it from your mother, don’t be spotted, tell her that you fell into the toilet and that you are going to buy another one.

Pearl Necklace

Wash it very well and use it to caress your southern corners.

Fruits and vegetables

Yes, cucumbers, carrots and bananas have not gone out of style. Just don’t use them just like you brought them from the supermarket. Wash them and put a condom on them, because in this way you avoid all kinds of bacteria, or that you can introduce a piece that is broken by the substance of its use.


Put it in the freezer and use it to stimulate you. Eye: you also have to wash it very well before using it and preferably it is made of metal and not plastic so that it does not contain any type of dirt.

Latex gloves

Fill them with warm or hot water (which is not boiling) and use them to rub your clitoris or that of your partner. Do not forget the lubricant.

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38 signs: How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You



How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

The question is How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You? – I can’t tell you how difficult it is to know if a girl really likes you or not.

As a shy man, it has been impossible for me almost all my life.

But the truth is, after years of research, experience and better understand how female psychology works, it is much easier to know if a girl likes me or not. A Girl is not as difficult as you think.

Here I will explain each of the signs that a girl gives you so that you know that she likes you.

1. Holds your gaze when you look at her

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

In Russia, Asia and India, two men or two women holding hands do not mean they are a couple, in these cultures friends of the same gender regularly walk hand in hand.

Paying special attention to women’s body language is a great way to say if you like it. Look at the girls who cross their legs in front of you, play with their hair while holding your gaze.

As long as you don’t want to have a rare contest of looks, eye contact is very important, that shows self-confidence, which is extremely attractive.

Many of the women know what to do when it comes to flirting if she gives you a little squeeze on your arm and makes your heartbeat twice as fast, it wasn’t an accident, more than that, she is interested in you and is trying to tell you subtly, waiting for reactions to the message and corresponding to the gesture.

2. It asks you many questions

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

When they are talking, say something positive, make a plan for the future and give them a reason to end the conversation.

For example: “I like to talk with you, but I have to run to do a job, maybe we could meet again if you are free.”

If it is well known that you are the best student in science class, then it is natural for people (including her) to ask you about homework or an upcoming exam. But if she asks you questions about things that she could easily investigate anywhere, pay attention. If she asks you on Facebook things like: “Hey, do you know what day winter is coming back?” That is not a clue, that is a bright flame.

3. There is this special tension in the way she talks to you.

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

All girls can be friendly and friendly when you talk to them, but if she really likes you, the conversation will become playful and flirtatious, she will laugh at your jokes and make a compliment from you. Many of the girls may be less obvious and they will tell you that they enjoyed seeing you when you scored in your soccer game, but other girls go a little further. If she starts and whispers that you look great with that green shirt, take note that she is definitely interested in you.

4. Move your legs nervously

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

Yes, she knows she is squeezing you in the arm or, if she looks the other way. Those are direct forms of body language, but romance can be a poker game, you must realize the signs that she does not realize she is giving you. That is why we see shoes.

People try to mask their facial expressions, but they don’t realize what they convey with the movement of their feet. If she is talking to you and moves one foot away from her beautiful form to project a more open posture, that’s good. If you say that your foot does not stop moving and laughs a lot, that is a winning combination. Crossed feet, however, are indicators that she is not interested in you.

5. She knows much more about you than you do about her

A girl who has a genuine interest in you will find different ways to do beautiful things for you. If she sees that you are depressed by a bad school grade, she will offer to help you study for the next exam. If both are interested in a band, she will probably buy two tickets for her concert and offer you one. A girl who likes you will care about you and be protective with you.

Other obvious signs that a girl likes you is if she remembers important dates for you or your birthday. If your school sells candy canes at Christmas and she buys one for you, or if she takes you a cupcake from your favorite bakery for your birthday, this means you’re in her head.

6. You meet her many more times lately

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

Has it happened to you that you are out of school working in a hamburger place and you see that the girl is asking behind the counter for the third time in the week? If this has been happening more than usual, and when she sees you she smiles and greets you when she visits the place, she may be waiting for an opportunity to speak with you. But also, she can only enjoy a tasty hamburger, so raise your antenna well to detect other possible situations in which she is looking for you. It may be that she is constantly walking near your locker between classes, or that you see her regularly where you usually go. If you regularly see her in places where you usually spend free time, she is possibly trying to get your attention.

Maybe she feels in the empty place next to you or delays a little just to be able to walk with you for a moment.

7. She indirectly reaches the point.

One of the ways to be liked is to be sure of yourself. The best way to demonstrate security is to like yourself. Mention yourself good things and that is a good way to make people love you too. If they don’t, you will be belittled.

You and your affection technically speak the same language. “Technically” is the keyword. You use words from your same mental dictionary, but your method of convincing can be totally different. It is a frustrating proven fact. That also gives you the reason to be hopeful.

If she is angry with you, the direct interpretation is “she hates me.” If she is hovering like a bird in a tree, it is assumed that she is only interested in you. But consider that maybe, just maybe, that her talkativeness is a sign that she trusts you and enjoys approaching you by sharing a lot of information.

8. Your initials continue to appear.

When a woman is really interested in you, she will find it difficult to think of anything other than you. She wants to talk with her friends about you, she wants to listen to music that reminds you, she could even watch movies that show the similarity of the love-drama scenario she is in.

But during classes, there is no way to express the emotion that unconsciously arises from writing your initials in your notebook, book or on your hand.

If your name is Michelangelo and “MA” appears constantly in his class notes, you will have won, it is a classic way of expressing that he is interested in you and cannot be denied. Unless her name is María Ángela, the star player of the school is Manuel Álvarez.

9. Time will tell.

She can be a significantly observant person, but if she likes to remember details about things you said or things you like, pay attention. That little information can lead you to think you like it.

But there is a difference between liking, loving or being in love with someone. The human body behaves strangely when in love. It’s that amazing tingling, the feeling of feeling out of this world that only lasts a couple of months. This is nature making sure they are enough to reproduce.

It is also a game, three months or a year from now she will be able to see you with an empty look, realizing that there is no quality that she admires of you, in a nutshell, she never liked you, she was only in love with you. But realize that falling in love is like a legal drug, and three months to a year is an eternity for some youth relationships. In her crush with you is good enough, enjoy it while it lasts, just don’t reproduce.

10.- Her friends gave up.

The indisputable sign that a girl likes you is that one of her best friends give up and tell you her secret: You like her.

