101 Tricks To Have Perfect Hair

Here it is the definitive guide with the tips you need to know to have a mane of 10. A beautiful and careful hair is not only aesthetic value but also a sign of health. Here are 101 tricks to have perfect hair. Your mane will shine like no other.

The guide with 101 tricks for perfect hair

Washing and tricks for perfect hair

1 Before washing your hair, brush it well to remove all the knots, the remains of fixing products that you may have and other dirt such as everyday dust.

2 Do not leave the shower without lowering the water temperature and rinse your hair thoroughly. It is worth dying of cold for a few seconds to make it look much brighter. In addition, cold water will help you close the cuticle.

3 Not worth any shampoo. You must choose the product that best suits the needs of your hair because not all hair is equal. Pay attention to the appearance of your hair to know what type of shampoo you need: nourishing, revitalizing, anti-dandruff … Try several until you find the right one.

101 tricks for perfect hair: how to wash your hair well

4 Shampoos without parabens or sulfates are better for hair since they are less aggressive.

5 Do not use more shampoo than adequate, because your hair could dry more than the bill. The appropriate amount for a short mane is the size of a hazelnut and for longer hair, that of a nut.

6 Perfect washing of hair requires that you shampoo your hand and emulsify it with water before applying it directly to the roots.

7 Never use your nails to lather your hair. Draw small circles with the fingertips all over the scalp and spread the shampoo well throughout your head.

8 If you want more volume in your hair, wash it while keeping your head upside down. This could also help circulation.

9 The use of the conditioner is also essential for your hair to have a lot of life and strength. Choose the mask that best suits your hair according to its properties.

10 After washing, leave the mask on your hair for 5 to 20 minutes, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In some cases, you may need to use some type of hat or towel to act better. 

11 Have you ever considered using dry shampoo? You may find it very useful to carry a small spray in your bag for emergencies.

Care during drying for your hair

12 Use the dryer as little as possible because the heat can spoil the hair a lot if applied frequently. It is a perfect trick to have perfect hair. 

13 Before turning on the dryer, remove excess water from your hair with a towel. This will help your hair to spoil less with heat.

101 tricks for perfect hair: how to dry your hair well

14 Never rub the towel against your hair. The idea is to press it gently so as not to damage the hair. You can also roll it on your head like a turban.

15 Cotton towels are more effective for drying your hair faster than microfiber towels because they absorb more moisture. However, there are professionals who prefer the latter.

16 Do you know how often you have to change the towels with which you dry your hair? More often than you think! Ideally, wash them every 3 or 4 uses to make sure it is well cleaned.

17 Have you heard of kitchen paper trick? There are people who prefer to dry their hair with a paper towel instead of a normal towel because they ensure that frizz is reduced.

18 If you have to use the dryer, do not place it within 15-20 cm of your hair.

19 Do not use very hot air. If it is at the right temperature, when you direct the air towards your hand it will produce a pleasant sensation.

20If you are in a hurry, it is better that you increase the intensity of the dryer air before the temperature since your hair will suffer more.

21If you are going to use the hot air of your dryer, don’t forget to put the diffuser because it will help you so that the heat does not arrive in such a direct and concentrated way to your hair. 

101 tricks for perfect hair: tricks for drying hair

22 It is advisable to use some type of product that protects your hair from heat. There are different textures for you to choose the one that is most comfortable for you, but one of the best options is spray.

23 Very thin hair can become very tangled with the dryer, so it is advisable to lower the power.

24 For optimal drying, make it lock by lock and from the roots to the tips. You will get your hair to look brighter. You can use hairpins or tweezers to hold the rest of the hair.

25 Use the dryer to shape your bangs. You just have to pass it first in front, then in the back with a comb and again in front.

26 Clean your dryer regularly! Use an old toothbrush to remove dust and lint that may have been left in the back. This way you will get it to last much longer.

Tricks for perfect hair: Hairstyling

27 It is necessary to untangle your hair daily. In addition, it is advisable to do it before entering the shower starting with the tips.

28 To help you untangle your hair well, use a spray product.

29 Use a brush with thick, natural bristles to make sure that your hair does not suffer from hair pulling. Do it carefully so that your hair does not suffer.

101 tricks for perfect hair: how to comb your hair

30 Don’t forget to clean your brush! It is such an obvious tip that you could completely miss it, but what good is it for you to do a perfect hair wash if you then brush with a dirty comb?

31 Smoothing, permanent and decoration are processes that damage your hair. Avoid them whenever possible!

32 If you have curly hair, you will feel more comfortable using a wooden comb instead of a plastic one or a brush as they could increase the frizz of your hair.

33 To get a little more volume in your mane, change the site line every little time.

34 If you want to wear straight hair but do not want to use the iron, after washing it lets it air dry with a collected ‘toga’ type. This way is to wind the hair around the head using a hairpin or hair net to fix it.  

