How does Facebook Dating work?

Facebook Dating is a tool that will work as a kind of Tinder with the characteristic that it will be easier for you to find that person through your profile in this network.

The head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the news of the firm at its annual conference of developers (F8), where he highlighted an option for their users to find a partner and the launch of a virtual reality glasses at low cost. 

“One in three marriages in the United States start online,” said the businessman at the event, which is held until Wednesday in San Jose (California) and is broadcast online. “And we had not made any option to find partners,” he reasoned. 

Although he did not specify when, “Dating” will allow users to create a private profile for dating, in the style of popular apps like Tinder, with people who are not “friends” and who coincide in Facebook events or groups. “This is going to be to build real long-term relationships, not just adventures,” Zuckerberg said in an expected speech where he made clear the intention of the platform to “continue building” a connected world while investing in improving privacy.

How does Facebook Dating work?

What is Facebook Dating?

This is an application within the same Facebook, the best of all is that you do not need to download anything from Google Store or IOS so we are already starting well. In addition, the people you contact will be closer to you in terms of proximity.

It is already available for Mexico and Peru because according to some surveys, it is the countries that venture the most to meet people not only from their locality but also from other countries. That is why Mark wanted to reach Latin America because his target audience is here.

Facebook Dating is a tool that will work as a kind of Tinder with the characteristic that it will be easier for you to find that person through your profile in this network. What’s more, the one you believe in this page will be quite personalized.

How to use it to find a partner?

To use it, you must go to the toolbox of your profile, there you will see that there is an option that says “Facebook Dating” or “Facebook Couple”, just click and your adventure will begin. The first thing you have to do is create a profile with the photos and information that you want to see.

How does Facebook Dating work?

What it will ask you mainly is your full name, a photo to be an image and your location. As I said above, Zuckerberg wants this to be quite personalized so that the search for people is private and no one is at risk, so you can choose who does and who does not see your Dating.

In addition, it has security filters so that your navigation is the best of all. If you want to talk to someone you know, it will not be through a Messenger bubble but a separate one, so your conversations with friends will not be mixed with that of new people.

This is how you will feel more protected and cannot violate your privacy through your Facebook profile, be aware that all this is also your responsibility. So it is more than certain that your experience will be enriching and who knows, you can meet the love of your life.

Steps to meet the love of your life on Facebook Dating

1. When you update your Facebook, at the top of your start you will see the option of this app where you will be offered “connect with other people in an exclusive space to find a partner”. There are two options: “Not now” and “More information”, you click on the second one.

2. Afterwards, a page will open on the same Facebook where it explains that Dating is an exclusive service for users who want to find a partner and also tells you that both your profile and your information will not be shown by this social network.

3. The compatibility you have with the people you want to know, Facebook will let you know according to the interests you are looking for. This network will make an exhaustive search of your publications and will give you some names of those that may be of your liking.

4. In addition, it will tell you that depending on what you have in the Dating, you can also find suggested profiles. Maybe it’s from people who like the same thing as you, have attended the same events, share the likes, etc.

5. Then, I will explain that although there are users who want to contact you, you are the only one who can continue with the conversation.

6. The best thing is that you can choose the genre with which you identify yourself and also with the one you want to relate or know. It’s a way to create inclusivity throughout Facebook.

7. Finally, choose the photos you want to appear on your profile, you can also choose to show your profession and other information to make your Dating more personalized.

Many call it the Facebook Tinder, however, others believe it is better. Would you dare to use it? My friends have already tried it and are very happy with the result, I think I will do the same, it never hurts to try new things.

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