Her friends might be breaking the friendship code, but they wouldn’t tell you such a secret if they hadn’t realized that you like her too. It is also important to know that your girl’s friends are on your side, which means they approve if they go out together. If this happens, don’t turn it over and ask her out.

How to know if she likes you if you don’t know her yet.

11. Pass near you more than once

If you notice that she is more often than ever closer to where you are, it is a sign that she seeks to find you more often with you because she likes you. Be careful not to confuse that they only encounter products of chance and not that you feel attraction for you.

12. Smile at you much more than it should

If she smiles when your gaze and hers meet, think no more, go and talk to her. A smile is a form of empathy among humans, go and introduce yourself to her if you see her smile at you.

There are many types of smiles. Courtesy smiles usually look a bit fake and are accompanied by many “nodding” movements, which really means that you don’t care much what you say.

But there are many types of authentic smiles that can express many things.

13. Look for your look

If you see that she is looking at you without paying attention, this is a sign of interest, do not think about it, go and talk to her.

If you see these indicators of interest, do not hesitate to talk to me, I assure you that you will be welcome.

How to know if a girl likes you if you just met her and they are talking

14. It asks you personal questions or many questions to know you more

If you see that she makes the effort to continue the conversation it is a sign that she has an interest in you.

15. Bring your body closer to hear you or see you in the eyes

If you see that it gets very close to you to pay more attention or if you see that it looks very closely at your eyes it is a sign that you like it. If it is too obvious the attention it gives you may be a good time to kiss it.

16. Makes physical contact

If you see that she is looking for any pretext to make physical contact with you, how to give yourself small blows before any joke you made may be a sign that she likes you.

When a girl looks for any pretext to approach you and touch your shoulder or brush your leg, it is a great sign of flirting.

Some do not know how to handle it very well and to hide their attempts to touch you they become aggressive signals. The most typical is when they hit you “offended” arm with the back of your hand.

17. She adjusts her hair

Many women when they get nervous give them to adjust their hair. When they like a man many shy women get nervous and one way they express their nervousness is by adjusting their hair.

For girls, playing with their hair has been a subtle way since ancient times to send a clear message of attraction.

18. Laugh at your jokes, even when they aren’t funny.

Many women when they like someone laugh nervously at any comment, even if the latter is not funny. If you notice that this happens with the woman you are talking about, you are very likely to like it.

When a girl is trying to openly convey that she doesn’t like you, it doesn’t matter if you’re the best comedian on earth. She won’t laugh just to not give you much hope or to try to keep you away.

On the other hand, if she seems to understand your sense of humor, she is comfortable or is making an effort to look good. None of the above is a guarantee that you like it, but again, at least it is going in the right direction.

The best technique to seduce a woman: humor

19. She likes to talk to you

This might sound very obvious, but it is one of the first signs of attraction and one that we overlook too often. Whether you like it or just enjoy spending time talking with you as friends, at least you are going in the right direction.

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You signs that you like:

20. Evade your gaze

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

When a girl evades your gaze, it can be a sign that she feels nervous. You need to evaluate the rest of your body language to assess whether this nervousness is due to your liking or being uncomfortable.

21. Try to make you laugh

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

Humor is not just a strategy of the seduction of men. Many girls also feel the ground this way, so stay tuned.

22. Bite or lick your lips

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

Consciously or unconsciously, you are trying to attract your attention to them.

Female Body Language When You Like a Man: 15 Signs You Must Look For – How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

23. She doesn’t like to see you with other girls

Let’s face it, a girl who wants to get rid of you will encourage you to go to court or spend time with others. On the contrary, if you are upset in situations involving other girls in your life, you will most likely love you for it.

24. Hugs you very often

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

Most women do not like physical contact with men who are not trusted or with those who have no romantic intentions. But there is a big difference between a fraternal hug and a romantic one.

25. Her friends give you clues that she likes you

If something does not know how to be friends, it is to be discreet. When you approach a girl who is in the middle of her circle of friends and they all start gossiping, you know there is something interesting there.

26. Develop interest in your interests

She has begun to listen to the music you like, or perhaps to find out a little about the history of your favorite American team.

27. Blushes

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

If you see that she often blushes at rather innocent attitudes, she may be thinking not so innocent things.

28. Show your body

Does something in your posture or in your way of dressing make you think that you are looking to get your attention exclusively?

29. Her body posture is relaxed while talking to you

This means that it is comfortable and open to closer subsequent approaches.

30. Disrupt conversations with your friends to talk with you

What better sign of interest can there be? If she likes you enough to voluntarily move away from her noisy and fun circle of friends, she is definitely interested.

31. Compliments you when you look good

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

Not only does it mean that she likes how you look, but in fact, she notices you and the way you often look.

32. Let you know what is available

If you do not ask if they have a boyfriend, it is likely that a girl who likes you will shine at some point in the conversation that is available. If you’re trying to flirt with a girl who doesn’t like you, maybe even mention an imaginary boyfriend as long as you stop trying.

33. She is enthusiastic about joint activities

You may not be directly inviting her on a date, but if you mention a hypothetical climb to climb because maybe both of you like extreme sports, not only will she give you a vague “yes, we should do it”, but she will be truly enthusiastic and even propose a date.

34. It opens with you

If she begins to tell you significant things about her life, her family, her problems, her aspirations and her goals, it is that you have at least earned your trust.

35. Talk “casually” about doing something in the future

It is not a direct invitation to leave, it is rather an invitation for you to invite.

36. Follow you on social networks

Receiving one or two likes for no apparent reason from that girl is a great clue that she likes you.

37. Ignore the phone when it’s with you

Before that, she could have gone through a simple courtesy show, but today it is definitely a very powerful sign that you are interested in.

38. Answer your messages quickly

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

The main reason why a girl does not answer your messages is that she does not know how to tell you straight ahead that you are not interested. Let’s accept it So is. But if she answers and writes frequently, she is showing some availability.

How to Conquer a Woman: The Step-by-Step Guide to Seduce Her Friendly– How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

How to know if a Girl likes you on Facebook?

The following are ways to know what you like on Facebook:

  • If you like almost all your photos
  • If she starts the conversation at least 50% of the time
  • Post photos or phrases closely related to what they were talking about in private.
  • Post on your wall
  • It connects at the same time you connect
  • She publishes many emotions in your conversations

If you have 3 or more points mentioned above it means that you like it.

In-depth analysis!

