Know the meaning of each ring according to the finger on which you wear it

In the particular case of women, wearing a ring is a symbol of elegance, distinction, and responsibility when it comes to marriage, commitment or graduation jewelry.

Probably for you it is not important in which finger you put your ring because it looks good, it allows you to write without any discomfort or it is small to carry it in one of the other fingers; however, the one you decide to decorate with your most precious jewel has a special meaning, and here we tell you what it is.

What does the ring symbolize?

Blue and violet stone ring inside a white cushioned box

The circular shape that has a ring symbolizes perfection, unity, peace, holiness and the infinite since it has no beginning or end. Therefore it is recognized how a universal symbol of love and commitment.


Woman showing her left hand holding small golden rings on the little finger and a half

Right hand:

You usually get what you want and you have a lot of leadership capacity.

Left hand:

You have a lot of patience and listening skills.

Ring finger

Woman showing her thin hands carrying a golden ring with hanging stones

Right hand:

You are a perfectionist, capable of bringing out the best in others and enhancing their creativity.

Left hand:

Surely you are a creative person and with enough ingenuity to face challenges and solve problems.

Middle finger

Woman showing her hand with nails in blue tone and heart-shaped ring in center

Right hand:

You usually need the help of others to make decisions.

Left hand:

It represents the ability to differentiate between good and evil.

Index finger

Girl lying on a bed covering her face with her left arm showing her ring on her index finger

Right hand:

Show that you are little dominant.

Left hand:

Check your abilities to lead groups.

Curious fact:

Wearing a ring on your index finger implies that you are a powerful woman, with high self-esteem, strong willpower, and self-confidence.


Girl touching her lip with the thumb of her left hand which has a golden ring

Right hand:

For you, love and pleasure are fundamental in your life.

Left hand:

It reflects a passionate and dedicated personality.

Curious fact:

In China, the rings intended to be worn on the big toe used to be made of materials such as jade or glass and were a symbol of military rank.

Did you know…

Woman's hands with golden rings and bracelets

According to an ancient belief, an important blood vessel flowed from the ring finger of the left hand directly to the heart. The vein was known as vein amori which means “vein of love”. Therefore, the ancient Romans considered that the ring that symbolizes true love should be placed on the finger that connects directly to the heart.

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