How to make a straight high ponytail and 14 ideas to wear it


Straight high ponytails are comfortable, keep hair out of the face and add a sophisticated look; not for nothing have they always been the Ariana Grande’s Favorite Hairstyle and Gwen Stefani’s chosen ones to take the stage.

And it is that it is a versatile style, always a winner; It doesn’t matter if you have a night out, a wedding or a simple family reunion. You can wear them knotted, with the ends turned in or with bangs, it all depends on your personal style.

Read on to find inspirational images and the best tips to achieve them successfully.

Cara Delevingne with High Straight Knotted Ponytail Hairstyle
High straight ponytails, like Cara Delevingne’s, are ideal for making you look taller and elongating your face. Credit: John Photography/Shutterstock.

This type of ponytail is one that is held at the highest point of the head, that is, the crown. Of course, the hairstyle can vary in height, starting above or slightly below the area in question. Of course, avoid that they are lower than the highest point of your eyebrows.

The possibilities to carry a high ponytail and straight are extensive, and can be adapted to different personalities. In addition, they are perfect for elongating the face and gaining a couple of centimeters in height. In fact, they are very flattering on round faces.

Long-haired woman with high straight ponytail
Making a high, straight ponytail will take less than five minutes. Credit: Photoeventshd/Shutterstock.

Although there are different ways to do a high ponytail, the easiest and most basic is with a tight brush and mousse. It will take you five minutes!

  1. Untangle your hair.
  2. Brush it back.
  3. Whether your hair is straight or you are going to straighten it, apply a little mousse in the palms of your hands and then distribute it towards the back with a closed bristle comb. Our favorite is the TRESemmé Extra Firm Mousseas it leaves hair under control with a natural appearance.
  4. Now, take the brush taut and pull your hair back, holding it at the crown of the head with your hands. so that the looks to make it even more flattering, we advise you to follow an imaginary diagonal, from your chin and across the face to the crown of the head. This point can be your guide.
  5. Once you’ve undone the knots and it’s firm in the front, squat down and, with your head down, repeat the previous step (but now with the hair in the back).
  6. Hold on with a garter.
  7. Take a section and tie it around the garter with bobby pins for a polished finish.
Dua Lipa with blonde straight high ponytail
So that your ponytail stays high like Dua Lipa’s, we leave you a list of functional tips. Credit: Shutterstock.

And now, we come to the most difficult part. Although making a high ponytail is quite easy, keeping it high seems to be a difficult part. Take note of the following tips:

  1. Make a half ponytail. To make it look as high as Dua Lipa’s in the image above, put your hair in a half ponytail. Then, make a second ponytail lower down and pass the top half ponytail over and then under.
  2. Use double league. Put your hair up in a simple high ponytail. Once you’ve done it, divide the ponytail in two, then take another hair tie and hold only the top part. Thus, you will create more volume.
  3. Divide and twist. Style your hair in a high half ponytail and hold it up with a garter. Now, lower the rubber band a bit, leaving enough room to twist (bottom to top) and insert the hair to flip it. Once you’ve done it this way, take the remaining hair and secure it in the half ponytail.

Editor’s tip: The Dove Micellar Care Daily Moisturizer and the Folicure Original fixing gel They will be your great allies. These products will keep your hair controlled, hydrated and free of frizz.

Joey King with High Straight Ponytail Hairstyle
To prevent your high ponytail from falling out, you can use a holder or backcomb and apply several coats of spray. In the image, Joey King. Credit:
  1. Use a ponytail holder. We know that hair weight is an issue when it comes to pulling a high ponytail. Maybe you already tried everything and nothing works for you. If you also spent hours in front of the mirror trying to get the perfect hairstyle and your ponytail ends up falling out, we recommend using a hair stand, which you can get on digital platforms.
  2. Card and spray. Also, you can divide your high ponytail and tease different strands. Apply a layer of yesTRESemmé Climate Control spray in each of them and then brush. In this way, you can get more volume.

High ponytail hairstyle for party

Anya Taylor-Joy with high straight party ponytail
It doesn’t matter if it’s for a day party or a night out, Anya Taylor-Joy’s ponytail is a winning hairstyle. Credit: Lev Radin/Pacific Press/Shutterstock.

