‘Cottagecore’: the keys to success in the country aesthetic


The hectic pace of the urban routine —with the hustle and bustle, the pollution and the impersonality— has led us to yearn for the simple existence in the countryside. Hence the trend known as cottagecorewhich seeks to replicate the elements of rustic living on social media and beyond.

The term in English is made up of the word cottagewhich means cabin, and corewhich refers to the center (although in the digital universe it is a suffix denoting a category of style). cottagecore It not only alludes to an aesthetic, but to a lifestyle closely linked to the countryside and the rural: slow, simple, sustainable and in harmony with nature.

Although this is not our reality, we can always romanticize it… starting with our looks. Do you want to know how? Keep reading.

How is the ‘cottagecore’ style?

Woman in cottagecore style, romantic dress with bow and wavy hair
‘Cottagecore’ is a romanticized interpretation of rural life. It focuses on simplicity and harmony with nature. Credit: cottonbro studio.

cottagecore it is an aesthetic that celebrates the simple life in the countryside. It ranges from fashion and beauty to decoration, and includes habits such as cooking, pottery, and gardening. It manifests itself by wearing a headscarf while quietly baking some cookies or a billowy dress and a wicker basket for a picnic. It is a style that seeks the enjoyment of simple things together with the return of times past, when people lived more leisurely.

The dress style cottagecore It consists of garments appropriate for rural life and is characterized by being romantic, simple, comfortable, natural and homely. Soft, pastel and neutral colors are usually used, such as beige or white. The silhouettes are girlish with ruffles, square necklines, flared skirts, Peter Pan collars, bows, voluminous sleeves and dresses midis. And the star prints are the paintings vichyflowers and strawberries.

This movement is located within the philosophy of slow fashion because it moves away from frenetic consumerism and is committed to a more sustainable and cyclical consumption; he resorts to second-hand clothes and ignores the trends of the moment.

Model in cottagecore style, with bows and flowers in her hair and floral dress, at Rodarte Haute Couture FW 2017
The models at Rodarte Haute Couture FW 2017 wore ‘looks’ with a country essence. Credit: Pixelformula/Sipa/Shutterstock.

They take the romantic hairstylessuch as a low ponytail or braid, a half ponytail or the loose hair with waves. In addition, you cannot miss accessories such as hats straw, ribbons, hair scarves, flower crowns and cloth donuts. And if you want to enter the field of dyes, a good idea is to bet on a copper tone.

Editor’s tip: A soft and beautiful mane is key. use the shampoo and Conditioning treatment Sedal Shine and Smoothness; His natural formula, with blueberries, will remind you of a walk in the woods.

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When it comes to makeup, it perfects the skin with a porcelain finish, almost imperceptible, and colors the cheeks with rosy tones. Keep the lips natural—for example, with a tinted tint or balm—and, if you like, draw on some fake freckles with brown eyeliner.

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