Reiki for hair loss: a wellness practice for healthy hair


For you, what does wellness represent? There are those who associate it with physical health, or those who describe the term referring to mental health. However, the true meaning of wellness has a holistic approach: it is a feeling of freedom, satisfaction and tranquility that is acquired by keeping both (the body and the mind) in a healthy state. And it is that, although this is the objective of reiki, for hair loss it can be of great help, then.

Of course, as in any other spiritual practice, you have to set a goal and trust that reiki can help you. Of course, doing it won’t make your mane grow like Rapunzel’s overnight, but if you’re consistent and focus on healing from within, you’ll definitely see positive results.

Young woman taking reiki therapy for hair loss
Reiki is a type of holistic treatment to heal through the chakras or energy fields of the body. Credit: Shutterstock.

Reiki is a term that comes from the Japanese words kingwhich means “universal”, and ki, which means “vital energy”. In short, it is a healing method based on the notion that all human beings have energy fields within their bodies, also known as chakras, which define our physical and mental well-being. Its origin dates back more than 100 years, when the Buddhist doctor Mikao Usui was interested in finding a system to heal himself and others through his hands.

In a Reiki session, the therapist runs their hands over the patient’s body in order to restore balance and channel energy to heal from the inside out. The purpose is to find the cause of any disease or physical symptom that the person to be treated presents: it can be anything from a very strong flu or a migraine, to fatigue, tiredness or even the Hair loss.

Woman taking reiki treatment for hair loss
Reiki can help you lower stress levels, resulting in stronger, thicker hair. Credit: arinakrasnikova/Pexels.

It is important that you know that reiki sessions will not magically stop your hair from falling out. Instead, the point is to go further and reach a state of deep awareness, with the help of your therapist, to find the cause of your physical problems and balance the energy of your body to stop them. Only then, the treatment will be effective.

Think of psychosomatic disorders, those that generate a physical effect as a result of psychological factors. That is, our emotions always end up being reflected in the body. have you been down a lot stress? Perhaps that is the reason why your hair is losing strength.

The hair follicles (where the hair is born) are in a constant cycle of growth. When we go through moments that put us to the test emotionally, they are automatically altered and enter a phase of rest. This is when hair growth slows and it starts to fall out.

Our recommendation is that you focus your energy therapy time on reducing stress. Yes, we know that it is not easy and that there are times when everything seems like a nightmare, but go at your own pace, learn to let go and choose to be better. The result will be a feeling of peace, tranquility and happiness, which will, of course, lead to strong and healthy hair. Also, remember to add to your routine a washing system that has been professionally developed to prevent hair loss.

Woman washing her hair with shampoo for hair loss
Some of our favorite shampoos to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss are from the Folicuré and TRESemmé lines. Credit: Shutterstock.

Sedal shampoo to prevent hair loss due to stress

With biotin and rosemary extract, the Sedal growth anti-stress shampoo Helps prevent hair loss, promoting hair growth. In addition, its formula is free of parabens.

TRESemmé shampoo to stimulate hair growth

The TRESemmé Maximum Growth Shampoo It is enriched with vitamin B and caffeine, a powerful hair stimulant. Its micellar formula, professionally developed with Forti-Fiber Technology, makes your hair grow stronger and also reach its maximum length.

Folicure shampoo to strengthen hair

To strengthen your hair from root to tip and prevent hair loss, use the Original Folicure shampoo. Its formula with Folisacáridos, panthenol and biotin promotes growth.

Woman in front of the mirror brushing her hair to prevent hair loss
Hair loss can be due to alopecia or breakage. Identify what your case is so that the reiki sessions really help you. Credit: Shutterstock.

Although hair loss is a common condition, it is important to identify if yours is due to stress so that your reiki sessions for hair loss really work. Keep in mind that hair typically begins to fall out up to 90 days after an extreme episode. Also, check out the following features:

  • You are starting to notice more hair on your pillow after sleeping.
  • In the shower, the hair falls out more than usual.
  • Your hair is thinning.
  • Hollow notes without hair in different areas of your head.
  • Your hair has less density and volume.
  • The hair that you find pulled or detached, has a white bulb at the root.
  • When you touch your head, strands are left on your hands.

Editor’s tip: Breakage hair loss is totally different. If this were to be your case, you will notice dry, dull, frizzy and shapeless hair. The hair looks fractured and does not retain its natural shape. For this, we recommend the Dove Anti-Breakage Strength Shampoodeveloped to care for weakened hair, providing it with the necessary nutrients to strengthen it, prevent breakage and split ends.

Woman undergoing reiki skin therapy
Just as Reiki can improve the health of hair, it can also have a positive effect on the skin. Credit: arinakrasnikova/Pexels.

Although the objective of Reiki therapies is to improve both physical and mental health, the results are not only reflected in the hair, the well-being is also noticeable in the skin.

Just as sessions can be focused on releasing stress to stop hair loss, we recommend following the same process so that the skin looks radiant. At the time of balancing the energy, the patient feels better and that causes the skin to enter a self-repair process. It is as if the healing mechanisms in the body are reactivated, helping to treat conditions such as rosacea, eczema, acne and psoriasis.

Another of the positive effects of reiki is the release of tension stored in the face, the best antidote against the signs of premature aging.

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