The V-cut for men that complements any style


While we usually put together examples from the front to give you a clear idea of ​​how different outfits, this time we are going to focus on V-cuts for men, from behind. And we know that sometimes it is difficult to visualize the posterior area, even if it is a classic style.

Whether you’re looking for a bold cut like the mullet or a less conspicuous one like the military courtwe leave you a series of images that let you see the back of your neck, so that you get inspired and know which one to ask your hairdresser for next time.

Men's V-cut back short mullet style
Cuts such as the ‘mullet’ and the ‘french crop’ with a V-cut, are among the most popular for men in 2022. Credit:

The court mulletthe french crop and the book hairstyle they are one of the most popular for men in 2022, and although they do not always end in a V, opting for a triangular shape at the nape leaves different styling possibilities open. In addition, the visual effect with volume at the crown is very flattering for shorter faces.

Editor’s tip: If you are going to opt for a V-cut, we recommend visiting your barber or hairdresser a couple of times a month to maintain it and style it with products such as Ax Urban gel waxideal to get a look long lasting.

Men's V-cut back with high fade
The ‘high fade’ is a faded style for men that can complement any haircut. Credit:

That degraded style, comfortable and versatile, is called a cut fade tall or high fade, Works on all hair types, suits all face types and allows you to experiment with other cuts. The key is to make a subtle transition from the crown of the head to the neck, exposing the skin on the lower part of the head.

Actually, you can modify any cut and make it look balanced with a V-shape. Cease even the Mohican, here are the best options…

V cut + short hair

V-cut man back in short hair
Short V-shaped hair is stylish and easy to style. Credit:

For those whose agenda is full of work meetings, executive meetings and are looking for a formal and elegant style, this is the ideal option. By adding a V-shape fade, the style adds height at the crown with volume and makes hair easy to style in the morning. Simply comb it back with a comb and apply a bit of wax or gel with your fingers.

Editor’s tip: If you want to achieve a soft and natural finish, the Ax Ice Chill Wax is a great option.

Back styling + V cut

Man with V cut back
Nothing more elegant and polished than a cut back with a triangular finish. Credit:

This style is neatly layered back, therefore allowing for a triangular shape at the bottom, creating a very relaxed and polished vibe.

toupee + fade V-high

Man with short curly hair and V toupee
A triangular-shaped quiff at the back is one of the most comfortable and manageable cuts for curly hair. Credit:

A V toupee is the best option, especially if you have curly hair. This style will help you control volume and make your hair easy to style in the morning. And it is that it does not matter that the gradient reveals your skin if you have a beard, on the contrary, that division can be very flattering and will make you look very stylish.

V-cut with design

Men's V-cut back with design
Give an urban air to your ‘look’ with a V design. Credit:

They say that the devil is in the details and that with very little, much can be achieved. It is enough to leave a thin line of skin between your cut and the final finish to achieve a different and daring shape, with a very urban air.

undercut in V with long hair

Long-haired man with V-shaped undercut
If you’re looking for a comfortable, rebellious cut, go for a V-shaped undercut. Credit:

A undercut in the shape of an inverted V and that reveals the skin –both on the ears and on the neck–, it helps control the volume of the hair and gives a rebellious touch to the hair. look. You can let your hairdresser broaden his creative horizons and ask him to make a design in the triangle on the neck.

Layered concave cut

Man with concave V haircut for fine hair
The concave V cuts elongate the face and give the hair texture and volume. Credit:

Adding body and texture to straight or very fine hair isn’t difficult with a layered cut and a concave V shape. Not only does this style lengthen the face, it’s also a great way to add volume to flat, lifeless tresses.

Editor’s tip: If your hair is this fine and straight, we advise you to wash it with products that make it healthy and strong, such as Original Folicure shampoowhich also prevents falling and reduces breakage.

V-cut + pompadour

Men with V pompadour cut for wavy hair
The ‘pompadour’ is an elegant and classic style that, with a V-shaped finish, provides greater volume. Credit:

The pompadour it’s a classic, but when finished with a point, the clean lines create an even more elegant look. In addition, they give a sensation of texture and volume to the hair, especially if it is curly or wavy, although they also add body and shape to very straight hair.

Mohawk in V

Men's Short V Mohawk
The mohican in V, helps to create a visual effect with a lot of style. Credit:

Although the mohican cut is well known among men, remember that you can choose a V-shaped ending, either long, medium or short. This will keep the hair the same length from forehead to nape and the texture balances the look.

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