12 Layered Wavy Short Haircuts for Texture and Movement


Short, wavy, layered hair is one of the outfits that recently flooded the profiles of TikTok and Instagram, causing a furor among women of all ages and crossing from the screen to the streets, which is why today it is one of the stellar trends.

If you don’t have it yet and you’re looking for the style that best suits your hair and face type ––because, of course, the list of options is huge even if it’s about keeping natural waves and a short length––, we have for you a series of ideas that will make you run to the beauty salon immediately.

Cut Bob long layered

Woman with short wavy layered hair
One of the best cuts for wavy hair is layered, as it gives it texture and movement. Credit: Instagram.com/hirohair.

It would be a waste to pass up the opportunity to experiment with your hair and try those trends that promise to be flattering if your hair is wavy. Maintaining your current length, getting rid of split ends and looking radiant on a daily basis is possible with a cut Bob length layered and if you add a fringe curtainyour features will be balanced.

But make a commitment to keep your hair hydrated so the layers look perfect at all times and are manageable in the morning. It all starts at home, and we recommend the use of the shampoo and the daily moisturizer Dove Micellar Care to maintain healthy hair. Both will leave your hair soft, smooth, light and shiny.

Blunt cut for short wavy layered hair

Woman with wavy short layered hair
Blurred layers take weight off the hair and add movement. Credit: Instagram.com/rocaverde.

Let’s face it: straight cuts are not for everyone, there are those who find it flat and boring. If this is also your case, our advice is to add a few jagged layers to your cut, as they integrate with each other generating texture and dimension.

Cut Bob layered short + straight bangs

Woman with bob cut for short wavy layered hair
Adding layers to a bob gives you a volume-controlled look. Credit: Instagram.com/yukistylist.

Pay attention if your goal is to achieve volume, lengthen the face and appear taller: ask your stylist for a cut Bob to layers that end just below the jawline, parade the ends and add a short bangs and straight. In this way, your features will appear less reduced and the volume concentrated on the crown and the sides of your face will add a couple of extra centimeters.

shaggy short layered

Sophie Thatcher with short shaggy wavy hair
Sophie Thatcher is the perfect example of how flattering a short ‘shaggy’ can be for wavy hair. Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock

The nostalgia of the seventies is taking over the catwalks, the streets and the feeds in social networks and what better way to join the trend than with a cut shaggy short? Layers in different lengths create volume at the crown and emphasize the face; they leave the hair light and reflect an attitude both casual and carefree.

Cut pixie asymmetric

Joey King with Short Layered Pixie Haircut
The asymmetry in Joey King’s ‘pixie’ cut balances the face and adds volume. Credit: MediaPunch/Shutterstock.

Choose very short hair as a look insignia opens the way to playing with different shapes and experimenting with textures. Although the cut pixie is one of the most comfortable you can try, ask your stylist to cut it so asymmetric will make you wavy hair take body and settle without help.

Editor’s tip: To style your wavy hair, we recommend applying a little bit of Ax Ice Chill Wax and run it through the ends to achieve a light and natural finish.

concave cut

Woman with layered wavy concave short hair
A layered concave cut is ideal for making you appear taller and elongating your face. Credit: Instagram.com/hirohair.

Now, the concave shapes are ideal to break with the seriousness of a cut, and when concentrating short and faded layers at the ends, both characteristics integrate harmoniously, reflecting a classic, simple look with a modern touch.

Cut mixies

Model with short mixie haircut
The ‘mixie’ cut is a mix of the ‘mullet’ and the ‘pixie’, perfect for those who wear very short and layered hair. Credit: Shutterstock.

Comfortable and very attractive: this is the cut mixieswhich unites the aesthetic characteristics of a mullet and a pixie resulting in a rebellious and current appearance.

Long Layered Cut with Curtain Bangs

Model in Dior FW 2022 with long layered haircut and curtain fringe
Layered cuts with curtain bangs are the trend of the moment. This is how the models wore them on the Dior FW 2022 catwalk. Credit: Scott Garfitt/Shutterstock.

The curtain fringe opens the forehead and falls on the contour of the face, lengthening it and emphasizing the features. For this reason, it is the most flattering on all face types and when it comes to complementing it with long layers, everything is balanced to make you feel fresh, renewed and spectacular.

Cut mullet

Young woman with layered mullet cut for wavy hair
The ‘mullet’ is a layered cut that creates dimension and volume in wavy hair. Credit: Instagram.com/hirohair.

The cut shaggy is not the only one that is reconquering the streets and catwalks, the mullet It is not far behind and has also taken over the decade. And that rebellious look is part of the charm of it, but it’s not the only reason rockers and their muses wore it in 1980: it’s an unconventional, asymmetrical, stepped style with a lot of volume.

Sweep cut with side bangs

Woman with Layered Bob Cut for Wavy Hair with Side Bangs
A sideways fringe is the best complement for the short ‘bob’. Credit: Instagram.com/hirohair.

Side swept bangs soften features and work well with layered cuts. Also, if you order it swept up and brush it against your cheekbones, it will immediately give you a delicate, yet elegant and sophisticated look.

asymmetric layers

Kristen Stewart with Blunt Layered Short Haircut
Kristen Stewart sports a short and long layered haircut to create volume. Credit: Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock.

Layers don’t necessarily have to be just short or long, mixing different lengths around your mane will give you movement and texture.

Layered Cut with Light Tousled Bangs

Woman with short layered haircut with open bangs
Let the natural texture of your hair fall over the forehead in a light fringe. Credit: Shutterstock.

The natural volume of wavy hair will work its own magic if you cut it into short layers and add light bangs to the front. In addition, this shape is ideal for concealing a wide and long forehead.

Young woman with faded layered cut to highlight wavy hair
Highlight wavy hair with faded layers and use special products for your hair type. Credit: Instagram.com/hirohair.

As we mentioned before, cutting hair in layers is the best way to highlight the natural shape of wavy hair. But like everything in life, it requires an extra effort to make it look radiant and full of life. It does not have to be complicated or difficult to maintain it this way, just take note of the products that cannot be missing from your dressing table to facilitate the process:

The best products for styling wavy hair

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