How to wear dark-based highlights without failing


You may think that because you have dark hair, color effects are not ideal for you. However, you should know that dark-based highlights are a trend and that the contrast they generate is ideal for those looking to turn their look around. look.

Are you ready? Read on to find out more about this fascinating trend and the best ways to wear it to see if it’s right for you.

Platinum highlights with a dark base

Nicki Minaj with platinum streaks in wavy black hair
Nicki Minaj shows us that black hair looks amazing with platinum highlights. Credit: Marion Curtis/Starpix/Shutterstock.

If you are looking for a dramatic result that illuminates your face and hair, golden, blonde, ash and metallic highlights are perfect to bet on a greater contrast.

Californian wicks with a dark base

Vanessa Hudgens with dark-based California highlights, short wavy hair
Californian highlights, like Vanessa Hudgens, create a summery vibe that’s perfect for dark hair. Credit: Startraks/Shutterstock

The Californian Wicks in light shades of blonde, they have the quality to illuminate warm brunettes. The best thing about this technique is that it allows you to keep your base tone and avoid constant touch-ups.

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Red streaks with a dark base

Bella Hadid with red streaks in straight black hair
Red highlights are perfect to create contrast with black hair. Word of Bella Hadid. Credit: Pixelformula/Sipa/Shutterstock.

The red streaks in black hair They look very striking in a balayage, as they provide dimension and movement.

Blonde highlights with a dark base

Woman with blonde streaks in straight black hair
Light up your hair with light highlights that contrast with your base tone. Credit:

Dark hair, whether black or brown, looks more dynamic with light highlights. This option is ideal for those who have a cool coloration and want to highlight the features of their face.

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Dark bases with rose gold highlights

Woman with pink streaks in short black hair
The ‘dip dye’ is a great option to venture into fantasy colors. Credit:

A very trendy way to wear fantasy tones it is with some wicks dip dye on your black hair. In addition, by focusing on the ends, it is a low-maintenance color because it does not touch the root.

Silver highlights with a dark base

Woman with silver streaks in straight black hair
Silver is one of the most rebellious and elegant shades. Credit:

The silver gray hair and black are the perfect formula for a rebellious and elegant vibe in metallic tones. What are you waiting to try it?

Dark-based highlights for brunettes

Woman with copper highlights in dark brown hair
The wicks are ideal to give movement to your hair. Credit:

If you want to add a rich, warm dimension to your hair, opt for a rays in the hair that provide more light. Ask your colorist to create a halo of lighter color around your face without harsh lines. You will love the result!

White streaks with a dark base

Woman with white streaks in straight black hair
Do you want to give an original touch to your hair? Opt for white highlights. Credit:

The white highlights with dark base create a unique contrast. You can wear them as an accent, just in front, or throughout your entire mane. Both options will give you a unique and fun touch!

Blue streaks in black hair

Woman with blue streaks in black hair
Give your black hair a twist by adding streaks of different colors. Credit:

If you are looking for a change of look original, the blue black hair will be your best bet. To wear this shade, ask your stylist for a deep or grayish color that flatters your dark hair.

Golden streaks with a dark base

Jennifer Lopez with golden streaks in long brown hair
Jennifer López sports some golden highlights that contrast with her brown hair. Credit:

Warm tones are ideal for adding light to your hair and face, regardless of the base tone of your hair. These shades will make your hair light up immediately.

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highlights balayage with dark base

Woman with balayage highlights in dark chocolate hair
Balayage creates a very natural transition effect, which makes it the ideal technique for dark hair. Credit:

A good way to experiment with colors is through a balayage in dark hair. This is a modern take on classic highlights where the colorist designs the style freehand. In the end, a litmus effect will be created that will look different when it comes into contact with light.

Beige highlights with a dark base

Tini Stoessel with beige highlights in brown hair
To achieve a more sophisticated coloring, opt for beige highlights like those of Tini Stoessel. Credit:

The beige highlights They are ideal for making a discreet hair contouring and thus illuminate the areas that suit you best.

Ash wicks with a dark base

Jennifer Lopez with ash highlights with a dark brown base
Ash highlights combine perfectly with brown hair. Word of Jennifer Lopez. Credit:

Forget the classic honey or golden tones and, better, opt for highlights balayage ashes. It will be that successful change that you were looking for so much, without giving up one of the safest bets to illuminate your hair.

Honey highlights with a dark base

Woman with honey-colored highlights in brown hair
Fill your brown hair with light with defined blonde highlights. Credit:

If you’re ready for a change of look a little more noticeable, opt for some honey highlights that give a subtle shine to your hair.

Orange highlights with a dark brown base

Woman with orange highlights in short black hair
You can do the highlights in different shades, like orange. Credit:

If you consider yourself a lover of daring proposals, then pay attention, because orange rays will become your next choice. You can wear them all over your hair or just as accents.

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