‘Balayage’ pastel pink on short hair, the ideal trend to wear this summer


If you are looking for a change of looks colorful and very stylish, the balayage Pastel pink on short hair is the ideal option. Thanks to its versatility, this coloration has a wide range of combinations that look great on everyone.

Would you like to know how to wear it? Keep reading and discover the different techniques and styles that will allow you to wear a gradient as soft or intense as you prefer.

15 Ways to Rock Pastel Pink Balayage on Short Hair

light pink hair

Woman with light pink balayage on platinum hair
Pink highlights on light hair are an irresistible style. Credit: Instagram.com/robertjeaton.

On both light and dark hair, pastel pink highlights are not without a special charm. If you’ve always wanted to try pink in your hair but haven’t dared, start with subdued gradients.

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balayage pastel pink

Woman with pastel pink balayage on short light hair
In short hair, pink highlights or streaks are very flattering. Credit: Instagram.com/bescene.

This very popular coloration can greatly benefit women with short hair who are looking for a change of looks romantic and feminine. Go ahead and show it off!

Short hair with pink highlights

Woman with pastel pink balayage on short brown hair
Ready to join the pink hair trend? Credit: Shutterstock.

If you prefer a more subtle approach, pink highlights on short hair are a great option. By strategically placing them, you can achieve a unique color sparkle effect.

golden rose + balayage pastel pink

Woman with rose gold hair and pastel pink balayage
A unique and trendy coloring to illuminate your hair. Credit: Instagram.com/shadesofautumnbeauty.

He hair rose gold It is a trend that we all like. This blonde with very subtle pink highlights is ideal for brightening hair and warm skin.

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Pastel Pink Hair with Dark Roots

Halsey with pink hair and dark black root
Halsey opted for the ‘balayage’ technique to take advantage of her dark roots. Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock.

With this coloring technique, the gradient starts very subtle at the roots and lightens until the end with an exquisite pink. This design is perfect for leaving dark roots in a natural color.

balayage pink for brunettes

Woman with pink balayage on straight black hair
A pink coloration will highlight your features and complement your skin tone. Credit: Instagram.com/groominghairspa.

He balayage pastel pink is an excellent coloring for brunettes women who want to add a touch of color to their short hair. Using this technique, pink tones are strategically applied to selected strands, creating a natural and subtle effect.

balayage purple and pastel pink

Woman with pink and purple balayage on short hair
A combination of vibrant and soft colors that will transport you to a world of fantasy. Credit: Instagram.com/john.n1115.

Our favorite combination is purple with pink. This fun coloring will give you stunning contrast and a modern look that will make you stand out on any occasion.

rosewood hair

Woman with pastel pink balayage on light hair, rosewood hair
Pale pink is a bright and delicate color. Credit: Instagram.com/cherylhuddhair.

This unique shade combines the softness of pastel pink with a warm, discreet touch. Whether you have short or long hair, this color will envelop you in an aura of beauty and sweetness.

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Gradient in pastel pink hair

Hatty Keane with pink balayage and platinum blonde hair
We love Hatty Keane’s pink streaks. Credit: Joanne Davidson/Shutterstock.

If you are looking for a unique style full of personality, you can opt for a gradient in different shades of pink. Ask your stylist to mix deeper shades at the roots with softer, lighter shades at the ends. The result will add dimension and movement to your short hair.

Blonde hair with pastel pink tips

Woman with blonde hair and pastel pink tips
Dye the ends of your hair and give it a very original touch. Credit: Instagram.com/quezoncityqueen.

Do you want to give your hair a touch of color without dyeing it completely? Try some fancy tips. This style combines the luminosity of blonde hair with the softness and delicacy of pink.

pink short hair

Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson with short wavy pink hair
Dare to try a pink coloration and dazzle with style on any occasion! Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock.

He pink hair offers a wide range of options to express your personal style and highlight your beauty. Whether you choose a balayage pink, a soft gradient in pastel tones, or streaks chunkyyou can achieve a looks unique and charming.

balayage rose in dark hair

Kristen Stewart with pastel pink balayage on dark hair
Kristen Stewart sports pink streaks in very short dark hair. Credit: Jacques BENAROCH/SIPA/Shutterstock.

If you have dark hair and want to experiment with a fantasy coloring, the pastel pink balayage will enchant you. By pairing this sweet shade with a dark base, you can achieve stunning contrast and a modern look that will make you stand out.

balayage pastel pink and blonde

Woman with pastel pink balyage and light blonde hair
Blonde hair looks spectacular with a pink ‘balayage’. Credit: Instagram.com/coiffurevaribelleaarau.

If you’re looking for a bolder, more unique look, consider pairing a balayage pink with blonde undertones. This creative fusion allows you to play with intense colors such as rose gold, purple and blonde.

balayage in black and pastel pink hair

Woman with pastel pink balayage on black hair
You can wear some pink highlights regardless of the tone of your base. Credit: Shutterstock.

He black hair with pink streaksit’s a looks playful, on trend and very striking. They are ideal for the most daring.

balayage for men pastel pink

Machine Gun Kelly with pink balayage on black hair
We love the bold coloring of Machine Gun Kelly. Credit: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock.

Pink hair isn’t just for women.. Men can also have a unique and daring style with this coloration. He balayage Pastel pink allows you to add a touch of color and edgy style to short hair, creating a modern and attractive look.

Ready to wear one of these colorations? Share us your new looks On Instagram (@allthingshairmex), we’d love to see it!

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