Modern haircuts Winter 2020 –


Summer and change of look is something that we always want and feel good on many levels. Therefore, we are going to show you haircuts modern for this Winter 2020 They are trend and sure hit.


Modern short haircuts for this Winter 2020

The trend in fashion in terms of female haircuts, for this 2020 winter season, It radicalizes. This year the extra shorts will be the ones that set the trend for this season. Some character cuts, Only suitable for the most risky and daring women.


Despite the idea we can have and as we will see below, the extra short cuts are very feminine since it is a kind of pixies cut, but with a superior rush. They are haircuts skin based so that the neck will remain at Discover and as we all know, there is something more sensual than wearing a beautiful, slender and clear neck….


This type of extra short cuts they admit all variations such as leaving a somewhat longer side, or a small crest at the top. If we add an extra short haircut to this original color note, the result will be amazing. Little ones nuances that illuminate the tips or purple colors that add luminosity to the hair.


You have to be very determined to wear this radical haircut overnight, but as we have already said, supports different variations. Among them, the possibility of leaving the upper part longer, forming a Subtle bangs. If you are used to wearing bangs or feel that all hair so shaved can be a very drastic change, we propose this variant, which will surely favor you and that is also included in the list of Modern Haircuts Winter 2020.

Modern haircuts Winter 2020 -

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Pixie haircut, like the one in the image above, very comfortable and youthful. A haircut that amazing if you wear it slightly disheveled, just cup your fingers a little in the morning and voila. If we want something more sophisticated, we can use gel and apply it directly on the tips, in this way our look will seem much more sophisticated.

The variety also moves to the possibility of wear bangs, something that many of us refuse to give up. With virtually no maintenance, for straight or curly hair, the variety is almost infinite. A haircut that allows us to introduce our hands, cup and go, but also does not feel good, that is what we have to provide a good haircut.


This year both in textile fashion and in the field of hairdressing, we wanted to make a nod to 70’s, with his very particular look, very David Bowie, crazy and psychedelic years that in the 21st century, does not bring creations like this haircut blunted and paraded, whose success also lies in how the cut perfectly frames the face of the model.

Short hair also has an added advantage and is the possibility of boost the cut thanks to reflections or color. Clearer wicks that provide movement and that feeling of naturalness. As you will see few VIPS have been able to resist this type of cut, so versatile, comfortable and whose maintenance is very simple.

More and more women dare to go through the hands of hairdressers. For the girls with curly hair Although the decision to give a good snip is complicated because the hair is wavy more, a good haircut for girls with curly hair will have a spectacular volume. See also More than 35 photos of Bob Winter Haircut 2020

The garçón style It remains one of the most chosen by the most daring women. With bangs, sideburns and thin wicks with highlights, what do you think?


Modern haircuts with short hair enhance physical traits This short haircut is combed to the side the bangs, leaving the forehead clear.

If you like to have long bangs You can opt for this modern haircut. Plus short of the sides and longer the bang sideways.


This modern haircut choose to leave the hair quite long and short sides on top. It also has a lot volume and body.

Modern half-length haircuts Winter 2020

The half mane, are perhaps the favorite lengths of women. Wearing a beautiful cut based on a medium length, will allow us endless hairstyles. We can pick it up if we want a more sophisticated look or leave it loose, thus being able to admire a good haircut and beautiful and careful hair.

In this sense, the bob cuts They are still the most requested in beauty salons, both for straight and curly hair. A cut that from a shorter neck continues to increase its length as it approaches the front of the face, providing volume and a precious motion effect in the hair.

Modern haircuts Winter 2020 -

Layers They are another ideal option for half-lengths and also this year, the most requested in the salons. A beautiful medium length haircut with a good weave brings youth, volume and movement. They are also very simple to maintain and easy to transform haircuts with just a little gel or fixative.

In many cases, women who have large amount of hair, usually opt for shorter looks, pixie type, in this way they ensure a reduction in volume. However, a solution as effective as a drastic cut is the medium mane, but this time unloading in terms of volume, lthe upper layers are downloaded, thinning strands.

Modern haircuts Winter 2020 -

Modern haircuts for this winter 2020 season, a style of the seventies that now comes alive but modernized, updated and brought to the 21st century.

Do not miss all the half-length cuts that you can get picked up in this post:

Modern Bob Haircuts for Winter 2020

One of the cuts that most like the celebrities is the half-length cut And what do you think?

The modern haircut with bob cut, this hairstyle with middle stripe and California wicks very flattering!


East modern haircut with volume It brings an image with naturalness and freshness.

Midi mane They are still one of the trends of this year. This haircut never ceases to amaze us because it uses some of the trendy dyes in blue. Very modern!


If you have wavy hair a modern haircut with half mane It is a youthful option that younger and older women like.


Modern haircuts with long hair for Winter 2020

Women with long hair who like to wear a beautiful hair also dare to go to the hairdresser.

One of the modern haircuts for long hair It consists of cutting the hair in different layers getting volume and strong hair.

the-hair-cuts-modern-woman-long hair

Girls with frizzy hair do not worry because they are fashionable. The hair cut modern layered get the lioness effect that we like so much getting an afro-like volume.

If you don’t want the lioness effect choose a modern haircut no layers I cut the length a little. Having a long mane if the hair is cut a little, the hair weighs and lowers a little volume.

the-hair-cuts-modern-woman-long-brown hair

For the girls with straight hair They choose a modern haircut with layers and volume to get a mane look like this.

Modern haircuts Winter 2020 -

With wavy hair layered haircut It is very flattering for all kinds of girls. See also The best layered haircuts Winter 2020

We also have the option of straight modern haircut without layers For girls with long hair. You can cut the bangs and put some foam or leave it completely smooth.


What do you think of the modern haircuts we have selected? Would you dare with any?

Image gallery with modern haircuts Winter 2020

If you are still not sure which modern haircut choose to go around the gallery of images that we have prepared for you in Blogwomen Go ahead and dare with the scissors!

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