Now, what you have to do is identify which of these signs the girl in question is sending you. Once you have them identified, you should analyze them more deeply:

A) Enjoy talking to you

Start a conversation with her. If she really feels happy talking to you, it’s a good sign. Some couples realized that they liked each other only because of the way they could spend hours and hours talking.

If she is nervous, she may have some problems communicating with you. Give him the opportunity to feel comfortable near you. Ask harmless questions and calmly await your answers. Maybe she is shy and needs some time.

The danger signs are the following: It seems boring, just respond with monosyllables, nod frequently and open your eyes a lot, as if you were about to say goodbye, or take any pretext to leave.

B) Laugh at what you say

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

If a girl likes you, everything you say will be funny or witty, and if not, at least she will try to make it seem that way.

1. With any luck, you really find it fun and not pretending just because you like it physically or financially. But even if you are faking a little, it’s fine. Just be careful if you detect it and find out where your interests are.

2. Some girls laugh a lot when they are nervous

But this is the kind of laugh that definitely tells you that you like it: Laughter from the stomach that both share.

You know what kind. Both are laughing so hard that they are almost crying. They both feel they are about to bend in half laughter.

They share moments that are irresistibly funny. Some people around them think they are both crazy. However you are in your world, and that generates a wonderful intimacy.

C) Something interesting happens when their eyes match

A girl who likes you may have trouble looking straight in your face. It usually blinks a lot and looks towards other places.

She doesn’t feel comfortable looking you in the eye for too long. This type of girl is not one of those who go for you, but of those who are waiting for you to go for them.

But some women do speak through their eyes. Luckily, if a girl likes you, there are also great chances that their eyes will come together and you will see in her a particular flash that invites you to approach and say “hello.”

If you manage to make extended eye contact with a girl, even if she is blushing, it is definitely a good sign.

D) Realize that you are there

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

A girl who really likes you will do what she needs to do so that you realize she is noticing you. Even if she is extremely shy, she will find a way to approach you in some way.

If a girl ignores you completely, don’t wear out, she has no interest in you. But is she really ignoring you? Maybe she is sending you a subtle message that she has already noticed your presence but does not know how to react.

Here are some examples of puzzling ways in which a shy girl who likes you could act:

a) She is with a group that joins you to her conversation, but she remains silent.

b) Smile quickly, and although it does not seem to be a smile in your direction, it does when you say something funny.

c) There is an abrupt interruption in her activities as soon as she sees you. Maybe she stops talking or singing or dancing.

Yes, she has realized that you exist and is definitely not ignoring you. She just doesn’t know how to react.

E) Lick her own lips

Surely you think that if a girl licks her lips, it is an action that must be interpreted as wanting you to kiss her. And yes, it could be, just try not to sing victory ahead of time.

Licking your lips could simply be a sign that you have dry ones. But you should ask yourself why is your mouth so dry?

If it is not a particularly hot or dry day, or you have not just run a marathon, there really is no good reason. So maybe she’s just a little nervous because she likes you.

F) Smile at you often

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

A girl who smiles at you is probably trying to tell you that she likes you. There are occasional exceptions to this rule, such as the girl who is trying to be popular and smiles at everyone.

But most girls don’t bother smiling at someone they don’t like. A very shy girl might not smile at you openly. Her smiles are brief, but she certainly feels pleased to see you. Sometimes your smile will be more installed in your eyes than in your mouth.

G) She doesn’t like to see you with other girls

A girl who likes you will feel pretty bad if she sees you near other women, especially if she suspects you might be flirting. Nobody likes competition. She could react by being openly angry or just leaving because she doesn’t want to see the show.

We warn you that raising a girl’s jealousy can be a great strategy, but it can also be very counterproductive. So never do it with someone who can be very proud because she could lose her attention completely.

H) Hugs you

Does she hug you with an opportunity or pretext? Normally we only hug people we like. A hug is a way of approaching other people and coming into contact with your body.

Maybe she likes you but she can’t tell you with words. You may find it easier to use other strategies, such as hugging yourself, to feel close to you.

Hugs come in different presentations. Some girls don’t mind wrapping around the boy they like. It can be a welcome hug when your paths cross towards the room or the boardroom.

But other girls are more prone to discretion and may hold you for a brief but intense moment. Either way, the goal is to establish physical contact in some way.

I) Find excuses to touch you

A girl who likes you will always find excuses to touch you or feel a part of your body.

Does it touch you “accidentally” while sitting next to you? This is a clear sign that she is attracted to you.

She wants to get closer to you and there is a better way to do initial approaches that subtly touching your arms or your chest. You may remove a crumb from your cheek or a blade of hair.

Some girls can be aggressive and tapping you all the time. But it can be a way of approaching you without looking too vulnerable.

J) Her friends give you clues that she likes you

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

If she likes you, be sure that her friends know. So look for clues in their behavior: What do their friends do when they notice you’re close?

1. Do your friends look at you intently as you approach?

2. Do they smile and throw glances?

3. Do they seem friendly estarla bothering?

4. She gets nervous and seems to be hoping that any of her friends mess?

5. Do any of your friends ask you if you’re attracted to her?

Her best friends can give you a lot of subtle clues. But if you’re not sure, we’re going to reveal another 16 clues that a girl can give you when she dreams of your love.

16 clues a girl gives you when she likes you

1.- You can deduce whether she likes your body language or not. If she mirrors your movements, or sits near you, or finds reasons to touch you, then she probably likes you a lot.

2.- You can begin to develop a previously non-existent interest in the things you like. For example, if you are a fan of a sports team, start learning a little about it.

3.- You will see that she blushes in your presence, not once, but several times.

4.- Do you play with your hair when it is with you more than it does when it does not know that you look at it? This is an unconscious way to show attraction that most people cannot control.

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

5.-When you are sitting or resting somewhere, you will notice that she passes in front of you a couple of times. Maybe she’s trying to get your attention. She wants you to be attracted to her and is probably waiting for you to take the first step.

6.- You may recline back in a chair or an armchair to pronounce your chest unconsciously as if it shows you a little of what you are missing. This is a sure sign that she likes you and that she loves you at her feet.

7.- Her arms maintain a very open posture while she speaks to you, which can be interpreted at the level of body language as she is waiting for you to get closer to her and will not reject you.

8.-When she is having a conversation with her friends, and you pass by, does she leave her group to greet you or talk with you? Few signs of attraction are as clear as this.

9.- It often tells you that you look good, or it simply makes you a compliment that you did not expect.

10.- Do you talk about relationships you have had in the past, making it clear that they are over and that you now feel a little lonely? If it does, it is very likely that it is sending you a signal that it is available.

