Micro greens: miniature vitamin bombs

Small, delicate seedlings in lush green currently populate virtually every window sill on Instagram. Microgreens, a food trend from the USA, now bring us the superfood directly into the home kitchen. Best of all, with minimal effort, we can now easily become a gardener at home.

Micro greens: miniature vitamin bombs

Freshness, taste and vitamins – in seedlings is the full plant power. How to quickly and easily grow your own superfood with microgreens.

What are microgreens?

The young plant is the simplest and most natural form of a plant – the seedling. “Micro” describes the minimum size at harvest. “Green” stands for the entire range of vegetables and herbs. Compared to full-grown vegetables, microgreens contain significantly more vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which is why they are also referred to as superfoods. Especially fast-growing herbs and vegetables such as mustard, broccoli, cress, mint and radish are great for the nutrient-rich garden. Another plus point: The seedlings fit every dish and provide the necessary freshness.

Micro greens: miniature vitamin bombs
Try this simple and delicious Avocado Toast and Microgreens for a quick breakfast. The healthy fat avocado wants to help you stay full until lunch.

Microgreens: That’s how it works at home

Lack of space or time is now no longer an excuse, the microgreens can be easily grown, no matter what the season. First, a shallow dish, such as a plant pot coaster or casserole dish, is needed. The seeds are distributed very tightly on the two-centimeter high cultivation soil. Special seeds are not necessary for this. Then the earth must be moistened intensively with a spray bottle. Light germ should you cover with a cling film, dark germ with a second bowl in the same size. In a warm spot on the windowsill, but without direct sunlight, the superfood thrives best. It is important to keep it evenly moist and to ventilate it daily. After four to six days, the cover can be removed. Are the microgreens about 15 inches high and have formed the first pairs of leaves, the seedlings are ripe for harvest. Just superfine the superfood across the earth and enjoy it immediately.

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