News Feed feature will help millions of Facebook users, learn how to work

Facebook’s leading social networking company Facebook added a new feature to give users maximum control over their platform. The new feature added to control news feeds has been named ‘Why I’m Seeing This Post’. With this help the user will be able to control the post that appears on their news feed. After login in the Facebook account, the screen appearing is called the user’s Facebook Wall.

On the user’s wall, various posts of his friends, subscribed pages or groups appear as they are logged. These are called news feeds. Facebook uses a special algorithm to determine which posts appear in the news feed on the user’s wall. With the help of new features, users will be able to control news feeds and decide how they can be seen in the news feed.

Facebook’s product manager Ramya Seturaman said, “By clicking on any advertisement or post appearing in the news feed, the user will know why the post is showing on its news feed.¬†After this the user will be able to decide whether such advertisement or post will appear in his news feed or not.

In recent days, there have been allegations on Facebook that advertisers are benefited using personal information from the user. In this case, new features are considered as a major step. This kind of feature was launched at the end of 2014. With this extension, now this feature has been given to the user for every post in the news feed.

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