How Do You Know If a Girl Likes You

Don’t assume she is still interested in her ex, rather, consider it as an invitation to take her place.

11.- Do you suggest activities that involve spending time with you, or do you not hesitate for a second to accept when you propose them? Then you can be sure that a somewhat more formal appointment is an option that you will not refuse.

12. Do you consider significant things about your life? Congratulations! That means that trusts you. Now just be a little careful not to fall into the dangerous “friend zone.”

13.- Do you talk about going out with you somewhere, or doing something together in the future? Perhaps she casually mentions that they should go to see a movie in a saga that both of them like …

14.- Follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and basically, on all the social networks they share. It also lets you know what is pending by like or commenting on your posts.

15.- When she is with you, she doesn’t spend her time looking at her phone. If you receive messages, you ignore them, and if someone calls you, you will divert the call or take it to cut it quickly if it is very urgent. In these times, that can only be a sign of enormous interest.

16.- There is regular communication between the two. If you send a message, she responds quickly, and sometimes it is she who initiates the conversation. When you get to this point, at least you already know that you are on the right track and you can at least become your friend. Of course, you want something else.

How to know if you like it if you have a friend you know about the time

If these things happen do not hesitate to take the next step if you also like your friend it will be worth taking a risk.

  • Cares for you
  • She gets jealous for your conquests
  • She likes to spend time with you

Many signs right? You are in luck because you have several ways to realize if she likes you. Do not forget to share this article on your social networks.

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What is the best compliment for a girl?



best compliment for a girl

The Best compliment for a girl- Complimenting a girl is an art, which I think you should always personalize your compliments according to the qualities of the girl instead of repeating the classics “You’re so beautiful, etc. “. You don’t have to be Mr. Everyone and please be honest as much as you can.

The Best compliment for a girl examples that will certainly serve you

Best compliment for a girl

– You may be tired of hearing these 3 words, but I can’t resist saying it again – “You are beautiful”.
– I find you interesting. If a man is lucky enough to end up with you, I know one thing. He will never be bored.
– I like the way you dress, you know how to choose your clothes. I like the way you dress.
– I like your haircut, is it original. ?
– You look beautiful all the time, but when you smile like that, I swear my world stops.
– I like the way you reason, I really like you.
– The best thing about you is that you are different from other women.
– You look like your mother.
– You’re the smartest girl I ever dated.
– As long as you’re with me, I don’t care where we go.
– You look classy.
– You inspire me and inspire others.
– You are an incredible friend.
– Have you ever been breathless with a beautiful face, because I see you there?
– Everyone knows that you are beautiful, but few people know that you are so interesting.
– I knew you were pretty, but I didn’t know you were so deep.
– I wonder, how you behave with such maturity
– Wow… your black dress adds to your beauty
– What I like about you is your energy. You have positive energy. Beauty is a common thing, but for people with positive energy, it is rare.
– It’s like a big breath of fresh air when I enter the building and see you here
– Your hair is so free, never change it. Your hair only adds to your beauty.
– You haven’t put on makeup all week? Damn, you’re beautiful!
– That confidence is so sexy on you that you look so sexy
– I like to see your smile, it brightens my day every time.
– I wonder what makes you so fascinating.
– I think I could have fun in hell with you.
– You cook better than my mother!
– You smell the smell of paradise
– You do it so well.

7 The best compliment for girls that make her crack … all the time!

Best compliment for a girl

Complimenting a girl is an art that you must master if you are looking to leave a good first impression on the woman you want to seduce. That said, in this article, We will give you the 7 best compliments for girls that make girls crack … all the time!

Tested and approved!

But before you start, you need to know something:

The best way to compliment a girl is …

… Be sincere and honest.

Women are not stupid. You don’t either. Finally, I hope.

Showing interest in a woman therefore consists of complimenting her in an attractive and intelligent manner. And it’s not as easy as you might think …

Many guys exercise this “activity” believing that it is a good way to seduce a woman.

You certainly know the “you are beautiful”; ” You are lovely “; ” You have beautiful eyes “; ” You have a beautiful body, a beautiful size” and so on …

Be honest and tell me how many times have you done it? Huh? Come on don’t be shy ?? Confess!

Whoever does it, let him raise his hand …

I still see that many of you proudly raise your hands. It is very appreciated that you show honesty. Now take your hand raised by the other hand, go down a little to the level of the face, yes voila … Give yourself a good slap well supported.

Now that you are well shaken, I continue my article quietly.

When you compliment a pretty girl on her physique, she will just consider you as “another guy” fascinated by her beauty. She has heard it a million times since her 17 years.

On the other side of the shore, when you compliment, we’ll say, a lousy or, a woman less beautiful on her physique, she just will not believe you. Worse, she will think that you are making fun of her mouth, which is true in fact.

But why the hell does this physique cause so many problems and complications?

What should we do to compliment a girl properly?

The first rule that comes to mind:

NEVER compliment a girl on her physique

Best compliment for a girl

We are going to play a nice little game… Suppose you are David Beckham.

You meet two superb women. Let’s call Sarah and Maria.

Sarah tells you:

“I like being with you because you are beautiful and rich. “

As for Maria, she tells you:

“I like being with you because you have good energy, I’m not bored with you, it’s very interesting …”

What are you going to choose? Sarah or Maria?

The loser with an oversized ego will choose Sarah. We can clearly conclude that he understood nothing about the art of seduction. Let …

The Gentleman, meanwhile, will choose Maria, because what she said is special and original. It is not missing anyone or everyone that can say it. Maria stands out, and therefore, she scores points.

Gentlemen… You must do as dear note Maria (I’m not talking about her way of dressing, be careful, don’t wear thongs…)

More seriously…

As a Seducer, you must master the art of complimenting a girl effectively. Do not think, even for a second, of wanting to compliment his physique, I repeat again, you will quickly be categorized in the box “Mister everyone”

Worse yet, you will veer towards the famous and very dear Friend Zone, the hell of the dredgers …

How to make compliments then?

Best Compliment for a girl

A little advice to start…

Don’t flirt indefinitely with a woman. As soon as your princess starts to take an interest and open up to you, CLOSE THE DEAL!

Compliment her to create the connection and thus install comfort between the two of you, to finally seduce her.

Here is a list of compliments you can say to your princess:

1— “I find you interesting”.

