Dreaming About Christmas: Your Family Life In The Meaning Of Your Dreams

Christmas is closely related to family relationships, nostalgia, the absence of loved ones and childhood. And towards that area, the meaning of Christmas dreams is directed precisely. Of course, around Christmas, there are endless details, such as the tree, decoration, menu or gifts, all of them with different meanings in the dream world.

The meaning of dreaming about the Christmas holiday season

You may be dreaming of Christmas because you are fully involved in the whirlwind of organizing the Christmas holidays this year, it may be the stress of Christmas that does not let you forget it or in dreams. But if that is not the case, in our dream dictionary we have found the interesting meaning of dreaming about Christmas.

Your Christmas dreams and your relationship with the family

The family and relationships that you maintain or would like to maintain with her are represented in the meaning of your dreams with Christmas. If you see yourself celebrating Christmas Eve dinner with laughter and good vibes, it means that you are in a united family, although this dream of family reunion, lights and Christmas gifts can also mean that you miss your childhood, it all depends on the context in Whoever dreams come true. 

If the feelings that your Christmas dreams convey to you are negative, it is because you have a family problem. It doesn’t have to be a conflict, but simply that you feel judged and criticized by your family. Perhaps you feel excluded or do not want to face them and their criticism, which is why your subconscious is making you dream of the Christmas season. 

If there is something typical of Christmas they are the greeting postcards. You may dream that you are sending Christmas cards, although depending on who you send them to, it will have one meaning or another. If you are sending them to many people, the dream speaks of your need to be heard. And if it is a single person to whom you write the Christmas card, it means that you want to get closer to that person.

Christmas dreams: interpretation and symbolism
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The Christmas tree in your dream

The  Christmas tree is also representative of Christmas and can appear frequently in your dreams. You must be attentive to the details because if the tree you dream of is full of bright and original ornaments, and is a tree carefully,  it is a dream of good omen. This dream speaks of happiness, and, above all, of the economic prosperity that you crave so much. 

On the contrary, if the Christmas tree has little ornaments or has fallen to the ground, it means that family conflicts will soon arise to break the tranquility. And, after all, the Christmas tree is the repository of all our illusions. Therefore, we recommend that you do not lose detail of that tree that appears in your dreams, as it could be a good indication to know firsthand how your emotions are facing this festive season. 

Other dreams related to Christmas and its interpretation

Christmas has many other dreams associated with it: dreams with Santa Claus, with the Magi, dreams with the nativity scene or even with the Christmas lottery. Would you like to know the meaning of all these dream Christmas experiences? We invite you to discover it: 

Christmas Dreams: Interpretation

Dreaming about the Christmas lottery: good luck!

What does it mean to dream about the Christmas lottery

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the Christmas lottery? Surely you could solve many of your problems. And now that the dates indicated are approaching, it is very common to dream about the Christmas lottery in different scenarios. Will they be premonitory dreams? Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream about the Christmas lottery.

Why do you dream about the Christmas lottery?

There are different reasons why you dream about the Christmas lottery and that is why there are also different meanings for this dream. In any case you should be clear that unfortunately they are not premonitory dreams, although that does not mean that it cannot come true. Good luck!

+ Dreaming that you have the Christmas lottery

dream about the christmas lottery

Your time of good luck has finally arrived! Dreaming that you have the Christmas lottery is a dream that gives off joy and happiness everywhere. Although it is not a premonitory dream, it is a dream full of energy and good vibes that make us think you are at your best. Seize it! You may not touch the lottery, but surely you get a prize in the form of new opportunities.

+ Dream that you buy Christmas lottery

You may find yourself waiting in line with your lottery dream to buy the tenth Christmas lottery. It doesn’t matter if in your real life you play the lottery or not, because the dream indicates that you are leaving your happiness in the hands of chance and luck. Regardless of the fact that you don’t lose hope in that extra help that the lottery means, remember that you must make the decisions based on your real resources.

+ Dream that you lose the tenth lottery

dream about the christmas lottery 2017

The dreams in which the lottery appears are not always positive and sometimes they can become true nightmares. Can you imagine that you have bought the winning ticket but have lost it? How is it possible? It can’t be, it has to be a nightmare. This dream occurs so that you take into account the arbitrariness to which you are subject in life, it is a dream that occurs so that you learn to relativize.

+Dreaming of the Christmas lottery numbers

Many people dream of the lottery and in most cases, they are in times of economic difficulties. It is also very frequent that in your dream the ticket numbers appear. Is it a premonition? Will those be the winning numbers? Wake up and run to write down those numbers you’ve dreamed of even if it’s not a vision of the future. After all, luck may have been part of your dreams.