The higher, the better! Whether you are invited to a daytime party or need to achieve the perfect hairstyle for an evening event, this ponytail is an ideal hairstyle. Of course, keep in mind that you need a leather ribbon. Remember to buy it thick, to tie it around your garter and make you look taller.

Ponytail with party in the middle

Barbie Ferreira with ponytail parted in the middle in straight hair
The parting in the middle is a stellar trend that you can also wear in a high ponytail, just like Barbie Ferreira. Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock.

The line in the middle It continues to be positioned among the first places of current trends. And it is that, not only does it open the face and make it look more oval, but it also provides a rejuvenating air. Try it next time!

Straight ponytail with water waves

Elsa Hosk with elegant straight high ponytail hairstyle
Elsa Hosk shows how sophisticated a high ponytail with water waves can be. Credit: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock.

Depending on your hair type, there are times when a high ponytail can appear flat and lifeless. If this is your case, you can give it body and volume by adding some waves to the water on the sides. Do not forget to knot it and comb the ends of it with a round brush.

Elegant and straight high ponytail

Kendall Jenner with elegant and straight high ponytail
The ‘crepe’ in Kendall Jenner’s hairstyle is key to maintaining a sophisticated vibe. Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock.

It is not necessary to tie a ponytail to make it elegant, there are other details that you can take care of to make it look spectacular. Such is the case of a party in the middle with crepewhich you can achieve by teasing the crown area.

Hairstyle with ponytail and braid

Megan Fox with high ponytail and knotted braid
Megan Fox knots her high braid for her walk on the red carpet at the Met Gala 2021. Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock.

If a ponytail isn’t enough for you, add a braid! And it is that, if it really seems like a rather boring hairstyle, give it life with a cord around your hairstyle.

High Side Ponytail

Model with a high, straight ponytail on the side
Side ponytails are a different and attractive option. Credit: Shutterstock.

Don’t close yourself off to the possibility of a side ponytail. You can turn it into a rocker hairstyle or simply a perfect outfit for any occasion.

Ariana Grande with high tail

Ariana Grande with high straight knotted ponytail and side bangs
High ponytails are Ariana Grande’s signature hairstyle. Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock.

We’ve said it before: straight, high ponytails are Ariana Grande’s favorite hairstyle. Although she always looks them in a different way, a great option is to give them more volume in the crown area. For this, you can use a base or support. Also, remember to comb the ends outwards.

High straight half tail

Sophie Turner with High Straight Half Ponytail Hairstyle
Sophie Turner chose a high ponytail hairstyle for the ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ premiere in London. Credit: James Veysey/Shutterstock.

If you are more of loose hairstyles, try one half high ponytail. It will be ideal to go to the office, school or any formal event. We recommend knotting it up and styling the ends inward with a round brush, but you can always adapt this hairstyle to your style.

high ponytail with volume

Bella Hadid with volume high ponytail hairstyle
Bella Hadid gives volume to her high ponytail with knotted strands and the ends turned in. Credit: John Photography/Shutterstock.

The volume can be achieved in different ways, and one of them is by leaving a lock in front, like bangs. Not without forgetting to tie a knot right where the garter goes, in addition to combing the ends with the dryer.

High straight ponytail with bow

Hailey Bieber with High Straight Ponytail Hairstyle with Bow
Bows can be a great complement to a high straight ponytail, like Hailey Bieber’s. Credit: Stephen Lovekin/EIB/Shutterstock.

Don’t forget the accessories! The bows They can be the best friend of pigtails, whether to attend a wedding or a baptism, they look spectacular.

Editor’s tip: If you have straight hair, choose a washing system that will keep it strong and healthy. One of our favorites includes the duo of shampoo and Sedal Liso Perfecto conditioner. With macadamia oil, vitamin C and silk protein, they intensively hydrate for softer, smoother hair.

Now, if you are going to straighten it, we advise you to condition it in the shower with the TRESemmé Smooth 1 Minute Super Conditioner. In addition to providing your hair with the daily nutrition it requires, it favors straightening and prevents damage caused by the use of thermal tools.

Remember that it is important to review what temperature you should iron your hair and apply a heat shield.

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