2— “I like the way you dress, you choose your clothes well. “

3 – “I love your haircut, it is original. “

4 – “I really like your way of thinking, I like you. “

5 – “You are different from other girls. “

6 – “I always found you pretty BUT I didn’t know you had so much depth …”

7 – “What I like about you is your energy. You really have good energy. Beauty is common in the end, people with good energy are much rarer. “

As you may have noticed, these compliments are just “different” from what women are used to hearing.

And when you are different, you are, by definition, attractive …

Good luck. Have fun!

23 compliments Girl would like to hear (The Best Compliment for a girl)

Best Compliment for a girl

Most women like to hear compliments about their hair, nails, face and, of course, their bodies, etc.

Only sometimes do women need to hear less about what you see and more about what they are inside – Do you see where we are coming from?

Do not confuse real compliments with simple words to attract women. While women should also not confuse a “hungry” man with a real compliment.

Women today are not only beautiful and sensual, but they are also fierce, strong, intelligent, skillful and passionate. So your conversation must be more than physical. Beyond her appearance, get to know who the real woman inside is. You may be surprised by his reaction.

It can be difficult for some men to understand this, especially those who grew up thinking that women only want to cook and have babies.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you. So here is a list of 23 compliments to get you started. Of course, it has to come from the heart. If you don’t really mean it, the woman in front of you will know it because women always know when men lie.

Best Compliment for a girl

# 1 You are strong.

# 2 I think your ideas/beliefs are important.

# 3 You deserve only good things in your life.

# 4 More people should listen to what you have to say.

# 5 I trust you with all my heart.

# 6 You are a very warm person. It’s good to see such kindness in you.

# 7 You are very down to earth. I feel like I can tell you anything.

# 8 You have a beautiful soul.

Best Compliment for a girl

# 9 You inspire me to become a better person.

# 10 Our conversations bring me great joy.

# 11 You are so understanding.

# 12 You are very important to me.

# 13 You are important even if you don’t think so.

# 14 You are smart.

# 15 You are brave.

# 16 Your passion is contagious.

Best Compliment for a girl

# 17 Your self-confidence is refreshing.

# 18 Can I have your opinion on something? You always have a good perspective.

# 19 You are so creative.

# 20 You are so talented.

# 21 You have great taste.

# 22 I’m so proud of you.

# 23 I wish more people were like you.

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3 Stages of Love and Its Characteristics



stages of love

Stages of Love and Its Characteristics – The stages of falling in love and relationships, perfectly described.

Do you love your partner but you don’t feel like the first day? Do you notice that the feeling you feel towards your partner has been transformed over time? They are completely normal sensations that describe the changes in the way we feel and interpret what a relationship means to us.

This occurs because the couple’s love has different phases and stages, all of them with their defining characteristics. If in the article ” The 5 stages of love to overcome the duel of the breakup of a couple ” we talked about the stages of heartbreak, in this text we will discuss the different stages of love.

Love also evolves

It is important to note that, although this is a phenomenon that has aroused much interest among psychology professionals, there are discrepancies about the number of stages of love and the characteristics that define them.

Now, according to psychologist John Gottman, author of the book Principal Amoris: The New Science of Love, romantic love has three distinct stages that appear sequentially, just as people are born, grow and age.

His research has shown that love is a complex experience, and have served to identify some stages of the couple’s life in which love can deteriorate or continue to evolve forward until it reaches the deepest emotional bond.

The stages of love: limerence, romantic love and mature love

What are these stages of love? What characteristics do they have? You can see them described and explained below.

Stages of Love 1: Limerence

This stage is also called the infatuation or lust phase, and it is the phase in which we are most excited and eager to see the other person. The feelings and emotions of lovers have to do with euphoria and rapid mood swings.

The term “limerence” was coined by Dorothy Tennov, and according to it, the characteristic symptoms of this stage are some physical changes such as redness, tremors or palpitations; excitement and nervousness, intrusive thinking, obsession, fanciful thoughts and fear of rejection.

Falling in love is something exceptional

In the book The Alchemy of Love and LustDr. Theresa Crenshaw explains that not everyone can make us unleash the cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters that accompanies the exciting first phase of love. But when falling in love occurs, then, and only then, does the cascade of neurochemicals in love erupts changing our perception of the world.

The psychologist and communication director of the journal Psychology and Mind,  Jonathan García-Allen, in his article ” The chemistry of love: a very potent drug “, explains that “in this phase the brain releases large amounts of dopamine,  serotonin or norepinephrine That is why when we fall in love we feel excited, full of energy and our perception of life is magnificent. Exactly as if we use psychoactive substances. ”

In short, when we fall in love, our brain secretes :

  • Phenylethylamine (PEA): it is a natural amphetamine that our body produces and receives the name of “love molecule”.
  • Pheromones: derived from DHEA, they influence sensuality rather than sexuality, creating an incredible sense of well-being and comfort. In addition, pheromones could influence our decision making without realizing it.
  • Oxytocin: also called the hugging hormone, it helps create close ties with the other person. When we feel close to that person and have intimate relationships, our body is responsible for segregating it. This chemical compound has a duration in the brain of about 4 years according to the theory of Donald F. Klein and Michael Lebowitz
  • Dopamine: it is related to pleasure and is the neurotransmitter that plays an important role in gambling, drug use, and also in love. It is important since it is involved in the reward system, that is, it helps us repeat pleasant behaviors.
  • Norepinephrine: also known as norepinephrine, is associated with the feeling of euphoria, exciting the body and giving it a dose of natural adrenaline.
  • Serotonin: acts on emotions and mood. She is responsible for the well-being, generates optimism, good humor and sociability.

This abrupt change in generation and hormones and neurotransmitters makes us tend to be less emotionally stable, at least for a while and, specifically, when we think of the other person or feel them close.

Stage 2: Romantic love (building trust)

The questions that may arise during this phase are: “Will you be there for me?” “Can I trust you?” “Can I count on you for the good and the bad times?” These are some of the reflections we make to know if we want to continue with that person who has made us feel so much and if we really are with the right person for this long journey of love.

When we cannot respond positively to these questions, conflicts arise again and again and can seriously erode the relationship. The answers to these questions are the basis of secure or insecure attachment to the relationship.

A challenge for emotion management

Therefore, it is common that there are crises at this stage. Getting out of them means growth in the relationship and the strengthening of emotional ties. Instead, if doubts are confirmed,  frustration, disappointment,  sadness and anger may appear.

These crises may appear around 2 or 3 years and, in many cases, the result of these fights is determined by the negotiation and communication capacity of the members.

