14 cowboy hairstyles that will make you look like a modern ‘cowgirl’


Cowboy hairstyles have grown in popularity in recent years, not just on certain holidays, as a way to express a fresh, laid-back look and full of attitude. Inspired by the spirit of the west and fashion cowgirlThese hairstyles add a touch of authenticity and rebellion to any looks.

Whether you prefer your hair down or up, long or short, curly or completely straight, we assure you that there is an ideal cowboy hairstyle for you. Ready to find out?

How do cowgirls do their hair?

Wave hairstyles and loose hair with cowboy hat

Woman with wavy hairstyle in loose hair and cowboy hat
The undone waves are always a successful option for a carefree style. Credit: Instagram.com/arlethof1000.

Loose waves add a touch of femininity and charm to any looks. Add a solid color hat in natural tones to highlight your most romantic side and complement your hairstyle.

Cowgirl hairstyles for medium hair

Woman with wavy hairstyle and cowboy hat on medium hair
Who said cowgirls can’t look elegant and timeless? Credit: Instagram.com/chaosdreamland.

If you have medium hair, a few waves to the water They are a lovely choice for a youthful, feminine jean look. This hairstyle highlights the length of your hair and adds an elegant touch to your looks.

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Hairstyles for denim clothes

Hairstyle with loose hair for denim clothes, woman with cowboy hairstyle on long hair
Without a doubt, a simple ‘look’ that we want to imitate. Credit: Instagram.com/estefaniaguerreroo.

Loose, straight hair is a versatile option that fits perfectly with any outfits cowboy. This hairstyle is ideal for wearing a casual style but with character.

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Hairstyles to wear a cowboy hat

Karol G with ponytail hairstyle and cowboy hat
Karol G shows us how versatile pigtails can be. Credit: Instagram.com/karolg.

Classic hairstyles, like a low ponytail, They are perfect to wear a cowboy hat. This hairstyle will give you a polished and fashionable look, complementing your looks stylish cowboy.

Evening cowgirl hairstyles

Katy Perry with hairstyle for cowgirls at night, loose hair with cowboy hat
Katy Perry shows us that hats are a great accessory. Credit: Instagram.com/ash_kholm.

For a special western-themed night, loose waves with a beaded hat add a touch of glamor and elegance to your hairstyle. This style will make you stand out.

Hairstyles for cowgirls without a hat

Kacey Musgraves with Wide Water Waves, Cowboy Hairstyle Without a Hat
If you’d rather not wear a hat, loose waves are a great option. In the image, Kacey Musgraves. Credit: Instagram.com/giovannidelgado.

For cowgirls who prefer to do without a hat, loose waves are a perfect choice. Show off a bohemian and free style that complements any outfits and be suitable for all hair lengths.

Cowboy Hairstyle for Men

Cowboy hat hairstyle for men with short hair
The denim style brings a touch of sophistication and attitude to any ‘look’. Credit: Ali Kazal/Pexels.

Guys with short hair can also sport a stylish and masculine ombre hairstyle. Combing your hair back with gel is a classic and timeless option that perfectly complements a denim look.

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Cowgirl party hairstyles

Kendall Jenner with Cowgirl Hairstyle and Costume, Braids Hairstyle with Hat
No one better than Kendall Jenner to wear a hairstyle with braids and a hat. Credit: Instagram.com/kendalljenner.

Party hairstyles offer the perfect opportunity to show off an eye-catching style. From messy braids to high ponytails accessorized with denim, there are a wide variety of options to stand out at this type of event.

Cowboy hairstyles for short hair

Olivia Culpo with cowboy hairstyle for short straight hair, bob cut with hat
You don’t need an elaborate hat hairstyle to look good. In the image, Olivia Culpo. Credit: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock.

If you have short straight hair, don’t worry, there are hat hairstyles options for you too. You can go for a tousled style with texture or straighten your hair. Both options will look amazing!

Braid: Cowboy Hairstyles

Olivia Culpo with cowboy hairstyle of braids and hat
French braids will elevate any ‘look’. Word of Olivia Culpo. Credit: Chad Salvador/Shutterstock.

Braids are perfect for a hat hairstyle. Create two braids on either side of the head and pair them with a wide-brimmed hat for a bold look full of personality.

Cowgirl Wedding Hairstyles

Bride with loose wavy hair and cowboy hat
Modern brides traded in the veil for hats. Credit: Instagram.com/marryme_bymirja.

A hat will not only protect your hair from the sun during your wedding, but it will also provide a modern touch to your hairstyle.

Cowboy Hairstyles for Girls

Cowboy Hat and Braids Hairstyle for Little Girls
Girls love braided hairstyles. Credit: Shutterstock.

Girls can look adorable with two braids. This option allows them to show off their cowboy style while maintaining a sweet and playful look. Be sure to leave some strands loose for a more playful touch.

Cowboy hairstyle for Texan

Woman with low ponytail, curly hair and Texan cap
The caps are ideal to protect your hair from the sun. Credit: George Chambers/Pexels.

Cap hairstyles are not only fun, but comfortable and functional. You can wear them in the Texan style with a very beautiful and original low side ponytail.

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Cowboy hairstyle for XV years

Charro hairstyle for fifteen years, hairstyle with hat for quinceañera
XV year celebrations are special, and a cowboy hairstyle can add a unique touch to this occasion. Credit: Instagram.com/mipadrinoevents.

If you are looking for a hairstyle for 15 years Very original, she chooses to wear her hair loose with a charro hat. You will wink at the Mexican tradition in an unforgettable way.

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