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We already have a new wedding season between us so that if you search among the best wedding dresses 2020, nothing like choosing those of a firm like Pronovias that is undoubtedly the most prominent of all. In this way, we show you below, in full, the Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses.

Pronovias gypsy wedding dresses 2020

The truth is that the new Pronovias wedding dresses catalog for this new 2020 season is filled with proposals that are the most varied, and among which we find many ideas that seem to have come from the influence of all types of dress models. It is the case of flamenco or gypsy dresses, that somehow, they have also imposed themselves as a style within the wedding dresses, so that we find models like the one you see below.

Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses -

The Dante model is a beautiful dress Pronovias 2020 en the one we met with a bare shoulders body and fitted, which then joins a Long tail reminiscent of the design of gypsy dresses.

On the other hand, the Drinea model It is a model with embroidery and lace, which also occur a lot in both flamenco dresses and bridal dresses. To this is added that spectacular tail which reminds us immediately of the best models of gypsy dresses.

Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses -

Let’s see more similar proposals from Pronovias, in this photo gallery that we leave below:

Pronovias 2020 vintage wedding dresses

Together with those models of Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses we have just seen, we also have to tell you about the models of dresses that have a marked inspiration «vintage«. In this way, Pronovias opts for designs that are varied and among those we have for example short dresses that They remember the style of the 60s, now adapted for bridal fashion.

Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses -

We also have models like this another “vintage” inspired dress, the Diman model, which features a successful pink color and a design that takes us to another era full of love and romance.

Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses -

Pronovias It is a firm that always innovates in its designs, but when it is proposed to be inspired by the “retro” style, it is capable of creating creations as spectacular as this one that we see below; the Orsa model which has a design that takes us immediately to the wedding dresses of past times in which the long veils in combination with matching tails, were the great protagonists.

Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses -

You can see below in the following Photo gallery, other proposals for wedding dresses that are vintage influence, inside of the Pronovias catalog for 2020.

Princess Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses

If you are more dressed as “princess” type, you are in luck as we also find many proposals in the Pronovias 2020 wedding dress catalog, although the firm is also a specialist in these types of designs.

Specifically, we can show you the Nadira model who recreates the princess dresses although with a really modern style. A dress model made in silk taffeta and with rhinestones applications That makes it spectacular.

Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses -

On the other hand, the Nilay model It is also one of those dresses that make us immediately think of princess stories. A dress that plays minimalist design and at the same time one that is really prominent. The over skirt is also spectacular.

Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses -

The model Nancy instead play with the duality between a “princess” type dress and one that is modern, also having elements that are very much in wedding dresses: lace and organza.

Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses -

Let’s see more of the Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses with a marked inspiration «princess». Don’t miss the photo gallery below!

Pronovias 2020 lace wedding dresses

As we have mentioned, lace is one of the essential elements within wedding dresses and especially those of Pronovias. The firm is committed to a fabric through which to make the best dresses, whether they are classic style, such as Ramses model that we see below, or those that are more modern.

Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses -

Or we can also choose the model Ralisa which has a wonderful lace top that is also very sensual thanks to the commitment to the trend of bare shoulders that is so much now. A model that also combines a great tail for your wedding to be spectacular.

Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses -

Let’s look at the photo gallery below other proposals of the Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses They have lace as the main element.

Pronovias 2020 long sleeve wedding dresses

We are seeing many proposals within the new catalog of Pronovias wedding dresses for this 2020 season and we realize how the firm opts for a wide variety of styles and trends that also adds to the long-sleeved dresses.

In this way, we can find designs like the model Resal. A completely plain dress, which has long sleeves and that is perfect for a 2020 wedding now that it is still cold.

Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses -

Or do you also have Roncel model, which has long sleeves but with «tattoo» effect , something that happens a lot in current bridal fashion.

Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses -

If you want to be able to see more among the long-sleeved dresses that Pronovias proposes for this 2020, Do not miss the photo gallery that we have below.

Pronovias 2020 Mermaid Cut Wedding Dresses

We finished our review of the Pronovias wedding dress catalog for 2020, speaking of course, of the dresses that currently destroy: the mermaid cut. We can say in fact, that the mermaid cut is practically in all the models proposed by Pronovias, with designs that are also fitted and with many details such as the Chai model, which in addition to having that mermaid cut tail, has a Embroidered tulle neckline and an ideal silk skirt.

Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses -

Or for a more modern style, you can opt for the Chaima model, which in addition to the mermaid cut, introduces a front cut, full of sensuality.

Pronovias 2020 wedding dresses -

Let’s look at the Photo gallery that we leave below, other models of mermaid-cut dresses within the Pronovias 2020 collection.


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