The development or building of trust is based on taking into account the needs of the other member of the couple as well. This is achieved:

  • Being aware of the other person’s pain
  • Having tolerance towards his point of view besides yours
  • Covering the needs of the couple
  • With an active and non-defensive listening
  • With an  attitude of empathy

Recommended article: ” 

The 7 keys to a healthy relationship “

Stage 3: Mature love (building commitment and loyalty)

If the couple manages to overcome the previous stage, it reaches the stage of union or mature love. This stage is characterized by the construction of a real and loyal commitment. This is the deepest stage of trust, in which more rational decisions are made. That is, there is a deeper assessment of the other person and there is a union that predominates over the emotional torrent and the agitation of the beginning of the relationship.

In this stage, calm and peace are valued more, and the other person becomes a foothold. More importance is attached to attachment, tenderness, deep affection, and love reaches, then, another level.

Strengthening the stable relationship

At this stage, love feeds on understanding, on the respect of both partners. Somehow, love happens to be experienced in a less individualistic way, thinking of the couple as a unit that is more than the sum of its parts.

The emotional bond is not as obsessive as in the first phase and gives way to a free love, based on communication, dialogue and negotiation. In this phase, it is very rare that communication problems appear that were not present before unless they are due to a concrete and easy to identify the fact that breaks the health of the relationship.

To reach this stage, it must be borne in mind that love is not born, it is built over time and is constantly taking care of itself. The simple passage of time does not reach the last of the main stages of love; for example, it could cause the emotional bond to deteriorate if attention is stopped.

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24 Best Love Poems to dedicate to your partner



Best Love Poems

A compilation of great verses and poems with which to learn to love more and better. Do you need best love poems with which to impress your partner? Romantic poems have been, for centuries, the main leitmotif of many writers, poets and writers.

A love poem must have the ability to tell in a unique way those feelings, emotions and images that come to mind when we talk about how special a person makes us feel.

24 Best Love Poems

If emotions are in full bloom and you need to get the message to a person you want, we propose fifteen best love poems from different periods and authors. With them, you can explore your romantic facet and share these good feelings with whoever you want.

Without further delay, let’s meet the romantic verses. At the end of each of them, you have a brief explanation of their context and meaning.

Welcome, by Mario Benedetti

It occurs to me that you will arrive differently

not exactly prettier

no stronger

no more docile

no more cautious

just that you will arrive differently

as if this season of not seeing me

I would have surprised you too

maybe because you know

how do I think about you and list you

after all nostalgia exists

although we don’t cry on the ghostly platforms

not even on candor pillows

not under the dull sky

I nostalgia

your nostalgia

and how it bothers me that he nostalgia

your face is the vanguard

maybe it comes first

because I paint it on the walls

with invisible and safe strokes

don’t forget that your face

he looks at me like a town

smile and rage and sing

as a town

and that gives you a light


now i have no doubts

you will arrive differently and with signs

with new

with depth


I know that I will love you without questions

I know you’re going to love me without answers.

  • Analysis of the poem : these are ideal verses to dedicate during a reunion with the loved one, realizing the great emotional connection that exists and that even distance has not been able to diminish.

Eternal love, by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

The sun may cloud forever;

The sea may dry in an instant;

The earth’s axis may break

Like a weak crystal.

Everything will happen! May death

Cover me with his funeral crepe;

But never in me can it go out

The flame of your love.

  • Analysis of the poem : an ode to unconditional love, devoid of any circumstance. An expression of romantic love at its highest level.

Slave of mine, by Pablo Neruda

Slave mine, fear me. Love me. Slave of mine!

I am with you the biggest sunset in my sky,

and in him, my soul emerges as a cold star.

When they move away, my steps return to me.

My own lash falls on my life.

You are what is within me and is far away.

Fleeing like a chorus of persecuted mists.

Next to me, but where? Far, which it is far.

And what being far under my feet walks.

The echo of the voice beyond silence.

And what in my soul grows like moss in the ruins.

  • Analysis of the poem: the Chilean poet, in a display of eroticism and sensitivity, exposes us a love in which affection and fear go hand in hand.

If you love me, love me whole. from Dulce María Loynaz

If you love me, love me whole

not by areas of light or shadow …

If you love me, love me black

and white, and gray, green, and blonde,

and brunette …

Love me day

love me night …

And early in the open window!

If you love me, don’t cut me:

Love me all!… Or don’t love me

  • Analysis of the poem: the Cuban poet makes it clear: either you love me with all my soul, or don’t you dare to do it. An ode to passion and romance.

With you, by Luis Cernuda

Meaning of Love (What it is, Concept and Definition)

My land? My land is you.

My people? My people are you.

Exile and death for me are where you are not.

And my life? Tell me, my life, what is it, if it’s not you?

  • Analysis of the poem: this Spanish poet talked like that about his world, based on love for that special person.

Farewell, by Jorge Luis Borges

Between my love and I have to get up

three hundred nights as three hundred walls

And the sea will be magic among us.

There will be only memories.

Oh deserved afternoons,

Hopeful nights to look at you

fields of my path, firmament

that I am seeing and losing …

Definitive as a marble

your absence will sadden other afternoons.

  • Analysis of the poem: saying goodbye is never easy, let alone say goodbye to a person we have loved with a passion. However, this poem by Jorge Luis Borges is absolutely beautiful.

Agua Mujer, by Juan Ramón Jiménez

What did you copy to me,

that when it’s missing in me

the image of the top,

I run to look at you?

  • Analysis of the poem: brief but colossal poem by Juan Ramón Jiménez. Sometimes love is based on the look towards the mirror. We are reflected in the eyes of the loved one.

Give me your hand, by Gabriela Mistral

Give me your hand and we will dance;

Give me your hand and you will love me.

As one flower we will be,

like a flower, and nothing more …

The same verse we will sing,

At the same time you will dance.

Like a spike we will wave,

Like a spike, and nothing more.

Your name is Rosa and I Esperanza;

but your name you will forget,

Because we will be a dance.

  • Analysis of the poem: verses of the Chilean poet. An ode to optimism and the most innocent crush.

Soneto V, by Garcilaso de la Vega

Your gesture is written in my soul …

Your gesture is written in my soul

and how much I write of your desire;

You just wrote it, I read it

so alone, that even if you I keep in this.

In this I am and will always be on;

that although it does not fit in me how much in you I see,

so well what I don’t understand I think,

taking faith by budget.

