Fish braid, the ideal hairstyle to look spectacular without much effort


The origin of the fish braid dates back to ancient Egyptian civilizations, however, today it is synonymous with style regardless of culture. From the catwalks to the social networks and the street stylethis has become one of the favourites, both to accompany a outfits casual as to complement a sophisticated and formal look.

It is a hairstyle as comfortable as it is versatile, which adapts to any type of hair. To master the art of weaving it, we leave you the keys below.

What is a fish braid and how is it done?

Fish braid for women with two strands
The fish braid is made with two strands. Credit: All Things Hair.

Unlike other basic braids, the fish braid is made with two strands, that is, two strands of hair. Although it seems difficult to achieve it successfully, the reality is that it is a very easy style to do. Take note!

  1. Untangle your hair.
  2. Now, collect it in a high ponytail.
  3. Divide it into two equal sections, down the middle.
  4. Take a small section of hair from the outer edge of the left section and cross it over to attach it to the right section.
  5. Repeat the same process on the right side, taking a small section and crossing it with the left section.
  6. Continue to alternate between the left and right sides, crossing small strands of hair with the opposite section.
  7. Continue weaving until you are done with all of the hair, making sure to pick up and cross small strands from the outer edges.
  8. Secure the braid with a hair tie and use your fingers to remove the tension between the strands to create a bohemian vibe.

Editor’s tip: Before starting your hairstyle, apply a layer of styling cream from the mid-lengths to the ends, to prevent the hair from tangling while weaving. Our favorite in this case is the Sedal Coffee and Castor Oil combing creamwhich also strengthens and aligns the hair fiber.

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Fishtail braid outside or inverted

Inverted Fish Braid Hairstyle on Long Hair
Let an inverted fishtail braid be the best complement to your ‘look’. Credit:
  1. Brush your mane and get rid of all the knots.
  2. Direct the hair, either to the side or back.
  3. Now, go to the root and divide it into two sections.
  4. Take a small section of hair from the outer edge of the first section and cross it over to attach it to the second section.
  5. Repeat the same step on the opposite side, taking a small section from the outer edge of the second section and crossing it to join the first section.
  6. This is where the inverted braid gets its unique shape. Instead of crossing the strands down the center, you will always have to cross them under.
  7. Take a small section from the outer edge of the first section and cross it under, joining it with the second section.
  8. Repeat the same process on the opposite side, taking a small section from the outer edge of the second section and crossing it under to meet the first section.
  9. Continue this pattern, alternating cross sections below the center, until all the hair is weaved.
  10. Hold with a garter.
  11. For added volume, gently pull the outer edges of the braid with your fingers and loosen it slightly.

Editor’s tip: Before and after weaving your braid, apply a light coat of TRESemmé Climate Control spray. Its formula creates a barrier between hair and moisture, UV rays, static and wind, preserving your style for longer.

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How to comb my hair with a fish braid?

Formal hairstyle with fish braid

Woman with fish braid
Take a fishtail braid to any event, no matter if it’s day or night. Credit: Shutterstock.

convert a fishtail braid in a formal hairstyle it is very easy. Once you’ve mastered the technique, add other details, such as twisted sections and soft waves in the front.

Amy Adamas with elegant fish braid hairstyle
Like Amy Adams, gather your hair into a high ponytail and weave it into a fishtail braid. Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock.

Another formal hairstyle option is to collect your hair in a high ponytail and weave your braid, very tight. Add a ribbon to cover the garter of the ponytail and another to the end of the braid for a sophisticated effect.

Fish skeleton braid with pearls

Fishtail braid with pearls
Add pearls to your fishtail braid to create a romantic vibe. Credit: Shutterstock.

Include pearls in a hairstyle is one of the relevant trends of the moment. As they provide a romantic essence, they are ideal for wedding hairstyles, especially for brides.

Build a tight braid and give it a wet effect with the Folicure Original fixing gel, which also strengthens the hair. Lastly, add pearls on clasps or with thread.

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Messy Fishtail Braid

Devon Windsor with Messy Fish Braid
Give your hair texture and a relaxed look with a tousled braid, like Devon Windsor’s. Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock.

for a looks relaxed, simple and bohemian in character, loosen the braid by gently separating all sections. This will help you create a softer, more textured look.

double fish braid

Two Braids Fishtail Hairstyle with Pigtails
She has two very stylish boxer braids. Credit:

In this case, divide the hair into two equal sections and weave two inverted braids, one on each side until you reach the nape area. Hold them with garters and knot each one, to give it a more polished finish. This bold, youthful and eye-catching style adds a modern twist to the classic fishtail braid.

Updo hairstyle with fish braid

Braided Bun Hairstyle
Achieve a sophisticated hairstyle with a low braided bun. Credit:

Whether you are looking for a relaxed, bohemian hairstyle or a sophisticated and romantic look, the fishtail braid can be your best ally. One option is to weave it from above and then roll it into a low bun, fanning out the strands to give it volume and dimension.

Bella Thorne with an up-do bohemian braid hairstyle
Bella Thorne demonstrates the power of a fish braid for a bohemian vibe. Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock.

You can also achieve a playful look by wearing your hair to the side and weaving a thin braid from one end to the other, encircling the head like an elastic band. Leave your bangs and some locks in front with soft waves to complement.

Editor’s tip: In both cases, we recommend you fix your hairstyle with a layer of TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold Spray. It contains a combination of fixing and conditioning ingredients with which you can achieve salon results.

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French fish braid

French Fish Braid Hairstyle
Combine a French braid and a fish braid in the same hairstyle. Credit: All Things Hair.

For those who only one type of braid is not enough, there is always the option of combining two in the same hairstyle, such as the french braid and that of fish. Start with the first one from the temple to the neck, from this point, weave a fish one.

Fish braid with loose hair

Loose Fish Braid Hairstyle
Wear your braid with loose hair on any occasion. Credit:

It is not necessary to collect your hair to wear a braid of this type. If you love them loose hairstylesjust make some soft waves, twist some strands and weave a fish braid.

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