Influential couple puts his life in danger for an Instagram photo

If you do not know Kelly and Cody, you will probably never forget them after reading this text since this couple of influencers decided to put themselves in danger of death for a simple photo for their Instagram account. All this for some mentions “I like” extra.

It is TVA News that reports this information that will undoubtedly annoy more than one as it is a ridiculous story that reflects the stupidity that can face our era. Indeed, Kelly and Cody, a couple of influencers on vacation in Indonesia decided to put themselves in danger of death for a simple photo for their Instagram account. Yes, you read correctly. 

Thus, in this photo, we can see Cody in an unusual pool that seems to be located very high. He is kissing Kelly and hugging her tightly because she is hanging in the air. You’ll understand if he drops her, she dies, if she lets him go, she dies. A gesture filled with love, but which is also full of danger. We let you watch what it’s like to be great irresponsible below.

As if that were not enough, the couple thought it best to accompany this picture with an inspiring message, here it is in its entirety and translated into French: “Our greatest strength in life is discernment. body and understand its capabilities as well as its limitations. We should all remember that every action of others that we have witnessed is not necessarily reproducible by everyone. At the end of the day, we are all responsible for our own decisions. “

In terms of a clich√© message that wants everything and nothing, we have rarely seen better. It must be said that the fact that they put themselves in danger for a handful of mentions “I like” makes the situation ridiculous, but the fact that in addition, they allow themselves to make moral lessons is beyond comprehension. Decidedly in 2019, we do not stop progress and we are convinced that it was not the last time we see this kind of incomprehensible behavior.

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