Meaning of dreaming of a Christmas nativity scene

What does it mean to dream of a Christmas nativity scene

You can’t stop it, Christmas is coming and your dreams intuit it. That’s why you can dream of a Christmas nativity scene and wake up thinking if it was a nightmare, a premonitory dream or a dream episode to forget. Dreaming of the Christmas season is not so rare, and there are many people who wake up with a rare sensation when Christmas is so present. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of a Christmas nativity scene.

Why do you dream of a Christmas nativity scene?

Why do you dream of putting on a Christmas nativity scene?

Christmas, with its decorated tree, it’s Santa Claus, its Magi, its roses, its births, its decoration or its gifts have a dreamlike symbolism. However, most of these dreams occur motivated by the imminent arrival of this time of year, and that Christmas can be around the corner. Precisely for this reason, you should not try too hard to find meaning in your Christmas dreams, because it can simply be that your mind is getting ahead of events.

The Christmas nativity scene or birth contains interesting dreamlike implications. On the one hand, it is a decoration that reflects a perfectionist, organized and attentive to details. Placing all the nativity scene figurines in their correct place requires patience, time and interest. So this dream may be reflecting much of your organizing personality, which leaves nothing to your free will. 

On the other hand, we cannot forget that the Christmas nativity scene represents the moment of the birth of a baby. The new life implies a good dose of responsibility, and therefore of new projects that have just been incorporated into both your life and your mind. It is possible that these new situations are so much in your thoughts that they even slip into your dreams. Have you been developing new projects in recent months? Maybe you need help to see the light and the figures of the nativity scene are going to be your allies.

But we insist that these dreams related to Christmas may not need any interpretation since they may be due to the time being very close. However, you may be a very spiritual person, very religious or on other occasions you have had dreams with God, with churches or with priests, which is why you want to find a correct explanation. Do not turn your dream more and, when you wake up, do not forget to look at the calendar to see if the long-awaited moment of putting your Christmas nativity scene has arrived.

There are many interpretations of your Christmas dream, but you should not worry too much. Of course, try to celebrate Christmas as you have always done, and enjoy yours by putting a Christmas nativity scene in which your favorite pieces will not be missing, as well as the tree, gifts and dinners that you like so much Like yours. Get down to work and start having fun! 

Dreaming of Christmas ornaments: fill your house with happiness

When the illusion of Christmas comes to your dreams …

What does it mean to dream of Christmas ornaments

Christmas is coming and your subconscious knows it, that’s why it’s normal to have dreams related to parties, with lights, with gifts, with family gatherings …  Dreaming of Christmas ornaments is one of those dreams that happen to fill you of happiness, illusion and joy, although everything depends on what happens while you dream. Discover in our dream dictionary the meaning and interpretation of this type of dream.

The meaning of dreams with Christmas ornaments

It does not necessarily have to be a Christmas tree, maybe you are decorating the house with garlands, snowmen, a great Santa Claus or the typical motifs of these holidays. The fact is that your dream has been filled with Christmas and its ornaments and it is important that you listen to the message they bring that, like everything in these dates, is surrounded by illusion .

+ Dreaming of Christmas ornaments usually has a very positive meaning. When you see that the ornaments are beautiful, new and bright it is because you are ready to live a moment of illusion and happiness, regardless of whether it is Christmas or not. Because you can also have this dream at other times of the year and it represents the same, that is, the dedication and care with it prepare the arrival of a new vital moment.

+ Logically, it all depends on the emotions that the dream transmits to you. You may feel tired, discouraged or even angry because you don’t like these parties and you don’t feel like decorating the house. But you feel obligated, right? In this case, it may be that your dream sees the Christmas ornaments spoiled, broken or very worn and that is a reflection of your mood.

+ Up that mood! This has nothing to do with Christmas if you don’t want to. If you don’t have a Christmas spirit, you don’t have to celebrate the holidays or decorate your house, but don’t let social impositions make you bitter at any time of the year. December is an ideal month to rethink your life, to make decisions and to enjoy your present as it is. To decorate your life and your house as you prefer.

To dream that I am alone at Christmas: check your life and your surroundings

The surprising meaning of dreaming about Christmas solitude

The meaning of dreaming that you are alone at Christmas
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Generally dreams with Christmas transmit good vibrations and feelings of gratitude, love and illusion, but sometimes they can become a nightmare. It is the case of dreaming that I am alone at Christmas, a dream experience that puts you to the test to see how you react to some delicate situations. Have you spent any Christmas alone? Discover in our dream dictionary the meaning of spending Christmas alone.

