6 Things boys love about girls

We interviewed several boys who gave us the secrets to conquer their hearts, now yes and once and for all!

Take note of your lively tips:


Not being the disastrous girl in the classroom, who is in trouble or always taking classes, has its benefits. Even if you don’t believe it, being half a kid or nerd will make them notice you. Participating in class, smiling and being kind, earns more looks than shouting as a deranged mid-room.

THEY OPINION: “ Do not beat me the girls who want to call attention to how it gives rise, they seem to be desperate or have a problem of self-esteem, I definitely turn them around, because problems attract problems. Step! ” ANGEL, 14 YEARS OLD

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And when we say “get pretty” it is always every day! no matter how late you are or hurry to arrive. A clean, careful look and with which he realizes that you love yourself will be enough to conquer his heart. If you feel comfortable with you, you will project that trust to others.

THEY OPINION: “ If a girl goes to a more Wodonga date than I do on Sundays… I don’t see her again! That doesn’t show confidence, but laziness. Give it a go” JUANPA, 16 YEARS OLD

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That habit is the number one to ward off gallants because far from making you look mature or big, you look ridiculous in the eyes of the boys … and what about the smell!

THEY OPINATE: “ Talking to a 14-year-old girl who smells like an ashtray is not sexy, it makes me want to vomit. Think about kissing her? Zero, never disgusting! ” SANTI, 15 YEARS OLD

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Pretending that you did not understand the class to get close to him or say that you need his strength to open a bottle of water or protect who knows what, it is no longer a good tactic of conquest because they will only perceive you as silly or silly. Boys like strong and independent girls whom they see as their peers, with whom they can compete inmate or in a basket. Don’t pretend weakness to like it!

THEY OPINION: “ I hate girls left behind or who dare not even choose a movie because everything scares them. I want to date a strong and fun girl” RENÉ, 18 YEARS OLD

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We do not want you to take risks that neither to the case or make you strong to see who endures more tequilas, no! We refer to the girl who is not afraid to try something new, who is interested in a sport or reading a book that they recommend, who do not conform and seeks to be the best.

THEY OPINION: ” I met the volunteer from a shelter for street dogs, she bathed them and walked them, even the big ones, and I liked that, it was good and it was also strong” PEPE, 14 YEARS OLD

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” That you talk about any subject, from comics and superhero movies to natural phenomena, ecology or politics,” Roger.

“ I love that they eat well and ask for all the tacos they want, already after they are taken down with their pilates sessions,” Joss.

“ A girl earned me the general average of the school, since that day I kept thinking about her. I know what it costs to get 10 ″, Fernando.

“ Nothing attracts me more than a sexy girl, who smiles, is natural and forgets what they will say,” Carlos.

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