I was not born but for lovers;

My soul has cut you to your measure;

by habit of the soul I love you;

how much I confess I owe you;

I was born for you, for you I have life,

For you, I must die and for you I die.

  • Analysis of the poem: one of those life-long best love poems, which tells us about a stark, mystical crush, out of any circumstance or condition.

Powders of love, by Francisco de Quevedo

How to save a relationship?

Last love beyond death.

You can close my eyes the last

Shadow I’ll take the white day

And you can unleash this soul of mine

Hora, in his anxious eagerness for flattery;

But not from this other part of the riverbank

It will leave the memory, where it burned:

Swim knows my flame the cold water,

And lose respect for severe law.

Soul, to whom a whole prison God has been,

Come on, what a humor they have given so much fire,

Piths, which have gloriously burned,

Your body will leave, not your care;

They will be ash, but it will make sense;

Dust will be, more dust in love.

  • Analysis of the poem: the Spanish author appeals to a love that does not disappear even when the souls are gone.

Love, by Pablo Neruda

Woman, I would have been your son, for drinking you

breast milk like a spring

for looking at you and feeling by my side and having you

in the golden laugh and the crystal voice.

For feeling in my veins like God in the rivers

and worship you in the sad bones of dust and lime,

because your being will pass without sorrow next to me

and go out in the stanza – clean of all evil.

How I would know how to love you, woman, how I would know

love you, love you like no one ever knew!

Die and still

love you more.

And yet

love you more

and more.

  • Analysis of the poem: a romantic recognition of the figure of women, from one of the most emblematic poets in Latin America.

I love you for eyebrow, by Julio Cortázar

I love you for eyebrow, for hair, I debate you in corridors

very white where the fountains are played

of the light,

I discuss each name, I tear you gently

of scar,

I’m putting lightning ashes in your hair and

tapes that slept in the rain.

I don’t want you to have a way, to be

precisely what comes behind your hand,

because water considers water, and lions

when they dissolve in the sugar of the fable,

and the gestures, that architecture from nothing,

lighting their lamps in the middle of the encounter.

All morning is the board where I invent you and you

He drew,

soon to erase you, so you are not, nor with that

Straight hair, that smile.

I’m looking for your sum, the edge of the glass where the wine

It is also the moon and the mirror,

I’m looking for that line that makes a man tremble in

A museum gallery.

Besides, I love you, and long and cold.

  • Analysis of the poem: true to his style, Julio Cortázar talked like that about a love that made him lose his mind.

Must Read: Understanding the Fear of Love (Philophobia)

Morning sonnet to a weightless schoolgirl, by Gabriel García-Márquez

As he passes by he greets me and after the wind

that gives the breath of his early voice

in the square light of a window

fogging, not the glass, but the breath

It is early as a bell.

It fits in the unlikely, like a story

and when you cut the thread of the moment

He pours his white blood in the morning.

If you wear blue and go to school,

it is not distinguished if it walks or flies

because it’s like the breeze, so light

that in the blue morning it is not necessary

which of the three that pass is the breeze,

What is the girl and what is the morning.

  • Analysis of the poem: the author of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” described a brief platonic romance with a young schoolgirl.

Cover me, love, the sky from your mouth, by Rafael Alberti

Cover me, love, heaven from your mouth

with that snatched extreme foam,

which is jasmine from the one who knows and from the one who burns,

sprouted on rock coral tip.

Touch me, love, your salt, crazy

Your lancinating sharp supreme flower,

Folding his rage on the headband

Of the mordant carnation that runaways her.

Oh tight flow, love, oh beautiful

bubbled snow

for such a narrow grotto in living flesh,

to see how your thin neck

it slips, love, and it rains

of jasmine and saliva stars!

  • Analysis of the poem: about female beauty and her honey. Of the great Rafael Alberti.

As if every kiss, by Fernando Pessoa

As if every kiss

Out of farewell,

Chloe mine, let’s kiss, loving.

Maybe it’s our turn

On the shoulder the calling hand

To the boat that comes only empty;

And in the same beam

Tie what we went to each other

And the alien universal sum of life.

  • Analysis of the poem: the Portuguese writer thus described a unique, special, memorable love.

I love you at ten in the morning, by Jaime Sabines

I love you at ten in the morning, and at eleven,

and at twelve o’clock. I love you with all my soul and

With my whole body, sometimes, in the rainy afternoons.

But at two in the afternoon, or at three, when I

I think of the two of us, and you think of the

food or in daily work, or in amusements

that you don’t have, I start hating you deafly, with

Half of the hate I keep for me.

Then I love you again when we go to bed and

I feel that you are made for me, that somehow

your knee and your belly tell me that my hands

they convince me of it, and that there is no other place in

Where I come, where I go, better than you

Body. You come wholly to meet me, and

we both disappear for a moment, we get

in the mouth of God, until I tell you that I have

hunger or sleep

Every day I love you and I hate you hopelessly.

And there are days too, there are hours, when not

I know you, that you are alien to me as the woman

on the other, I care about men, I worry

I am distracted by my sorrows. You probably don’t think

in you for a long time. You see who

Could I love you less than me, my love?

  • Analysis of the poem: one of the best love poems that focus on the small details of living together and the emotional impact that all that has.

The poet asks her love to write to him, by Federico García Lorca

Love of my entrails, living death,

in vain I wait for your written word

and I think, with the wilting flower,

If I live without me, I want to lose you.

The air is immortal. The inert stone

neither knows the shadow nor avoids it.

Inner heart does not need

the icy honey that the moon pours.

But I suffered from you. I tore my veins

tiger and dove, on your waist

in a duel of bites and lilies.

Fill my madness with words

or let me live in my serene

night of the soul forever dark.

  • Analysis of the poem: this work by Lorca shows the most tragic and melancholic face of love relationships, which often leads us to a whirlwind of emotions.

Love, by Salvador Novo

Loving is this shy silence

close to you, without you knowing,

and remember your voice when you leave

And feel the warmth of your greeting.

To love is to wait for you

as if you were part of the sunset,

neither before nor after, so that we are alone

between games and stories

On dry land.

To love is to perceive, when you are absent,

Your perfume in the air I breathe

and contemplate the star you walk away

When I close the door at night.

  • Analysis of the best love poem: these verses highlight the part of love linked to simplicity and humility.

