Selena Gomez has just launched her first collections of bikinis to hide scars

Selena Gomez is together with her best friend to create bikinis and swimsuits with a great purpose, which is to hide the marks and injuries of the body.

Selena Gómez has gone through difficult situations in her life, such as when she had to undergo surgery or the crisis of emotions due to the separation with Justin Bieber, despite this the singer knew how to overcome these moments and continued her life with total normality. 

Today we see a Selena Gomez recovered from all the damage and she has shown it to us with each one of her projects that she is launching, now, she has just surprised us with the news that the actress has just taken out a line of swimsuits in collaboration with the Krahs Swin brand, which belongs to one of her best friends.

The new collection of the brand and that the creation is under the command of Selena is called ‘Selena x Krahs Swim’ and is composed of a whole red dress with panties that reaches the height of the waist, also has a one piece in two pieces where the neckline is not very pronounced. 

This new collection has very beautiful costumes, but the most important thing is the goal with which I believe it and this is what he told us in an interview. Sel told how the creation process was, but also revealed that the reason for these suits was to hide the scar that remained after his kidney transplant.

Selena thought of all the women who wear a mark on their bodies and who, out of fear or embarrassment, do not like to wear bikinis or swimsuits. 

“I had a great time designing the bikinis. It was fun. One of the designs I made has a high waist and a belt. I went through a kidney transplant surgery and I like the swimsuits that cover that part and make me feel comfortable, “ said the interpreter of ‘I Can not Get It Enough’.

On the other hand, the best friend of Selena, Theresa, said that all swimsuits and bikinis of his brand, are focused on making feel beautiful and safe to all girls, regardless of their size or the shape of their body: ” All women want to feel sexy. Every woman wants to feel comfortable and beautiful. “

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