26 ideas that will inspire you to wear platinum hair


Platinum hair is one of those shades that many want, but few dare to wear. Either out of fear of discolorations or because of laziness in the face of the extreme care that this dye demands to maintain its shine, it is not so common to see this hair color.

And it is that wearing a platinum blonde requires great responsibility in terms of care before and after the dyeing process. But it must also be made clear that it is enough to stick to the correct routine to show off this dye in all its splendor.

Would you like to join the trend? We share some ideas that you will surely want to show off in your hair, as well as the keys to do it successfully.

Woman with long wavy platinum hair
To achieve a platinum blonde, it is essential to go through a discoloration prior to dyeing. Credit: Shutterstock.

How to get platinum blonde is the million dollar question. Step number one is to go to your colorist. this is one of these looks They definitely need to be put in the hands of an expert, especially if your hair is naturally dark.

Blonde or white-haired women could achieve a platinum tone only with the help of a shader. But those with dark hair will need a series of discolorations to completely extract the natural pigment of their hair and, later, achieve hair in this tone.

Whatever your case, having a healthy and moisturized hair before coloring is essential, both to avoid damage caused by bleaching, and to preserve shine and softness.

That is why we recommend subjecting your hair to a previous deep hydration process, with homemade masks and a washing system that includes products such as the duo of shampoo and Bioexpert Macadamia Oil Conditionerformulated with vitamin E and macadamia oil, with soothing and softening properties, ideal for protecting the hair fibers from external agents, aiding in hydration and reducing the frizz. In addition, it is pH balanced.

Woman with highlights in platinum blonde hair
As a general rule, platinum blonde is a cool tone. Credit: Shutterstock.

It is an extremely light blonde with reflections in ash tones, which tends to take on silver shades, which is why it is popularly known as “platinum”. It may look like a bleached blonde or a grey —to the untrained eye— but it’s not the same!

A dye in this tone usually contains the numbers 6 to 10 on its packaging, which refer to shades ranging from dark blonde to extra-light or platinum blonde. The numbers followed by these are the ones that make the difference, since they represent the nuances, which can be ash or golden, for example. Take note of the following figures!

  • 6.1: Dark ash blonde.
  • 7.10: Deep ash blonde.
  • 8.1: Light ash blonde (gray).
  • 8.3: Light golden blonde.
  • 9.1: Light ash blonde.
  • 10.3: Golden platinum blonde.
  • 10.9: Platinum light pink.
Kim Kardashian with long platinum hair
Brunettes, like Kim Kardashian, look radiant with platinum hair. Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock.

This is a very common question, and the answer is: of course! Remember that there are always ways to make the hair color you want the perfect match for your skin tone, just choose the right undertones.

If you have a warm complexion (you tan easily, your skin tends to be golden or yellow, and your veins are green), try similarly warm shades. If it’s cold (your skin looks a little pink or blue, and your veins are blue), go for cool tones.

Woman washing her platinum hair with toning shampoo
Use a purple toning shampoo and complement with a moisturizing wash system. Credit: Shutterstock.

Opt for products designed for colored and bleached hair, such as toning shampoo purple. This works as a color protector and shine in light colors. Its formula with hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide and bleach neutralizes yellowish or copper tones that appear when we choose hair tones such as platinum blonde.

The correct way to use it is once a week and leave it on for five to ten minutes. Even so, always look at the instructions for use printed on the container or packaging to avoid unwanted effects. In addition, it complements with a moisturizing washing system, such as the duo of shampoo and TRESemmé Pro-Radiance Color Conditioner. Its formula, enriched with marula oil and resveratrol, hydrates, cares for color and restores shine to colored hair.

Woman with long platinum hair
If you want to go for platinum hair, remember to condition deeply so that the bleach does not dry it out. Credit: Instagram.com/chiriac.ionela.

Like previous hydration, your platinum hair will require extensive care to maintain its natural shine and softness.

  • Space out the washes. It is recommended to space out the washes to prevent the color from fading. It is also imperative to avoid exposure to the sun and sunlight as much as possible. chlorinesince it could begin to take on unaesthetic yellowish hues.
  • Avoid hot water and heat tools. High temperatures open the cuticle and let the dye escape faster. In addition, styling tools such as the dryer or the iron end up damaging the hair. Avoid them as much as possible.
  • Keep your hair hydrated. It is also advisable to add an extra dose of hydration to your care routine. He Dove Growth Replenishing Daily Super Moisturizer It has been formulated for extremely damaged and fragile hair. Improves the condition of the strands, recovering them from any signs of damage due to discolorations to allow them a fresh start.

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