35 If natural waves are your thing, take note: when you have wet hair, take a little foam and make yourself a dancer-style bun. After just over an hour (it will depend on your hair type), it will have dried and you will have a beautiful wavy mane. If you want the waves to be smaller, make several bows.

101 tricks for perfect hair: how to comb your hair with waves

36To get waves quickly, make a braid and run the iron over it. Let your hair down and your hair will be wavy.

37You can also do this by wrapping tufts in foil and applying heat.

38If today you woke up wanting to have bangs, but you don’t wear that haircut, you just have to make a bun at the top of your head and comb the hairs from the end of the ponytail towards the forehead.

39The wet effect is fashionable because it is the favorite of celebrities. If you want it to look 10, put on the wax when you have wet hair and use a wide barbed comb to comb it back. While it is drying, you can use forks so that it does not move.

40When you make a ponytail, cover the rubber with a strand of hair. You just have to surround the ponytail with a little of your hair and fix it with a brooch or fork underneath so that it does not look.

41Do you want your ponytail to look a little longer? Divide your hair into two parts and make two pigtails: one above (at the height at which you would make a high pigtail) and another below (near the neck). In this way, from behind it will appear that you have longer hair. Why don’t you get a bubble ponytail? Too easy!

42To make your braid look more natural and look a little more voluminous, pull out the sides being careful not to undo it more than the bill.  

43The ultimate trick to finally make your fish braid look good is to make yourself a pigtail first. This will help your hair to be held while you are braiding it. Once you’re done, you can cut the gum or leave it, as you like.

44If you have little or very thin hair and want your hair to look a little denser, but a little eye shadow on the tone of your hair on the scalp that is visible by the line.

45If you have little hair, make a parade cut and comb with a zigzag stripe. This way your hair will look leafier.

46 On the contrary, if you have a lot of hair, it is better to avoid excessively short cuts. You will look better with weathered or asymmetric hair.

47Some hairstyles can help you hide dirty hair if one morning you woke up just in time to wash it. Those collected with tight hair will be your great allies, although the soft waves will also give your mane a fresher touch.

101 tricks for perfect hair: how to comb dirty hair

48One trick to end the static electricity of your hair is to apply a bit of hairspray on the comb or the brush you use to comb your hair.

49Avoid synthetic clothes if you don’t want your hair to be filled with static electricity. Bet on cotton or linen!

50To end frizz, use some lacquer or gel fixative.

51Just as important as choosing a good shampoo for your hair or a good mask is choosing a lacquer that suits your hair’s needs and what you want to achieve. If you want your hair to maintain the natural movement, choose a lighter lacquer. But if you want not to move a hair, you can use a strong or extra strong hairspray.

52 To apply the lacquer like a true professional, spray it in your hands to carefully put it on your hair.

Do you want to have a mane of 10?

53 It is advisable to go to the hairdresser more or less frequently for a hair professional to check your condition.

54 Occasionally, massage with the fingertips on the scalp. It will help you relax, improve your circulation and your hair will grow faster.

101 tricks for perfect hair: how to take care of your hair

55 Although it seems silly advice because we take it for granted, it is very important to comb your hair. Combing a lot can be harmful to your hair, but not doing so will cause it to become more brittle. Some professionals recommend combing twice a day.

56Before sleeping, brush your hair. With a brush, make 10 to 20 passes so that your hair maintains its full health.

57 When you get a ponytail, don’t adjust it too much because your hair will break. Use thick rubber because they usually damage your hairless.

58 Avoid sleeping with hair tied in a ponytail.

59 Do not lie down with wet hair because, in addition to uncomfortable, moisture can spoil your hair and increase frizz. 

60If your hair greases very easily, don’t touch it so much! 

61 The bangs are usually greased more than the rest of the hair because it is in direct contact with the forehead. In these cases, your best accomplice will be dry shampoo. To apply it you just have to vaporize it on the roots and let it stand for a few minutes. Then comb your hair and it will look clean again.

62 If you wear the very long bangs, you may need to highlight your eyes a little more with a black eyeliner so that they have all the prominence of your face.

63 Long bangs require more care than short bangs. It is always better for a professional to fix it, but if you want to do it from home, keep in mind that it is not advisable to cut it with a single snip. The result will be much better if you use the tips of the scissors to retouch it little by little.

101 tricks to have perfect hair: how to take good care of your bangs

64 If you practice swimming or tend to be in the pool for a long time, use a hat so that the chlorine damages your hair a little less. It is advisable to use one of lycra since rubber or silicone can break your hair.

65 A while before going to the beach, apply a moisturizing treatment so that the sun, sand and salt do not harm your hair.

66 Summer can punish your hair if you don’t take good care of it, so it is recommended that you get a fortifying treatment before and after the holidays.