Why do you dream that you are alone at Christmas

It may be a dream very close to reality because this year everything indicates that you will not be able to spend Christmas with family or friends. Or it may not have anything to do with your life, that you have secured a family Christmas following the tradition to the letter, but the dream also dislodges you and brings to light emotions that you don’t know how to manage.

+ The meaning of dreaming that you are alone at Christmas is directed precisely at how is your relationship with your environment and with your own life. On the one hand, there are social and family relationships that may not be as you would like. Do you feel lonely even when you are in a family or as a couple? Are you terrified of spending Christmas alone? Do you feel uncomfortable when you are alone with yourself? Or do you feel misunderstood?

+ That the dream refers specifically to Christmas affects that negative point of loneliness not chosen. Absences hurt more, if possible, in times when the whole family meets. And the same goes for that feeling of not fitting anywhere, not just at Christmas. Do you feel like you are not part of this? It is common in some people and in some moments of life and is not always negative.

+ Because being different is not something you should suffer for. Feeling that you don’t fit into your environment can be a motivation to find yourself and to be more authentic. And, why not? to take the step and change airs, change jobs, change cities, change countries, change lives to place yourself in the vital moment and in the place in the world where you feel comfortable. Spending Christmas alone, at least in dreams, can be the push you need to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Dreaming about Santa: live Christmas in your dreams

Have you ever dreamed of Santa Claus? This is what it means!

What does it mean to dream about Santa Claus

Comes Christmas and dreams know, so it is normal that you spend Christmas theme nights. Dreaming about Santa Claus is one of the dreams with better auguries because it is full of illusion, magic and surprise. Even if you are allergic to Christmas, you will surely enjoy this dream as a girl. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream about Santa Claus.

Why do you dream about Santa Claus

Maybe now it doesn’t make you so excited that Christmas is coming, but do you remember when you were a child the nerves before the arrival of Santa Claus? This dream occurs to remind you of that illusion and the magic of Christmas. But not for you to remember only on these dates, but every day of the year.

+ The best expectations

In the meaning of this dream with Santa Claus, we cannot find better auguries. Nor is it a premonitory dream that anticipates a large number of gifts you are going to have this Christmas, but it does come loaded with good expectations and, above all, optimism. You already know that your attitude is key to having a good day so that everyone is a good morning.

Live Christmas in your dreams

+ How do you receive Santa Claus?

In your dream, Santa Claus is ready to spread happiness throughout every home. Their reindeer are ready to cross the snow and reach you, to fill you with joys and blessings, what better gift is there? Analyze your dream and see how you receive Santa Claus, it may not bring you everything you want, but it sure brings you enough strength to achieve it.

+ The best memory for Christmas

In any case, dreaming about Santa will always leave you with a pleasant memory when you wake up, which is the best way to start your day on the right foot. Collect all that Santa Claus has brought you and put it on to go outside. The illusion and magic of your dreams will do the rest.

Dreaming of mistletoe: the magic of Christmas

The mistletoe fills your dreams with a magic

What does it mean to dream of mistletoe

Christmas-related dreams can occur at all times of the year and you have to pay attention to your message because it can be important. It is the case of dreaming about mistletoe, a dream that is surrounded by magic and power and that will transmit you very good vibes. Discover in our dream dictionary its meaning and interpretation.

The magic of dreaming with mistletoe

Mistletoe is one of those elements that define Christmas, like holly. They say you have to kiss under a branch of mistletoe for your relationship to last or to have a happy partner and it seems that you have to do it on Christmas dates. So at least they tell us in the movies. But the mistletoe has a huge dream symbolism at any time of the year.

+Therefore, we find in the meaning of this dream with mistletoe such important aspects as magic, power, vitality and success. This plant was used by the Druids for its healing and sometimes miraculous properties was part of important rituals and gave protection to homes. For something, it will be that you wake up from this totally renewed dream.

+Dreaming of mistletoe can help you feel more confident about yourself, such as when you have a talisman or a lucky charm. All the ancestral power of the Druids will reach you directly through your dreams to enjoy good luck and success. Even if you do not forget to work it, that luck alone can do little.

+And the magic. Mistletoe is a magical plant, with magical powers. What does this mean in dreams? That it is time to realize the power you have, to use your inner strength and all the resources you have to give a chance to your life and get closer to that life that you so desire. It’s time when you dream of mistletoe, so take advantage of it.

