Waterfall braid: learn how to weave it and be inspired by 12 different styles


Braids have always been present in the history of mankind, representing different cultures since their origin. Although this hairstyle today is far from the norms to wear it in ancient times, such as social status and religion, it is still a form of expression that ends up defining our style. The waterfall braid, for example, is very versatile and, best of all, it can be adapted to any personality.

Take for example Blair Waldorf, who wore it with her outfits more sophisticated, or Serena van der Woodsen, who made it so casual that it was perfect to wear on a school day. Whichever of the two is your case, in the gallery we leave different options to wear the waterfall braid no matter where you go.

Waterfall Braid on Long Hair for Women
The waterfall braid is similar to a French braid, only the top strands need to be let down for movement. Credit: Shutterstock.

Imagine a stocking french braid simple, woven starting from three strands of the same thickness, only that, when crossing the upper strand below, it must be left loose. The same steps must be repeated several times, until a cascade effect is achieved, as its name suggests.

It is a free hairstyle, with movement, which imitates the way in which water falls naturally from above.

Basic waterfall braid, step by step

Waterfall Braid for Long Wavy Blonde Hair Women
Master the art of waterfall braids by following the steps we listed for you. Credit: Instagram.com/missysueblog.

In order to achieve any type of waterfall braid, the first step is to master the art of doing a basic one. Follow these simple steps and then you can play with different versions!

  1. Detangle your hair and apply styling cream.
  2. Direct it on the side you prefer to wear it from the front, it can be to the right or to the left.
  3. Take the front section, which you swept to the side, and part it into three sections.
  4. To start weaving, take the upper strand, that is, the one that looks towards the sky, and cross it through the center.
  5. Then, take the bottom strand and cross it through the center as well.
  6. Leave loose the lock that you crossed and take a new one, which you are going to cross again in the center.
  7. Repeat the same steps, letting the strands fall each time you cross the bottom strand in the center (before crossing the top).
  8. At the end, fasten with a rubber band or bobby pins and apply a coat of spray.

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How to do a double waterfall braid?

Long haired woman with double waterfall braid
If one is not enough for you, you can always do two. Try a double waterfall braid! Credit: Instagram.com/missysueblog.
  1. Brush your mane and apply a layer of spray.
  2. Part from the side, you can do it to any side.
  3. Take the top section that you parted on the side and take three strands to weave your braid.
  4. Now, take the highest strand and cross it in the center.
  5. Then, cross the lower strand (again through the center).
  6. Separate the same strand that you crossed and take a new section, which you are going to cross once more through the center.
  7. Repeat the steps, letting one of the ends fall each time you pass a lower strand through the center (before crossing the upper one).
  8. Once you’re done, start with the second line: go to the same point where you started the first braid and divide one strand into three strands again.
  9. Now, repeat the steps, weaving a French type braid, but taking the strands that you left loose from the first and leaving them loose below the second.
  10. Fasten with garters or clips.

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How to make a waterfall braid with waves?

Woman combing her hair with a waterfall braid and waves
Soft waves are the perfect complement to a waterfall braid hairstyle. Credit: All Things Hair.
  1. Detangle your hair carefully, to avoid frizz.
  2. Divide it into several sections, to make soft waves. You can do them with the ironwith the dryer or a pincers.
  3. Take a close-bristle comb and brush your hair carefully, to make the braids softer and more natural.
  4. Once you have the waves, apply a layer of setting spray.
  5. Part your hair in the middle and weave a basic waterfall braid (as explained above), on each side.
  6. Secure with bobby pins and apply a final coat of spray.

Editor’s tip: When you make waves, remember to wash your hair with a moisturizing system beforehand, to leave it manageable and free of knots. Our favorite includes the shampoo Y Bioexpert Plant Placenta Extract Conditioner. Its formula with natural ingredients and free of parabens, will leave your hair radiant.

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