Man got muscles with strange shapes after wanting to be a bodybuilder in the “fast” way

We must all admit that a male body with muscles looks beautiful! Perhaps, that is why many men do exhaustive workouts to become stronger and mold themselves according to the popular image. However, there is never a lack of those who want to obtain the results quickly and without all the training.

Romario Dos Santos Alves is one of those men who decided to take a “shortcut” to achieve his dream of becoming a bodybuilder. In this sense, the poor man ended up obtaining muscles with a very strange and unnatural form, and in the process, he had some serious health problems. In other words, this experiment almost cost you your life!

The Brazilian Hulk

The young father Romario Dos Santos Alves wanted to become a bodybuilder in a short time. In a gym, he met men with incredible muscles that, unfortunately, hooked Romario to the world of injections.

Blinded by the quick result after the first attempt, Alves could not stop.

Sometime later and after innumerable procedures, his muscles acquired a strange shape and the man was taken to the hospital. At first, he faced the amputation of both arms, but the doctors did everything possible to save him and managed to eliminate part of the gel.

After this incident, Romario had to abandon the injections in the muscles, but not the dream of becoming a bodybuilder.

It seems to have improved since then. We hope that this is due only to training.

This is how it looked before!

The change went from heaven to earth!

The story of Romario teaches us that shortcuts are incompatible with good and lasting results. Greatness requires a lot of work and patience, do not you think?

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