Combing stories | How does biodecoding help hair loss?


From genetics to lack of biotinCountless are the times that I have written, read and spoken about different aspects that could determine the hair loss. Being an editor at All Things Hair, you can imagine everything that the position entails. And it is that having good spelling is not everything, being well informed on various topics is my main responsibility to be able to develop valuable content.

I can tell you what to consume food rich in vitamins and nutrients, in addition to staying well hydrated, exercising and applying the correct products, are fundamental habits to make hair strong and healthy. After all, it is true that taking care of yourself and being good on the inside is also being good on the outside. However, I have noticed that we tend to put our emotional side aside. Have you ever thought that your mental health could be causing reactions such as hair loss?

Being a Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, it is key for me to find balance in everything that surrounds me. Maybe it has nothing to do with astrology, I’m not even sure I believe in it, but balance is my favorite word. For me, embracing a holistic routine is everything. In my life, physical health has always gone hand in hand with mental health.

And it is that biodecoding is a form of therapy that is responsible for finding the origin and meaning of a disease, ailment or physical discomfort. The cause may be a situation that has generated trauma, for example. Separations, divorces, losses, and deaths are just a few of the many possibilities that a person might need to heal. By being aware of the problem and “rooting it out”, biodecoding will therefore improve the health of the body.

Think of a computer, which needs to be updated to function properly. The same happens with cells, which carry genetic codes, but also emotional ones. These need to be reprogrammed, so that any disease or, in this case, hair loss, disappears.

Combing stories | How does biodecoding help hair loss?
In addition to stress, there are other emotional factors that can cause hair loss. Credit: Shutterstock.

Hair has a life cycle similar to that of a human being. When the body is working properly, blood circulation is good and the scalp can absorb the necessary nutrients and vitamins; it is born, grows and then dies, giving life to a new one.

Summarizing the above, a hair follicle opens in the scalp, hair grows through that opening and has a growth phase that can last from one to four years. At the end of this phase, the hair is shed and a new follicle begins to form.

Knowing this, now take a moment to think about how wise the body is: when it lacks something, it knows how to cry out for it. Of course, when the hair falls out, it can be due to many factors, but we cannot forget that one of them has to do with the emotional part. When there is a situation that exceeds us, the hair growth cycle enters a resting phase, causing hair loss.

Biodecoding: hair loss due to stress

Stress It is a very repeated word in the average vocabulary. The Royal Spanish Academy even defines it as “tension caused by overwhelming situations and that causes psychosomatic reactions.” And there’s the sign! A psychosomatic reaction is a disease or physical disorder caused by an emotion or psychological factor.

Biodecoding sees the head as the determinant of someone who is at the “head” of a family, a relationship or an office, for example. Demanding ourselves too much at work, giving and doing everything to seek approval from our parents or partners, causes extreme moments of tension and stress. First we are, then the others. It has to do with self-esteem and self-love. Why do we let these situations get the better of us? When stress controls us, the hair pause and stop growing.

Another possibility is the stress caused by a separation conflict, it can be a death or a divorce. Only when we have experienced the duel and healed the separation, is when the hair will start to grow again.

Biodecoding: hair loss due to lack of affection

Let’s imagine a scenario in which the person suffering from alopecia lives (or lived) with a feeling of extreme loneliness. Affectionate and loving words are not present in her life, she needs to be accompanied, to feel loved. It can also relate to the need for recognition.

In reaction to releasing any barrier that prevents those words of approval and love from reaching the head, the body reacts by releasing the scalp. Not finding any solution after doing everything to be loved and recognized, blocking the protective layer of the head (that is, the hair), perhaps it would let in the emotional lack.

Metaphysical baldness due to vulnerability

Feeling unprotected goes hand in hand with the back of the head, which we can only see when we pose in front of the mirror and another one shows us the rear reflection. It is the only area of ​​the body, apart from the back, that others see, but we cannot see ourselves.

The relationship that decoding sees with hair loss, especially in the crown area, is with events or experiences that made us feel unprotected, vulnerable.

Editor’s tip: Remember that the emotional part is not always linked to genetics and there are other physical conditions that could cause hair loss. To determine them, we advise you to go to a biodecoding therapist. Having the necessary knowledge, the professional in the area will be able to help you decode the cause and figure out the best treatment for you.

The three emotions that we mentioned before are only possible causes that could be affecting your mental health, reflecting in the body with hair loss.

Like any method within alternative medicine, biodecoding is not a treatment that can be supported by medical studies. Therefore, opinions on the matter are divided and debates are open. Some say that it is a suspicious and even dangerous type of therapy, which accuses patients of causing physical ailments and illnesses, when science supports other theories.

However, I can assure you that I have never met someone who does not harbor pain, sadness or anger, among other emotions. And it is not that we provoke them, simply, they are part of life, and there will always be situations that put us to the emotional test.

The biodecoding knows that we have learned to repress feelings, to save crying and even laughter, joy. Because yes, not only negative emotions are stored in cells, but also happy ones. The point is to get to know each other, learn to identify what affects us and work on it.

I cannot tell you the antidote to get rid of your fears, your sorrows or your ailments, but I can assure you that by finding the root of the problem, your physical health will improve immediately. I have verified it!

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