How to make homemade sex toys safely

Not all toys to enjoy as a couple or alone have to be bought in an erotic shop, in fact, our house can become a sexual experience if we know what to use and how. The limit of the game: your imagination. If you are thinking about making the process of sex toy at home must read the full article.

Many times we complicate our life by buying things that cost us a paste and that in the end, we use it once or twice, because “they have already lost their grace”, we don’t find them more useful or we get bored and look for new things and/or games. What we do not realize is that our own house is a potential erotic toy store, yes, it is important that we take into account some tips and recommendations to make them safe.

Let’s take a tour outside the room to give you ideas and order the recommendations. Let’s start with the kitchen. The food itself can become very interesting improvised dildos: fruits, vegetables, sausages … and everything we see with phallic form. Of course, put a condom on everything you are going to put in and/or rub with sensitive areas such as the genitals or the anus. In fact, one of the oldest dildos is the banana or the banana, and one of the tricks that we can give you is that if you heat the green banana for 10 seconds (the longer it lasts so that it does not fall apart) in the microwave and then you put a condom on it, you have a warm toy for less than a euro at home.

how to make homemade sex toys

Advantages of using fruits such as carrots, eggplants, zucchini: the measure can be made to your liking if one day you fancy the peels smaller, and if you prefer it bigger you go with an eye to the fruit shop. As a fact to keep in mind, if we are going to make toys with fruits, none of these phallic forms is recommended for solo anal play, because we can be involved in complex situations to explain in a hospital. And speaking of food, everything that is sweet, chocolate … that is, foodporn is great, but beware of sugar in the genitals, specifically in the vulva.

Everything that is section kitchen and wood is very good to whip, but “do not go over if you are the first time. Do not take the fattest cutting board you have at home. Start with something finite that you can handle better and weigh less so that the impact hurts less, or start better with a wooden spoon, ”recommends the sexologist expert in BDSM Norma Ageitos. But it is not worth any type of wood. In these cases, what should be taken into account? “Better if the wood is varnished if it is used for genital areas or some other area with another type of body fluid. But, even if it is varnished, you can never ensure total cleanliness, because it is a porous material, ”says Norma. So then you may not be able to use it to chop the cheese again.

And it is that the kitchen gives a lot of play, for example you can even use a mortar, which was used before to chop, to create a massager or use it as an anal plug. And there are wood and stone. A kitchen clock can become a challenge: “If you run in less than X time you lose.” Among other examples.

Let us now turn to the tool room, although it can also be the drawer of utensils or derivatives. Let’s say you want to play gag your partner and you don’t have a gag at home. Legend has it that people used to use golf balls; A softer object could be an anti-stress ball, but you have to be careful that it does not fall apart. What is important when building a gag? “That it be tied around the head so that the object can never be completely introduced into our mouth, nor swallowed. For example, the panties in the mouth always sound very erotic, but they have their risks, especially when the panties are not held from the outside to ensure there is no choking, ”recommends Ageitos.

If you are doing something harder, you have the clothespins that you can wear them all over your body, but “The tweezers have to be tested little by little and keep in mind that when you take them off it is when they really hurt”, Norma reminds us.

And then there is the typical choroiditis that you surely have at home, such as little candles that you can tie to some resistant bracelets or some flanges. Both can serve as wives, yes, “If you use the bridles you have to have scissors round toe or even better if they are orthopedic to not end up cutting you when you remove them,” adds Ageitos.

Remember that “lifelong” games can also become erotic games. The typical dice can help us to bet things, pretend that we are in a casino, among other examples. And finally, all the games we have at home have the strip version, because not only poker can be a strip, all games can be.

In fact, after Christmas you can even recycle not-so-desired gifts, such as that ugly scarf that your mother-in-law or your cousin has given you, which can be wonderful to tie because “It contains restriction and humiliation all in a pack,” adds Norma.

Our whole house is a game. We can play to put different roles inside the house, from the typical topical characters of the plumber, the secretary, the boss … that can be staged with few resources, to the most curious characters that go through your head. As always, we insist that the limit is set by your imagination. We wish now you can make homemade sex toys safely.

Build your own homemade sex toys

Sex toys have changed the way one takes pleasure in taking off greed. And what about the plus they give to the couple as a couple (or in a trio, foursome, quite …). But, honestly, having all the various hidden in a drawer means disbursing good wool and for how the times are, it is easy to buy any of them.

However, thanks to the leisure and creativity of some healers without remedy, we can bring you this time some recipes to create sex toys in the comfort of home. Or, give alternate use to utensils that you use on a daily basis.

So, dear readers, here they go:

The recipe book

We found a wonderful recipe to make an artificial vagina made with cornstarch  (either Maizena or any other brand). Go the ingredients:

-100 grams of cornstarch
-200 milliliters of water
-1 glass
-1 stick, cucumber or carrot (which is about the same size as your penis. If you chose cucumber, praise your name. Wash them well before using them) .
-1 lubricant

Preparation Mode:

Place the cornstarch in the glass. Add 100 milliliters of water and beat it with desire. Then add the other 100 milliliters and beat again. Put the mixture for a minute in the microwave. Just try water to the corn, it should solidify, so you decide if it takes more time.

Build your own homemade sex toys

Now, make a small hole in the surface and put it back to the mic for 30 more seconds. After this, you put the stick, cucumber or carrot you have chosen to cover three-quarters of the glass (that is, do not let it reach the end).

Put it in the freezer for at least 40 minutes. Once this time is over, take out the glass and remove the stick, cucumber or carrot. Then extract the solidified mixture (which should have a gelatinous texture, but if it has not been so, put it back into the freezer). 

You can use a lubricant for free transit.

And here they do how to make a wax dildo.


-1 candle (you decide the thickness, either a candle used for inns or the thickness of an Easter candle. Get stuck now that there is mud).
-1 condom
-1 cutter or a very sharp knife
-1 lubricant

Preparation Mode:

Carve the candle to acquire the shape of a penis. It is time to get your skills acquired with Cositas and give flight to the imagination. You can simulate veins, head and curvature. Put a condom on it and enjoy your new work of art with the help of your lubricant.

Blessed everyday life

Now, if it makes you feel like doing any of these gadgets, we suggest you use items that you find in your home. Go the list:

Electric toothbrush

You can use the handle either to rub your clitoris or to insert it into your vagina. Do not forget to put a condom on it, since this way you will avoid the bacteria that may be there. If you stole it from your mother, don’t be spotted, tell her that you fell into the toilet and that you are going to buy another one.

Pearl Necklace

Wash it very well and use it to caress your southern corners.

Fruits and vegetables

Yes, cucumbers, carrots and bananas have not gone out of style. Just don’t use them just like you brought them from the supermarket. Wash them and put a condom on them, because in this way you avoid all kinds of bacteria, or that you can introduce a piece that is broken by the substance of its use.


Put it in the freezer and use it to stimulate you. Eye: you also have to wash it very well before using it and preferably it is made of metal and not plastic so that it does not contain any type of dirt.

Latex gloves

Fill them with warm or hot water (which is not boiling) and use them to rub your clitoris or that of your partner. Do not forget the lubricant.

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