Blonde highlights from the 2000s are a trend and they look good on everyone


It seems that the universal trend, guided by social networks, is to relive the past decades: the 90s hairstyleshe wet look, the wide curls made with tubes… That is why we are not surprised to witness the return of the famous blonde highlights. And we don’t mean the subtle babylights or the very popular Californian Wicksbut to those thick and contrasting highlights that demand all the attention.

Their intensity makes them perfect for giving hair light and dynamism. The best? They are so versatile that, depending on the shade, they adapt to any skin tone. Would you like to join the trend? We share more than twenty ideas that you will surely want to wear.

While the recommendation is to have it done by a professional stylist, you can also try make your highlights at home. Here we explain how!

  1. Comb through with a detangling cream or oil, such as Sedal Anti-Knot Moisturizing Combing Cream. It’s perfect for saying goodbye to hateful knots through a formula with raspberry roots and oil fusion.
  2. Brush your hair perfectly and part where you usually mark it.
  3. Prepare the mixture and apply it to the desired strands, you can do it with the help of a highlight brush. Depending on the effect you want to obtain, decide up to which strands you want to bleach.
  4. Apply the dye or developer and let it sit for 35-40 minutes.
  5. Rinse with plenty of water and check that you have obtained the desired tone.
  6. Wash your hair as you normally do.

golden blonde highlights

Jennifer Lopez thick blonde highlights
Jennifer Lopez had already worn this trend in 2000. Credit:

J.Lo was one of the first to bring back this trend. And just like her when she sang My Love Don’t Cost a Thingthe star of pop He does not go around with subtleties and bets on some golden highlights thick, well marked, on its iconic honey colored mane.

Unlike other current lighting techniques —such as balayage or the ombre-, this type of wicks it requires deep care and frequent touch-ups, an important detail that you should take into account if you plan to join the trend.

blonde locks in front

Dua Lipa with blonde streaks in front and dark hair
A risky trend that came stomping. In the image, Dua Lipa. Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock.

This type of blonde highlights mixes the 2000s trend that we already told you about, with the movement of the wicks money piece, started by Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa. To get that shade of blonde in dark hair, it will be imperative to bleach that area of ​​your hair.

Dark brown hair with blonde highlights

Kim Kardashian Ash Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair
Kim Kardashian gives light to her dark hair with some blonde highlights. Credit:

With that looksKim Kardashian could definitely pass as one of the characters from the popular 2000s series, charmed. Blonde highlights are also worn on dark hair and this style is proof. If this is your case, bet on blonde highlights with bronze or copper shades, to balance the color range.

Margot Robbie with bleached blonde highlights
Depending on your base tone, you will have to bleach your hair to get blonde highlights. In the image, Margot Robbie. Credit: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock.

Blonde highlights can be done directly on natural hair, depending on the base tone. However, when the hair is very gray, has been dyed or is too dark, it will be necessary to bleach some sections. Bleaching is the chemical process that removes the color from the thread to later deposit pigments of another color on it.

If your hair is black and you want to get blonde highlights, you should carry the bleaching through six or seven stages. This process modifies the structure of the cuticle, which can be very aggressive for the hair. To prevent damage, we suggest keeping your hair as hydrated as possible with the shampoo and Conditioning treatment Sedal Care+ Hydra Micellar + Provitamin B5which deeply hydrate the hair and restore its vitality without weighing it down.

Woman with blonde highlights in ash hair
If when you dyed your hair you did not get the result you expected, don’t worry, there are different solutions that will surely help you. Credit:

How to hide very marked blonde highlights?

If you got highlights and they were very intense, you can hide them by applying a color bath of a tone similar to the base of your mane.

Another option is to dye your hair with a dye similar to the shade you are wearing. This way it will act as a color bath instead of a permanent stain. If you have blonde hair, you will first need to use a brown dye.

If your hair is dark with blonde highlights, the procedure is easier, since it will not be necessary to remove the previous tone, but you can directly apply the dye of the color you want.

How to darken very light highlights?

Darkening bleached highlights at home is very simple, just dye your hair using a darker dye that is close to the tone you want. You should keep in mind that you may need more than one application, until you get the desired shade, so don’t worry if the first time it doesn’t turn out as you expect.

If, on the contrary, you were looking for a remedy to darken the wicks naturally, you can resort to mustard oil, hennablack tea or even coffee.

Use a washing system for colored hair

When bleaching and dyeing your hair it is important that you use special products for colored hair. He shampoo and TRESemmé Pro-Radiance Color Conditioner They are formulated with marula oil and resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant to hydrate, care for color and restore shine to color-treated hair.

Visit your colorist monthly

At least once a month, you should maintain your platinum highlights to prevent them from becoming dull and losing intensity. If attending the salon is not an option, you can tint them from home with the help of a purple shampoo.

Keep your hair hydrated

It is also advisable to add an extra dose of hydration to your care routine. We recommend doing it with Dove Complete Reconstruction Daily Super Moisturizer that provides immediate repair and helps damage due to external factors and dryness not come back!

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