Light up your skin like a supermodel: Kendall Jenner reveals her trick

If you still do not know how to use the fashionable cosmetic, your simple technique to apply the illuminator will be very useful

Kendall Jenner feels more sure of herself than ever and it shows on her face. Recently, the supermodel revealed how the criticism she suffered for her acne problems affected her self-esteem. However, the experience made her stronger and, to this day, she has regained her self-confidence. In part, she has achieved this thanks to her routine of skin care, in which a night humidifier manages to get up with hydrated skin every morning. The makeup of the natural aspect is another of the secrets of Calabasas to shine with its own light, a look in which the illuminator plays a key role because it is applied following a particular technique.

Of all her sisters, Kendall is the one who is committed to a more natural look. Her make-up artist, Mary Phillips, is often responsible for this, and that is that the expert’s work is characterized by ultra-luminous skins that she obtains with her own technique to apply the fashionable cosmetic, the illuminator. “We have collaborated [the makeup artist and her] in this trick with the illuminator. We combine one in cream with another powder on top to give me an extra brightness, we like to shine, “Kendall told Allure magazine recently.

As a rule, products formulated in cream or liquids should always be applied before powders; If the opposite is done, the final result will be unnatural and may be blurred. On the other hand, when reserving powder textures for the second step, the cream is fixed so that it does not move from its place while at the same time achieving a face of radiant luminosity. Although the result of the make-up is spectacular after using this cosmetic, it is necessary to have very clear the areas in which it must be applied: the high part of the cheekbones, the arch of the eyebrows, the lacrimal, the tip of the nose or the upper arch of the lip.

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