First love, by Leopoldo María Panero

This smile that comes to me like the west

that is crushed against my flesh that until then felt

just hot or cold

this burnt music or weak butterfly like the air that

I would like just a pin to prevent its fall


when the clock advances without horizon or moon without wind without


is sad or cold

don’t knock on my door let the wind take your


this corpse that still keeps the heat of our


let me contemplate the world in a tear

Come slowly to my moon of fallen teeth

Let me into the underwater cave

behind are the forms that follow each other without leaving a trace

everything that happens and falls apart leaving only a smoke


behind are the dreams that today are only ice or stone

Fresh water like a kiss from the other side of the horizon.

  • Analysis of the poem: a poem full of powerful and evocative symbols and images.

Who shines, by Alejandra Pizarnik

When you look at me

my eyes are keys

the wall has secrets,

My fear words, poems.

Only you make my memory

a fascinated traveler,

A relentless fire.

  • Analysis of this love poem: this Argentine poet speaks of the potential of love relationships when it comes to getting the best out of oneself.

Mercedes Blanco, by Leopoldo María Panero

You finally arrived to rock

In your arms the corpse of my soul

With the smile of a dead woman

to tell me that the dead woman speaks

To make love in the ash.

You finally appeared in the middle of the purest

empty-where they were not

No names or words, not even

my memory in the world, in myself:

At last you came as a memory.

If it’s still impossible for you to stop loving me, however

Your blind heart insists that you forget me

I will then be the Impossible, I will be

I who incarnate in wax

The white face of the Impossible. But you came here

as if you were leaving forever, to tell me

that there is still a Truth. And you have already won

to the black hole behind the soul

and that he expects only to see us fall, that awaits us.

And I understood that I was. And what if it would still be

“Among the many men only one”

as a translator of Ausias told me,

how serious

yes, but being that desert

inhabited entirely by you,

That you were also one.

And I offered you the desert as a prize

and loneliness, for you to inhabit

without ever altering its purity;

I offered you, I offer you

My destruction And I told you just

from me than before

from you the present was a form of the past;

and what to expect was a way of missing my time

hearing only, on the horizon of waiting, the echo

of music in which everything

He stopped as if he had never been, and he knew

it was easy to do it, because everything

It has its vocation of not having been: even the thing

more simple I would like

disappear. But you came to inhabit that echo

and make sense of the voice that speaks alone

because he knows – I knew – that was that

the way they all speak, and the only

possible way of speaking And you kissed

gently in the mouth my drool,

who once stained the blank paper.

You arrived, and I would like

have been even less, and regret even more

from my life that another lived for me.

I am not the one who called me: only you name me.

I am not, nor are you, this shadow that I call

to talk about you as I would

the rain that never stopped falling; to offer you your reflection

in the water of an ocean under which someone

They say he’s dead — maybe you smile at me.

And you told me: death speaks, and I answer:

Only the dead speak among themselves.

I offer you no joy, but only bliss

fruitful of impossibility, as a continuous sting

Of the invisible life of our love. I tell you only:

Listen to how that insect dies – and I taught you

in my hand a dead fly, and I said

Here is our wealth. And I added: learn

to never shout that we love each other. Enough

whisper it, enough

your lips not to say:

because love has not yet been forged

and if nobody loves as you and I could

do it: just slowly, inventing

the flower that didn’t exist: if you and me now

We love each other, we will have loved each other for the first time.

I don’t offer you any joy, but only the fight

of subjective beauty for being true,

but only pleasure

of a long and sure agony because unique-

mind when you die you know

That was bliss. This dead elephant, this quest

Of the definitely lost, this wait

He just hopes to find his own speech.

I wait for you

at the end of the road: I don’t offer you

no joy:

Accompany me in the grave.

  • Analysis of this love poem: a poem in which the convulsive relationship that this poet had with the woman who gives the title to the work is appreciated, and in which love is expressed from a pessimistic and tragic perspective.

Owner of the black mouth, by José Zorrilla

Owner of the black touches,

that of the purple manzil,

for a kiss from your mouth

Give to Granada Boabdil.

Give the spear better

del Zenete more bizarre,

and with its fresh greenery

a whole shore of Darro.

Give the bullfight

and, if they were in your hands,

with the zambra of the Moors

The value of Christians.

Give oriental rugs,

and armor and pebetes,

and give … how much you’re worth!

Up to forty riders.

Because your eyes are beautiful,

because the light of dawn

go up to the East from them,

and the world his golden light.

Your lips are a ruby

match by a gala in two …

They ripped him for you

of the crown of God.

From your lips, the smile,

The peace of your tongue flows …

mild, airy, like a breeze

of glitter tomorrow.

Oh, what a beautiful Nazarene

for an eastern harem,

release the black mane

on the crystal neck,

in velvet bed,

between a cloud of aroma,

and wrapped in the white veil

of the daughters of Muhammad!

Come to Cordoba, Christian,

Sultana you will be there,

and the sultan will be, oh sultana!

A slave to you.

It will give you so much wealth,

so much Tunisian gala,

what is your beauty to judge

To pay him, mean.

Owner of the black touches,

for a kiss from your mouth

give a Boabdil kingdom;

and I for that, Christian,

I would gladly give you

A thousand heavens, if they were a thousand.

  • Analysis of the poem: one of the best love poems in which references to exoticism attributed to the cultures of the East are used most.

Absence, by Jorge Luis Borges

I will raise the vast life

which is now your mirror:

Every morning I will have to rebuild it.

Since you walked away,

how many places have become futile

and meaningless, equal

To lights in the day.

Afternoons that were niche of your image,

the music you always waited for me

words of that time,

I will have to break them with my hands.

In what hollow will I hide my soul

so I don’t see your absence

that like a terrible sun, without sunset,

shines definitive and ruthless?

Your absence surrounds me

like the rope to the throat,

the sea to which it sinks.

  • Analysis of this love poem: another of Borges’s love poems in which this subject is approached from melancholy and sadness for the end of the relationship.

Mademoiselle Isabel – Best Love Poems by Blas de Otero

Mademoiselle Isabel, blonde and French,

with a blackbird under the skin,

I don’t know if that one or this one, oh mademoiselle

Isabel, sing in him or if he in that.

Princess of my childhood; your princess

promise, with two carnation breasts;

I, livre, crayon, le … le … oh Isabel,

Isabel …, your garden trembles at the table.

At night, you smoothed your hair,

I slept, meditating on them

and in your pink body: butterfly

Pink and white, veiled with a veil.

Forever flown from my rose

-mademoiselle Isabel- and from my sky.

  • Analysis of this love poem: a beautiful short love poem in which, in a few verses, it expresses a lot

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