Dreaming of the Magi: recover the illusion

A Christmas dream full of magic that will allow you to recover the smile of childhood

The meaning of dreams with the Magi
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Some dreams act as a vital impulse to regain hope and maintain illusions. It is the case of dreaming of the Magi, a dream full of magic that allows you to recover the smile of childhood. Discover in our dream dictionary all the related meanings of dreaming about the Magi.

The illusion of dreaming of the Magi

Surely you remember that feeling of excitement that Christmas produced when you were a child and, more specifically, that wait for the Magi. It was a  magical moment, full of enthusiasm and also of expectation to see if your wishes had been fulfilled. In this line the interpretation of the dreams in which the Magi appears.

When the Magi come to bring you gifts, it is because you feel like a dear person, surely you know that for someone you are very special and, therefore, the Magi come to realize your desires. It is a dream that helps you maintain the illusion and continue to believe in magic, in that magic that you have inside and that will lead you to turn your dreams into reality.

This dream with the Magi finds a curious meaning if what you see is the three magicians following the star. It is a dream in which you find the strength you need to follow your path and achieve your goals just as they managed to reach their destination from so far away. That you dream of the Magi comes to tell you not to give up.

It may also happen that you dream of the Magi motivated by a feeling of guilt. When you have doubts about your way of acting or know that you have not behaved correctly, you may not feel deserving of the gifts that the Kings bring you. Blame and auto-cast to remind you that you will be happier if you manage to live according to your values.

The meaning of your dreams with Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar

It may happen that you dream of the three Magi arriving at your home loaded with gifts, but it can also happen that in your dream experiences only one of their Majesties appears. Melchior? Gaspar? Or maybe Baltasar? Who have you dreamed of? Each Wizard King has his own interpretation in dreams:

The meaning of dreaming about Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar

+ Dreaming about Melchor: interpretation

If the one who appears in your dreams is Melchior, to interpret their meaning, you have to attend to the gift that this King brought to the baby Jesus at his birth in Bethlehem: myrrh. And what does myrrh represent? Myrrh symbolizes wisdom, maturity, intelligence, experience …

You have all these qualities and the dream comes into your life to remind you. It’s time for you to wake up believing in yourself and your ability to change the things that hurt you.

+ The meaning of dreaming about Gaspar

In the world of dreams is when people can satisfy everything they cannot satisfy in the world of reality. And that is precisely why Gaspar appears in your dream experiences. You are confused, powerless, frustrated and need a good shot of energy.

You need to improve your self-esteem in real life and the Magician King Gaspar in dreams is able to fill you with magic, love and light. Wake up to life feeling really powerful. You are.

+The symbolism of the Magician King Baltasar in dreams

Have you dreamed about Baltasar? You are in luck because Baltasar was in charge of bringing gold to the baby Jesus. And do you know what gold symbolizes in dreams? Effectively. It symbolizes money, power, success in the material context.

Who knows, maybe this Christmas comes the lottery or maybe your boss surprises you with a raise. The fact is that this dream with the Magician King Baltasar will bring you much fortune, also in the most spiritual sense. When you wake up you will begin to feel freer, more powerful, stronger. Never lose sight of it: wealth begins in yourself!

And you? Have you ever dreamed of the Magi? Have you had the odd Christmas dream? Remember that you can tell us all your dreams and in TheWebFry we help you interpret them. 

Recover the illusion by dreaming about gifts

What does it mean to dream about gifts

We all like to give and receive gifts, so it is not strange that they appear in your dreams. Dreaming about gifts is a dream that speaks of illusion with several very interesting meanings. Discover in our dream dictionary all the related meanings of dreaming about gifts.

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Give and receive gifts in dreams

When the gifts appear in your dreams they do it to speak to you of illusion. The interpretation of dreams with gifts is varied, but in one way or another, it speaks of the illusion lost or recovered in the form of surprise gifts. Receiving a gift is still a happy moment that you should take advantage of even in dreams.

The most positive meaning of dreaming about gifts is this in which your subconscious encourages you to keep hope, to continue fighting for your dreams without letting your mood decline. If you are about to let yourself be overcome by difficulties, you may have this dream with gifts that is an incentive to move forward.

But you can also dream of gifts that you cannot open. Frustration is the key in this dream that speaks of your emotional deficiencies and that occurs when childhood memories are sad, when you are having a couple’s problems or when low self-esteem makes you feel undervalued by your surroundings.

The gifts you dream are not only received. You may dream of gifts that you are giving to other people. And this dream speaks of your generosity, but also of a certain feeling of guilt for having hurt someone close. In your dream, you try to compensate with a gift, but remember that in real life it takes more than a gift to ask for forgiveness.

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