Get inspired to wear hair bands, the favorite accessory for 2023


If we talk about hair bands, it is inevitable to think of the iconic Brigitte Bardot hairstyles or the striking looks by Cher Horowitz in clueless. Both characters made this accessory an essential part of their style, turning it into a hair beauty staple in two different eras.

Although both in the 1960s and the early 2000s this type of headband conquered the streets, today it has once again positioned itself among the stellar trends. Not only has it invaded social networks, but it is back both on the catwalks and in the street style.

The charm of elastic bands lies in their versatility, as they are just as suitable for a casual afternoon as they are for a formal event. If you are looking for inspiration to wear them, you came to the right place!

elastic hair bands with crepe

Hailey Bieber with loose hair band
Hailey Bieber knows that banded and crepe hairstyles are a great complement to formal outfits. Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock.

He crepe it marked a very specific moment in fashion history. If we go back a few decades, women wore volume high on the crown, framed with an elastic band. Although the height of the hairstyle is now lower, it has stood the test of time and is still synonymous with style.

Editor’s tip: Backcomb a few sections with a close-bristle comb, apply a spray coat, then brush your hair back with a soft brush. Thus, you will achieve a sophisticated style and under control.

Our favorite product in this case is the TRESemmé Climate Control spraythen control the frizz and leaves a natural finish.

Side Fringe Hair Bands

Anya Taylor-Joy
Anya Taylor-Joy sports a hair band with her bangs on the side. Credit:

To wear a band, it is not necessary to direct your hair back. You can wear it to the side, resulting in a really flattering hairstyle for round faces.

Remember that you can find this accessory in different thicknesses and materials. If you want to get a looks more sophisticated, like the one in the image, opt for silk.

short hair bands

Woman with short hair band
Give your ‘look’ a twist with a band and parting in the middle. Credit:

Whether you have very short hair or brush up to a medium height, elastic bands are a hit accessory. In both cases, they will keep your hair out of your face and add a casual vibe.

Woman with short curly hair band
Keep short hair in place with an elastic band, like the models did at Miu Miu SS 2018. Credit: Indigital.

Wear them with a slicked back, or opt for the popular line in the middle. Of course, to control the rebel hairs on the forehead, apply a little gel or spray on a toothbrush and direct them towards the back.

Hair bands for women with bangs

Woman with long hair band with bangs
Show off your bangs with a wide band. Credit: Serena Koi/Pexels.

If your haircut includes bangs, don’t pull it back. Although it may take a bit of work to accommodate it, you can wear it with everything and band. This hairstyle will give you a school vibe, but with a lot of style!

elegant hair bands

Model with elegant silk hair band in Elie Saab SS 2017
Silk sashes are ideal to wear to a formal event. Pictured, Elie Saab SS 2017 catwalk. Credit: Pixelformula/Sipa/Shutterstock.

It’s all in the details to make hair bands look elegant and sophisticated. If you are going to let your hair down, then you can make some soft waves and use this accessory made of a soft and shiny fabric, like silk.

hair bands with stones

Ciara with High Bun Party Hairstyle with Band
Ciara chose a band bun bun for her run down the red carpet. Credit: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock.

On the other hand, if you prefer updos and casual hairstyles, opt for a high bun disheveled. Its light-hearted scent will add a laid-back vibe. Of course, adding a band with stones and sparkles will give it that unique and special touch.

Editor’s tip: Let the natural texture of your hair be the protagonist in your hairstyle. To avoid the frizz and leave the curls well defined, use products such as Sedal Quinoa and Linseed combing cream. His formula is free of silicones, parabens and dyes.

Knotted hair bands

Woman with elastic band for long hair
Knotted bands are another winning option. Credit: MarinaPodrez/Pexels.

If you prefer accessories with decorative details, another option is to opt for bands with knots or bows. These are also ideal to make you look taller.

Wide hair bands with high bun

Kate Bock with bun hairstyle with headband
Comfortable and simple: this is the bun with a band by Kate Bock. Credit: Larry Marano/Shutterstock.

The bands are not exclusive to the loose hairstylesas we mentioned before, you can wear them with a ponytail or a bun.

Editor’s tip: Make your features stand out by covering the ears with a wide elastic band. Also, you can give your hair more volume by giving it a loose, tousled finish.

woven hair bands

Long-haired woman with aesthetic hairstyle of braids and band
Banded aesthetic hairstyles include two braids in front. Credit:

When the coldest days of the year arrive, take the opportunity to get a large collection of bands. You can get woven and thicker, warm fibers like wool. And since you are going to join the trend, we recommend this hairstyle with braids. You only have to take two strands in front and weave them (or take advantage of your bangs).

Long hair muker with woven headband
The thick and woven bands will make you feel comfortable and warm in winter. Credit:

And if you want to give a twist to the conventional way of using it, wear it as earmuffs, that is, without passing it under the hair, as if it were a hat. This option is ideal to wear with loose hair or a low bun, you choose!

fashion hair bands

Amina Muaddi with headband
Wide version hair bands, like Amina Muaddi’s, are very flattering on small faces. Credit: Cornel Cristian Petrus/Shutterstock.

Wider hair bands will make your face appear longer and more oval by opening up your face and creating an angle at the crown area. In addition, it conceals reduced foreheads and provides a rejuvenating effect. You can take your hair back or let it fall to the sides of the accessory in question.

Editor’s tip: Using products that leave your hair soft, manageable and hydrated are key to looking spectacular. We recommend the Dove Anti-Knot Hydration daily moisturizer for long hair, as well as Folicure Original fixing gel to control the most rebellious hair and protect it against breakage.

Woman with sports band in hair
Sports bands can be very thin and elastic or thick and made of absorbent fibers. Credit: ShvetsProduction/Pexels.

If you are an athlete, you surely know that bands are very popular for training. These not only keep hair out of your face, but also prevent sweat from getting into your eyes.

sports hair bands

A great tip is to avoid using synthetic materials, as they can damage the hair and even irritate the skin, since they are not breathable. It is always better to opt for those made of natural fibers, such as cotton or bamboo. In addition, there are some commercial brands that include bands with velvet interior in their catalog, to prevent them from falling or slipping while exercising.

You can ask about them as elastic headbands or training bands, and incorporate them into your hairstyles for exercise.

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