Neither blonde nor pink: 25 ways to wear the ‘rose gold’ hair that we all want


Halfway between the golden and the pink, the hair rose gold It is a trend that we all like. The reason is simple: this blonde has very subtle pink flashes —be careful, they are not highlights—, which are ideal not only for illuminating the hair, but also for those with dark or dense skin, since it highlights peach and golden tones. The lighter version of it, on the other hand, favors pale complexions.

In addition, this color allows you to play with low-risk techniques such as reflexeshe balayage in pink on a base in dark blonde or dyeing only the bottom layer, as peek-a-boo.

Still not sure? In the gallery we give you many reasons —in the form of images— to bet on hair rose gold. Also, learn the keys to achieve and maintain the most desired tone.

How to achieve a ‘rose gold’ tone in the hair?

Grace Chatto with rose gold hair
The color ‘rose gold’ is a mixture of gold and pink, although it also admits reddish and orange tones. Grace Chatto looks great with this dye. Credit: Jo Davidson/Shutterstock.

To achieve this effect, it is most likely that you will need to bleach beforehand, in order to leave it as light as possible, and then apply a mixture of golden blonde and pink, since the hair rose gold does not exist as such.

The fact that it is a custom dye allows for many variations, depending on the base. You can opt for an almost platinum finish or opt for the darker versions. Another alternative is to decide on an almost copper.

Who has pink hair? golden?

Hair rose gold It is a versatile and charming shade that can complement a wide variety of skin tones and facial features. Additionally, this shade is ideal for those who want to experiment with their appearance without committing to overly flashy colors.

How long does the pink color last in the hair?

Woman with curly rose gold hair
The duration of the pink dye in your hair will depend on several factors. Credit:

No need to touch up hair rose golden every month, because with a little dark root it also usually looks pretty. Therefore, the usual thing is to repeat the discoloration every three months, approximately, and reapply the pink tone, which is less damaging to the fiber, every month.

However, to avoid a matte finish —so common in blondes and pastels, but undesirable in a rather metallic tone—, experts recommend above all protecting the hair fiber both in the salon when bleaching, and in home, dedicating special care.

How to care for hair rose gold?

Go to a professional

Whether it’s to dye your hair rose gold for the first time or to give it constant maintenance. You will ensure an impeccable finish that will always look just the way you want.

Uses a specialized washing system

To enhance hair shine rose goldwe like him Sedal Shine and Smoothness shampoo, which does not contain salt and is formulated with blueberry extract, an abundant source of minerals and B vitamins, as well as phytochemicals that protect hair from extreme temperatures and sun exposure. complement it with conditioning treatment of the same line.

Sedal Shine and Smoothness Shampoo

Conditioning treatment Sedal Shine and Smoothness

Avoid masks

Unfortunately, it is normal for the dye to fade after using a hair mask.

Many deep conditioners and masks are specifically designed to penetrate deep into the hair follicle from the inside out.

These products open the cuticle to deposit the conditioning formulas in the center of the follicle. When this happens, anything else that may have previously settled in the core—such as hair dye—is at risk of being washed out in the rinse, along with the mask or conditioner.

What makeup to wear to match your ‘rose gold’ hair?

Lady Mary Charteris with ombré rose gold on blonde hair and makeup with red lips
A simple and timeless makeup is perfect to complement your pink hair. Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock.

When it comes to pairing your rose gold hair with the perfect makeup, the secret is to highlight and complement that warm hue. To achieve this, opt for a soft and luminous makeup that enhances your face in a harmonious way. Start with a foundation that matches your skin tone and provides a natural, radiant finish. Then, focus on highlighting your eyes with warm, neutral tones, like bronzes, golds, or soft browns.

Complete the looks with a delicate touch of blush in soft peach or pink tones to bring freshness to your cheeks. Finally, choose a lipstick in neutral tones to balance the outfit and allow your hair to be the undisputed protagonist.

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