Roman Reigns will face Elias in WWE Money in the Bank

In the SmackDown Live show, a new bout has been agreed for the next WWE PPV, Money in the Bank, between Roman Reigns and Elias after their last confrontations upon reaching the new blue WWE roster.

Roman Reigns will face Elias in WWE Money in the Bank

In the Superstar Shake-Up, Vince McMahon presented the biggest acquisition in the history of Smackdown Live, Roman Reigns, but before that Elias showed up. Roman Reigns seemed upset at this and not only applied a spear to Elias if he did not apply a superman punch to Vince Mcmahon.

On the April 23 Smackdown show, Shane McMahon wanted to impose a punishment on Roman Reigns but declined to challenge him face to face and Elias attacked him from the back to then throw him a challenge for a pay-per-view match which Roman Reigns I agree.

Below we will show you the official announcement of the WWE website:

“Roman Reigns has a mission to improve Elias when the two Superstars meet in WWE Money in the Bank.

As expected, the Superstar Shake-up this year put WWE completely upside down, and it can be said that the wildest moment came at the end of SmackDown Live when the final Superstar was revealed to change the brand.

When heading to the second night, Mr. McMahon had promised the biggest acquisition in the program’s history, and the WWE President handed him … Elias.

Before Elias could settle into his routine of insulting the WWE Universe and singing a disrespectful melody while playing his guitar, Roman Reigns suddenly emerged as the most recent edition for Team Blue and gave him the exclamation mark upon his arrival by applying the Superman Punch Mr. McMahon. Later he would attack Elias with two blunt blows and apply a tremendous Spear. The Big Dog grabbed the microphone and declared that SmackDown Live was his new playground.

Despite the crazy reaction of the WWE Universe, Mr. McMahon was not happy … and neither was his son, Shane. Determined to match the score with Reigns, Shane-O-Mac challenged the former Universal Champion to a fight, but Reigns was suddenly blinded by Elias. Despite Reigns’ best efforts to fight his two enemies, The Living Truth and Shane managed a two-on-one assault that left The Big Dog on the canvas.

Next, Elias challenged Roman Reigns to a fight on the next pay-per-view. Not surprisingly, Reigns has happily accepted it, and the stage is set for an all-out fight.

Do not miss WWE Money in the Bank, on Sunday, May 19, live on the award-winning WWE Network! “

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