Pack your bags and come on a trip with the most popular Spanish Instagram influencers

  • Nicanor García, Benjamin Thorpe and Travel on your couch are some of the most successful travelers Instagrammers
  • Metricool, a company specialized in content management and analysis in social networks, launches a new ranking of the most successful Spanish travel influencers on Instagram

Dream landscapes, tips for travelers, incredible routes and, of course, images to freak out. Undoubtedly Instagram is one of the best platforms to make visible the most admired places on our planet and to further increase the desire to pack and explore new landscapes. Right?

In this sense, there are people who are really good at dedicating their Instagram account to travel and attracting the attention of the public. To discover who are the most popular travelers, Metricool, the company specialized in content management and analysis in social networks, has launched a ranking of the most successful Spanish travel influencers on Instagram. Taking advantage of the holiday period, this social analytics tool has analyzed those who have more followers, more Likes and those who generate more conversation and interaction in their publications (engagement). Do you want to know who they are? Then take note, pack your bags and come to travel the world with us!

The influencers with the most likes

In the top 5 travel influencers with more “likes” include accounts such as Nicanor García, Oliver Vegas, Tania & David (behind the @viviendodeviaje account), Marina Comes and Travel on your couch

Nicanor García is in first place in the ranking. Although your account could also be categorized as an “architecture” account on Instagram, the fact that you dedicate yourself professionally to travel collaborations includes it in this classification. In this sense, if you freak outbuildings and skylines you will freak out with Nicanor.

On the other hand, Benjamin Thorpe is the most influential travel influencer of publication. For example, during the last month of June, he shared 39 photographs when the others shared between 1 and 20 a month. Thorpe travels a lot and the truth is that it gives us a little envy (heals) …

The influencers with more engagement:

The first place in terms of engagement (greater interaction in their publications) according to Metricool is the @viajaentusofa account, where a traveling couple, Marina and Alberto, share photographs of their adventures. Do not stop! In addition, they won the 1st Instagram Travel Award 2019 (Growproexperience).

Tania & David, with their @viviendodeviaje account, are the second most influential travel influencers. Interestingly, although it is one of the accounts with fewer followers in the ranking, however, it has a very high interaction rate.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the work of the blogger, journalist and radio host Paco Nadal, who, although he started later on Instagram, is reaping very good results in terms of interaction with his account. Conclusion: it’s never too late to start a project! 🙂

Did you follow any of them? What travel influencers are your favorites? We read you in the comments!

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