Kylie Jenner responds to criticism of her new company KylieSkin


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Kylie announced the launch of her new company KylieSkin, which will be dedicated to creating skin care products; however, and although it has not yet hit the market, it has already begun to receive some bad reviews!

Some fans are convinced that some of the products of Kylie’s skincare line are harmful to the skin.

” It seems tragic to me that millions of girls are going to buy this garbage only to destroy the protective barriers of their skin. Walnut-based products can create cracks in the skin, so using them too often can result in the breakdown of capillaries “: A skin care specialist said.

This comment came after Kylie made the product known and talked about its use in a video for their social networks: ” My face shines naturally and free of dead cells. I recommend that you use it two or three times a week, that’s the frequency with which I use it. “

Seeing the negative comments of the fans, Kylie wanted to reassure them and ensuring that each and every one of the KylieSkin products are super safe to use!

“It has taken me a year to create this new range and for ten months I have been using it myself to make sure that it fully met my needs. I have tried different samples and we have worked tirelessly to find the perfect level of foam and creaminess so that the aroma was wonderful and refreshing. “

After becoming the youngest millionaire in the world thanks to Kylie Cosmetics, we are sure that Kylie will look for quality products, or what do you think?

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