67 Have you ever burned your scalp at sunbathing? In order not to expose it, comb back with a ponytail

68 Did you know that cutting your hair will look better? It is necessary to cut the split ends frequently to maintain the health of your hair.

69 Also, if you cut your hair, it will grow faster and stronger.

70 To make your hair grow faster, massage your scalp with essential oil, or with egg white.

71Your hair will grow faster with potato water. To do this, you just have to put the skin of the potato to boil and let this water rest. Wash your hair with water and rinse it before finishing.

The best care if you dye your hair

72 Some dyes can be very harmful to your hair because they are composed of harmful chemicals. Try to use the most natural products.

73If you dye your hair very often, it is recommended that you let your hair rest for a while from time to time.

101 tricks for perfect hair: how to dye your hair

74 It is better to dye with dirty hair

75 A few days before you go to dye your hair, use a good conditioner to nourish it. It may also be interesting to use a color preparation balm.

76 If you dye at home, put a little petroleum jelly on the contour of the face so that it will be easier to remove the spots that have remained on your skin.

77 Once you have applied the dye, cover it with a bath bag or plastic bag. This will cause the heat to remain inside and, therefore, the dye is better fixed.

78 When gray hair starts to come out, you can use a mixture of coconut oil and lemon to hide white hair. Massage the scalp with this mixture, which you can dilute in a little water if you consider it too strong for your hair, and rinse it well with water. 

101 tricks for perfect hair: dye your hair at home

79 Dye can be your great ally to make it look like your hair has more volume, the greatest desire of girls with fine hair. With clearer wicks, you will get your hair to have a little more depth.

80 There are hairdressing professionals who recommend starting to color the hair through wicks instead of with a dye.

81. Try to concentrate the most intense color at eye level and on the jaw to have a more natural look.

82So that your hair does not look so dyed, you should try to wear a gradient of color in which the tips are lighter than the roots.

Food and quality of life

83A diet rich in fruit and vegetables is beneficial for your hair. All those that contain vitamin A, such as spinach or broccoli, will help you keep your hair healthier.

84. The vegetables will also provide the necessary nutrients for your hair to have a very healthy look.

85. Fruits with vitamin C are necessary to strengthen your hair.

101 tricks for perfect hair: fruits with vitamin C

86. Foods high in iron will help oxygenation of the scalp and hair pigmentation. These are, for example, vegetables and red meat.

87. For your hair to grow better, your ally is zinc that you can find in meat, fish and shellfish.

88. Excessively fatty foods may make your hair feel greasy more easily. If you have an excess of sebum in the mane, you will also have to get away from tobacco and alcohol.

89Some birth control pills can also cause an increase in hair sebum, which will make your hair look more oily. Check with your gynecologist if the pill is causing such a disorder.

90 If you drink little water, your body will notice it but also your hair that will have less life. 

91. When you sleep for a short time, your body can suffer from the imbalance, including your hair. You will feel that your mane is weaker and with less density.

101 tricks to have perfect hair: you have to sleep well

92. If you do not wash your hair frequently, dirt will accumulate on the scalp. Lack of hygiene has other consequences such as unpleasant smell, itching and bad appearance of the mane.

93. A sedentary lifestyle will not suit your hair either, because if you don’t have an active life your body well-being will decrease dramatically.

94. Tobacco has a negative effect on the skin, but also on your hair. Tobacco substances affect circulation, which will worsen scalp irrigation.

Home remedies for your hair

95If you have very thin hair, you can thicken it a bit thanks to aloe vera. Take some leaves and crush them until they are left with a sticky texture. Use them to massage your scalp for a few minutes with the mixture and let it sit for a while. After a while, rinse with plenty of water.

96. The best allies for the most straight hair are oils like lavender because they can give the hair a little more body. You will have perfect hair!

97. Vinegar can help you give your hair a little more shine. Rinse the mane with a part of apple cider vinegar and three warm water. Don’t forget to rinse it well afterward!

101 tricks for perfect hair: hair remedies

98. If you want to moisturize your hair, apply a homemade egg and olive oil mask. Mix a beaten egg with a small spoonful of oil and apply it to the hair. Let stand for 20-30 minutes and rinse with plenty of water. If you want to have an extra touch of softness, add some honey to the mask.

99. Against oily hair, the best are yogurt and egg masks. You just have to mix these two ingredients and pour the dough that has formed for about 15 minutes. To make it more effective, wear a shower cap. After a while, wash your hair.

100. If you have dyed hair, avocado masks can give you some extra nutrition and help you maintain hair shine. Mayonnaise may also come in handy.

101. There are several types of homemade masks that will help you reduce dandruff. For example, lemon can help you regenerate your scalp. Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with a small spoonful of honey. 

And if you still want more tips to have perfect hair, in TheWebFry we have a lot to tell you. 

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