What is the secret to being happy – Secret of Happiness Motivational story

Motivational storyWhat is the Secret of Happiness

Once upon a time, great sages lived in a village. People used to bring their difficulties to them and the sages guided them. One day a person came to the sage and asked the sage a question. He asked the sage that “Master I have a secret to be happy that she wants to know (What is the Secret of Happiness) ?” The sage told him that you walk in the woods with me, I have a secret to keep you happy (Secret of Happiness).

Saying this, the sage and that person started walking towards the forest. On the way, the sage picked up a big stone and told the person to hold it and let it go. The man picked up the stone and along with the sage started walking towards the forest.

After some time, the person started getting pain in his hand but he kept quiet and kept going. But when a lot of time passed while walking and the pain did not end with the person, he told the sage that he was in pain. So the sage said to keep this stone down. The person felt relieved when the stone was put down.

Then the sage said – “This is the secret of being happy”. The person said – I don’t understand Guruvar.

So the sage said-

Just as holding this stone in the hand for one minute, it hurts a little and if you keep it in the hand for an hour, then it hurts more and if you keep it for more time, then the pain will increase. The more time we keep lifting, the more we will be sad and disappointed. It is up to us whether we carry the burden of sorrows for a minute or for the whole life. If you want to be happy, then learn to put down the sad stone as soon as possible and do not pick it up if possible

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