During masturbation, 5 things not to do

SEXUALITY – In any sex life, masturbation is an important and essential part. It allows to know his body, boost his self-confidence but also to optimize his pleasure to two. And simply, to do good. It must be said that the primary goal is to enjoy and have one (or more) orgasm.

For this, there are different masturbation techniques, but also sex toys dedicated to female pleasure. However, if you can not get an orgasm when you masturbate, it may be that you do it wrong or you put too much pressure.

The first thing to do is to first feel in harmony with your body. We know, this is not necessarily easy every day. But you must be calm and relaxed and above all, give yourself a moment just for you.

Be careful not to copy the neighbor. All women are different, so what works for one will not work for another. Just trust yourself and listen to your feelings. Here are the 5 things to change to optimize your masturbation.

To think that you are doing something wrong

No, there is absolutely no shame in masturbating, whether you are a couple or not. It is not because you are sexually satisfied with your boyfriend that you are not allowed to look for your personal solo pleasure.

“The first thing that prevents us from masturbating ourselves is to be ashamed of it, it is an additional stress and a total distraction from your final goal, that is to say, to do you good,” says Alexis Thomas, sexologist, at the Sugar Pop site.

Think about hiding it from someone

“If you feel the need to hide it from your partner, you will inevitably feel shame or embarrassment by doing so,” says the sexologist. Still, it would be a shame to deprive you because your partner is certainly masturbating too and there is no harm in that.

You must have an open conversation on this topic with him to discuss it freely. Shame could dissipate more quickly and you could potentially experience masturbation together.

“Plus, it might be a lot of fun for your partner to know you’re masturbating,” adds Alexis Thomas.

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Ignore his fantasies

If there is one thing you must do when you masturbate, it is to let go. “Whether you use porn or your imagination, give free rein to your desires and your fantasies. There is no point in blocking them,” advises the sexologist.

On the contrary, let yourself go, this is the best way to have an orgasm.

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